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I See More Beauty Now
Mushrooms - P. mexicana
by mGoLos
Citation:   mGoLos. "I See More Beauty Now: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. mexicana (exp34514)". Oct 22, 2020.

15 g oral Mushrooms - P. mexicana (fresh)
  5 glasses oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
    oral Vitamin C (liquid)


Good Times!

My best friend and myself decided to get together on a sunny saturday. Unknown to him I had recently purchased 30g of fresh Psilocybe Mexicana. After a few beers I told him the happy news. We were a bit nervous, I only have limited experience with *real* hallucinogens and only bad trips. That was about to change.

We started by drinking 15ml of liquid C as an energi-booster for the upcoming ride which we expected to be a long one. We also had around 5 beers each. We had eaten a healthy meal 30 minutes prior to dosing. I had dried the shrooms and put them in gel-caps, 9 caps each, down the hatch.

After about 30 minutes the first little effects were felt, mostly mental ones, we both had a strong feeling that *something* was a about to happen. 30 minutes later the first body-effects were felt, tingles, overall euforia, giddiness and basically having a great time laughing, talking shit, listening to music and chain-smoking. Damn we had fun.

At the two hour mark we were sweating heavily, pupils were wildly dilated and it was hard to sit still, breathing felt good, smoking felt goood, stretching was awesome and we both felt very light, walking was more like floating. We decided to go downtown.

We walked into a park that overlooked the harbour and the ocean front. The scenery was amazing, the clouds looked like normal clouds, but I saw them with new eyes, I saw a majestic beauty of white rolling cotton and foam. The ocean however, did NOT look normal, the waves suddenly multiplied by 10 and some of them rolled backwards, others just appeared and dissapeared immidiately. It scared me a little because there was no way to tell that it wasn't real. This was a not a visual disturbance, this was a real hallucination.

My friend had trouble keeping up with me, everything he saw had to be studied up close. Just as I he saw only beauty and was completely at ease. The moment he saw that ocean front something strange happened. He took off his shirt and threw it away saying that it reminded him of bad times. We walked further into the trees, visual disturbances were constant and quite clear, I hardly noticed them until I turned around and looked up into the treetops, the tops were intertwined and looked like a camouflage net and for about a second I saw and heard a helicopter coming up behind it. It was so vivid, so incredibly real.

We decided to go home since I was beginning to freak out a little. We got back and enjoyed smoking, talking and grinning for about two more hours before coming down. My friend then borrowed my scooter and drove back for his shirt. We smoked a little hashish and went to bed. Sleeping was a bit difficult due to 'weak' CEV's and auditory hallucinations...I kept hearing my friend yelling my name and stuff like that. The following morning I ordered 100g of the same mushrooms. Its going to be interesting summer :)

At times the trip felt a little dangerous and more then once I was not completely in control of myself. This is a powerful drug and by far the best and safest/healthiest trip I've ever been on. I have done E more then once, but that stuff is really dangerous. That None of us can get pure MDMA, its always strangely coloured pills with wierd markings, who know what the hell is in them. No drug compares to the intensity of rolling, not even shrooms. The desire to do more is not worth the trip.

All in all, a fantastic night and I'll never be able to look at clouds or the oceans the same way again. Something has changed for the better inside me, I see more beauty now.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34514
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Oct 22, 2020Views: 821
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