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Separating My Mind From My Body
by Burns
Citation:   Burns. "Separating My Mind From My Body: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp34639)". Jan 19, 2020.

4 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


Well a while ago I tried shrooms for the first time. It was pretty much my third drug experience at the time. I was so amazed with the experience, that the next day I wrote down all the events. I just found that paper this morning and I thought I should share my crazy experience with you.

Well it started off at my house at about 10pm. I had been planning to take the shrooms alone, and go on a spiritual trip or something. People had told me in the past to take 1 or 2 grams my first time, but I didnt believe that to be enough. So I took 4g. And let me just say, that eating shrooms is a bitch. There was nothing I had tasted, at the time, that was that bad.

I had also heard it took a while for shrooms to hit, so I decided to play some video games on my computer. About 30 minutes in, I began to feel wierd. I felt like I was gonna through up, and my head was killing me. So I got off my computer and went to lie down.

I dont know how long I was sitting there, but my mind began playing tricks on me. I saw things out of the corner of my mind and when I closed my eyes, my vision was filled with a odd 6 sided boxes that were all connected together. Also, lights appeared brighter (probably due to my dilated pupils), and I began to feel cold in the hands and feet.

Knowing the drug was coming on, I decided to get up and walk around. Thats when I found my mind and my physical body were two different things. I could almost think straight, but that wouldn't stop my body from saying and doing stuff I had not intended it to do. (I should also mention at that time I started to talk to myself constantly, which is never a good sign)

I began to worry about what I had done to myself, and thought I had gone insane. But the physical part of my body seemed to be enjoying itself. I walk around aimlessly in my house for a while talking to myself, and watching small visual halucinations come and go. Like, for almost an hour (or at least it felt like it), I looked at the outline of snakes and other multicoulered objects navigating my hands. I found I could not force my physical body to look away, even though my mind was pleading with it constantly.

After a long time of exploring my house, the effects started to become less noticeable. However, my mind was still not associating itself with my body. I still had little control over what I did. I began to feel scared again that this would be permanent, and I would never return to normal. And I concluded that if I could fall asleep, when I woke up, the drug would be just a memory.

I had some trouble convincing my body to go to bed. But after a short delay, it agreed. However I could not fall asleep for a long while, and I tossed and turned for what seemed like ages. But eventually, I fell asleep without noticing it, only to be awakened 10 minutes later to find my mind and body were one. I was quite happy, but uncomfortable, as I had trouble remembering things, and my body felt bruised and beaten. I fell asleep later, and awoke later that morning with a head ache.

I had an amazing experience. Although it was scary at times, The over all experience was a good one. Since then I have done shrooms several times, but I have never found my body and mind separated since. But the again, I've never done more than 2.5 grams at one time since.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 34639
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 19, 2020Views: 527
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