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Peaceful Bouddhas / Eaten by a Ceiling
DXM, Mushrooms, Cannabis & Alcohol
Citation:   pSeudOnYm. "Peaceful Bouddhas / Eaten by a Ceiling: An Experience with DXM, Mushrooms, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp34529)". Jun 25, 2004.

  oral DXM (liquid)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
    oral Mushrooms (tea)
    oral Alcohol - Hard (liquid)
Before starting, I'm french, so please excuse my bad english - I live in Paris.

First I went to a friend, in the morning, it was about 10pm. We smoked a joint, had a coffee and a sirup bottle containing DXM. The idea was going to the museum after taking mushrooms, so we made a preparation with them, and start to drink it (about 1/4). So, we went out, and it was very pleasant, as a small dose of MDMA, maybe; smiles, low euphoria, etc... We took the underground to go to the museum, and when it arrived in the station it was quite weird, the station became full of a odd echo of the motor. In the underground we drunk half of the mushrooms bottle, and we were laughing without any reason. Near the museum we finished the bottle, then we entered. It was a really interesting experience. There was a big installation with a lot of drums made with chairs and seats. Visitors could play drums, so we did a long time. I felt the sound reverberating in my body, really pleasant.

Then we came to another installation, a metalic structure with a lot of things hanged over our heads : leaves, trashs and statuettes of Bouddha. We walked, making circles under it, touching the metalic pillars and looking at the bouddhas. At this point I felt myself dissolving in the place, all was peaceful, very peaceful and very calm. As if I was in a sacred forest, with these leaves and these bouddhas over me, and the white immaculate walls of the museum. I thought of the Doors song where they say 'we are stoned-immaculate'. We came to a third installation, a kind of japanese garden, with stonemade and white objects full of curves, a lot of spheres too. I sayed 'the garden of Eden was like this', and I really thought it. When we went to the WC, we had to pass first through the cafeteria, and the floor was painted with enourmous flowers. I passed very quickly because I didn't want people to look at me, but I looked at my friend, and all the people in the cafeteria were looking at him, because he was wathing the floor with big eyes, making very large footsteps in order not to walk on the petals. He didn't want to crush them.

In the WC I laughed a lot looking at my face in the mirror, I couldn't stop. We had some other 'adventures' in this museum, then we left it. We went to another friend, and before we bought other DXM pharmaceuticals, a sirup and tablets. In the stairs we drunk the sirup. At his home we took the tablets, we discussed. We smoked a joint, I had a little glass of vodka. I tried to roll another joint, but I couldn't, my hands were trembling a lot. We watched an extract of a film, I didn't understand anything, and we smoked the joint one of my friends had roll. I began to feel sick, some slight nausea. I came to lie in my friend's room, and looked at the ceiling. It was painted with a lot of color stripes, black, red and green.

Something was going wrong, but I didn't know what. I felt it. The ceiling was now very near of my face, and I began to lose myself in these stripes. There were some kind of snakes, moving slightly, making a labyrinth in which I was lost. Maybe the ceiling wanted to eat me ? I didn't have real visual hallucinations, nothing appeared, but the ceiling was moving in a weird and unhealthy way, that was sure. I stanted up very fast and sayed 'something is missing !'. My friend who had taken DXM too answered 'yes, something is missing, but do you know what ?' 'No, but it's missing, dreadfuly missing'. Everything was dark, grey and very gloomy, and UNHEALTHY and NONSENSE. Nothing made sense. The time turned lower and slower : an half-hour was an entire hour. Then I proposed to write a 'cadavre-exquis' (I don't know the english translation, my dictionnary is too small - it's a writing exercise used by the surrealists) [Editor's Note: Exquisite Corpse]. My friend who had taken DXM, was more bad-tripping than me, he had difficulty to speak - I began to have it too - and he answered 'no, can't write'. I made it with my other friend, but it was difficult to write, and more difficult to write something that maked sense.

Five minutes later, I was thinking of a word and I was writing another one, ten minutes later I couldn't write. I went to the WC, making weird and uncontrolled footsteps. About one hour later I began to feel better, and I returned home. I closed the lights and listened to soft and ambient music, during one hour. Now I was quite normal. I looked at me in the mirror and I laughed a lot another time.

If I have one thing to say, be very careful with DXM and try not to combine it if you're not sure. I couldn't express all I had to say about my bad-trip, because it was very weird and because I have a too bad english. During this time I thought I was going insane and it will never stop. I had another bad-trip with DXM and too much alcohol, with gloomy visions...
Be careful if you don't want to be eaten by your ceiling !

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34529
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 25, 2004Views: 5,741
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DXM (22), Mushrooms (39) : Combinations (3), Various (28)

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