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Energy is Essential
Mushrooms, MDMA (Ecstasy) & Cannabis
by Eric
Citation:   Eric. "Energy is Essential: An Experience with Mushrooms, MDMA (Ecstasy) & Cannabis (exp34681)". Feb 2, 2007.

2 tablets oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  3.0 g oral Mushrooms (plant material)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


As I sit here and try to comprehend, my thoughts and my perception of reality are shifting. It's now 5 pm sunday afternoon. I feel incoherant yet feel like I've been shown the world for what it really was. I feel like I have a new understanding of life, a new interpretation on reality. I've been a vivid explorer of my mind, for the last 3 years I've smoked pot on a daily basis and have tripped my mind out on nearly anything that has been available to me. I spend my money as fast as I make it and weekend to weekend I go out and I live to my fullest potential. This weekend however was not like the rest. I've found myself, I've found my spiritual mass. In the midst of the most psychadelic experiance of my life, I've encountered my true conciousness, above all other levels of reality. And this is my amazing expieriance that I feel I must come here to post.

My name is Eric. Last night which was a Saturday me my friends g, j ,c, m and a decided to get together for a good time. Normally we would just blaze a few joints talk have some drinks. Last night however we decided to try something completely new. Me and all my friends went downtown to go buy some ecstacy. G, C, and J had each purchased a pill. I purchased 2. While we were hanging downtown waiting to get on the bus and travel back to my buddy c's apartment, we all poped our pills and were waiting for our usual roll. An hour later while sitting on the bus I can start to feel myself sinking into a new level of conciousness and as I spoke to my friends I felt emotionally bonded to all of them like I had never been before. It was my first time taking two pills.

5 minutes later it kicked me in the back of the skull. I felt my head start to tingle and as my entire being began to feel above concious thought process. There I was, completely stonned and enjoying this feeling which I can only describe as pure euphoria. It hit me in an intense wave of sensations. As I sat there in my seat I noticed myself begin to breath faster. And deeper. Every breath that I was taking felt like complete euphoria. I would feel my head float off of my body and the rest of me would start tingling. For the whole ride I was sitting there quiet enjoying every sensation, every wave of energy. I felt completely enamored by these feelings.

By the time I looked out the window we had arrived to c's apartment, our desitnation for the night. Once there I went into my backpack and pulled out a nice bag of some mushrooms. As I was sinking into the couch contemplating weather to eat them or not I had already found that I was chewing on a big mouthfull of them. I figgured what the hell I just ate 3 grams of mushrooms let's see how it will go from here. Once I had chewed and swallowed the mushrooms I realized that I did not want to be the only person tripping on shrooms. So I handed three grams to my buddy g as well and a gram or two to my friend m.

Time felt like nothing, I don't know how long it had been because at this point my perception of time was dissolving into a higher level of conciousness. The wierd thing was that I was not feeling anything from the mushrooms at first so I though it a bust and figgured I wasn't going to get high off them that night. I was so, so wrong.

As I sat in a room full of friends where the conversation would flow like water, I felt like I wanted to express every thought I was thinking but couldent peace them together clearly enough to make much sence of it. The next thing I knew the room was completely quiet even tho nothing had changed. Everyone was still talking drinking and smoking. And all I heard was a whisper in the back of my mind. It told me it had something to show me and I needed to follow it immediately. I felt a sence of fear but this quickly dissolved as I was walking towards the voice in c's apartment. It felt warm and soothing. I felt like it was just the natural thing to do. I followed it into his washroom and I heard it coming from in the bathtub. As I leaned in closer and closer to hear the whispering words of this voice with no face I noticed it was coming from the drain hole. It told me to get closer and to look into the hole. As I started to stare into the abyss of a darkened orfice I watched the world around me pixelate and start flying all around me. I watched it get drained like water in the tub.

As I was watching this in utter contentment I suddenly heard a loud wooshing noise. The water of the tub had just turned itself on. It wasn't hot, wasn't cold. It was perfection and another huge wave of euphoria hit me much harder. As the water was falling upon my head the vision that I had was completely black. I felt like I had lost reality and within seconds all I began to see were bright vivid colors filling my entire visual field. Suddenly these colors started to melt away and started to get sucked into what I could only describe as a brilliant spiral of lucid colour and in my head every color of the spectral field started to entalgle and form cubes. As the cubes spun wildly out of control all I could feel is my body tingling and this water rushing over my head. I felt like I was having an orgasm this sensation was so intense.

As I would see bright flashings of multicolored light I felt like I was being sent through a blackhole shooting through the air a million miles a second seeing all these vivid colors enamoring my concious mind. As I was flying I suddenly came to the end of the wormhole and I could see hundreds of spirals flying out of control. Then all the colors came back together and suddenly I saw pixels of color come together to form a bottom of a tub. There was no water on but I could see myself dripping. As I stood up the voice then told me that it had shown me all.

I ran out into the livingroom as fast as I could and had explained to all my friends what I was feeling I felt completely amazing. I was sitting talking to them when I noticed certain things start to change in my visual field. I saw the whole room breathing and my friends faces would change colors. I was thinking wow! This is amazing, as another huge wave of euphoria hit me. As I looked at g I started seeing his face swell up and turn to a deep purple tinge. I asked him how he felt. He was not feeling how I was feeling. No one could be feeling this good. The euphoria kept increasing ever so slightly.

As he was talking to me I noticed his forehead open up and I then saw two mouths on his face. I was trying to make sence of it but I just told him 'Holy fuck, I can see a mouth on your forhead' and then I watched his face dissolve into a mirror image. I saw the top half of his head change to look the same as the bottom half. I saw the room change to vivid moving swirling colours. I was amazed and went into the bathroom with g. At this point he started tripping out too.

Tho he was more concious of reality then I, I knew that it was peaking for him right then and there. As I looked to the bathroom floor it was glowing different colours and sifting arround. I felt like I was hovering above what I could only describe as swirling muticolored clouds. I took my hand to the light switch and started quickly turning on and off the light. Everytime the light would come back on the room was a different color and I felt like I was in the middle of space flying in a circle seeing colors all arround me. I stoped flicking the lights and looked at g. We decided it was time to go for a walk to enjoy this wonderful sensation.

C's hallways are huge orange yellow and black lines so as I was walking towards the elevator I felt the floor get further and closer from me. All these lines apeared to be wiggling and jumping off of the floor. As we got into the elevator I looked to this gigantic red exercize ball. Inside of it I could see swirling vortexes of brilliant color and light. When we got to the outside doors it was already about 2 am. In front of me I saw a tennis court but in my new perception I watched it glow and shine. I felt a really good vibe about it so I went out onto the court. My friend j came out and I explained to him that I wanted to play tennis by kicking this giant bright red universe around.

As I started playing I felt like I was in a videogame. I could see every detail amplifyed in color and in synergetic force. I felt like I was god and I could play this game faster and better then anyone else could. I watched the bright glowing orb fly through the air leaving the most amazing traces I have ever seen. I watched rainbows and sparks and bright flashes of light exploding out of the trace. The sky was bright pink and sparkled as if it was embeded with diamonds.

I reached in my pocket and found a little mirror. I looked into my eyes and my pupils were nearly as big as my eye. As I tried to focus on them I would see bright flashes of light apearing all arround me and then came another wave. I could see that something in my eyes were definitely wrong and these looked nothing like my eyes. All the lines in the colored section of my eyes were wiped away. All I could see was a silver haze around my pupil and my eye had a glow to it. A giant sparkle that I can only describe as something out of 'pet cemetary'. I started wiggling my eyes around and my whole world was getting lost in vortexed lucid colour.

I then went to see g and j. As I walked out I saw these two guys. Random stangers. P and H. For some reason I felt like I knew them and in my delusional state of mind I wanted to experiance the colors with the bright red ball in the tennis court so I asked h to come and play me he was up for it so we played a round and after that we had a smoke and spoke about drugs. They had there connections that I wanted and I have the connections they wanted. So we exchanged numbers and I felt as if these people I have known my whole life. So I asked them if they wanted to get high. They did so we went and sat a picknick table and packed a few bowls as I sat there talking to everyone I was still lost in a cartoon state of reality.

Suddenly again the pixelation started. Black was the only color I could see. The closed eye visuals manifested so quickly and I could hear myself thinking very deeply. I was being launched a hundred miles a minute and again my world started to reform and repixelate. I could see reality coming together. I was watching something moving really fast and I saw traces everywhere. After about 2 minutes of trying to understand it I noticed it was my hand and I was writing a text with deformed letters from my subconcious mind onto the table at wich we were sitting. This whole time me g j h and p were having a deep conversation. I was feeling wave after wave of extreme euphoria. One that is impossible for me to explain.

We then tried to get a game of hack going but the hack didn't look right. It looked like a black sphere of energy with white sparks flying across the surface and vortexes and wormholes of every color were inside of it. As we were playing I would see amazing traces of bright vivid light. It was sensational. After the game we sat back smoked a few more cigarettes and smoked another few bowls. It was now about 5:30 am, So everyone decided it best to go back to c's apartment and see how everyone else was doing.

When we got there everyone was asleep and I was still seeing halucinations. T+6. So I decided to go have a shower to see how good I would feel because my body was tingling. As I got into the hot shower I had an idea and I turned off the light. I was in the bathroom, pitch black in the shower and it was the most amazing thing I had ever experiainced. I felt like I was just a ball of energy. I lost my actual body somewhere and as I would travel through rooms of melting colors and distotions in my mind I was still so amazingly content feeling wave after wave of euphoria still hitting me stong. The next thing I know I go from floating in a mystical lucid dream to hearing a faint knocking on the door and I couldent see anything. I had no idea where I was placed in the bathroom. Upside down, rightside up. Spinning, Sitting standing still. I didn't know.

Suddenly the knock got even harder and I felt the water falling on my chest. I then was able to notice I was laying in the tub. I walked to the light opened it. The spirals and visuals were now faint and in my peripheral vision. They weren't as abundant as before. So I got dressed got out of the shower it was then 8:20 am. I was still feeling so great, so euphoric. I then went into my room for the night, lit up a cigarette and my friend g walks in and says he can't sleep so we start talking.

By this point the visuals were no longer noticable and I felt like I had been enlightend by a spiritual force. We spoke, we laughed, we cried. We spoke about everything. Things we never told anyone before in our lives. After smoking a few bowls and talking it was 11. He started passing out so he went to bed. And as I layed in bed I still felt fucking amazing. And there were no signs of a comedown coming. I went out on the patio at that point and admired the view and I layed on the couch outside having a smoke with my eyes closed. I started getting good closed eye visuals again only they were not intense. I was just admiring rainbows in my visual field.

After I was done I went to my bed closed my eyes had closed eye visuals until I fell asleep. At 1 I woke up. Fully refreshed still feeling...FUCKING AMAZING! I got up and I spoke to everyone with perfect clarity. And deep philosophical aspects of life and the search for a higher power. I felt like I was shown the universe. I could sence peoples energy. I felt like I was everywhere all at once. I felt I understood everything in life. I felt, omnipresent.

Being hungry I decided to go eat and to stop by and see the table of the other night because I remember I wrote something. And I felt like it was really important. The table read two things. First in huge angry looking letters spread out across the table it read 'Your in my fucking circle step the fuck off.' This made me feel uncomfortable. The second message read 'The meaning of life... ' It also said something about us living in a facist system. Then it said 'Drugs will set us free'. Now eighteen hours after, I still feel FUCKING AMAZING.

Out of this expieriance what I've learned is this. Life is too short to live it full of worries and regrets. Energy is essential. When my mind and my body fade away, the energy I leave behind is everywhere. This energy can be either negative or positive. My energy will live on far longer then the entire human race.

Good luck, and happy trippings.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34681
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 2, 2007Views: 28,572
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Mushrooms (39), MDMA (3) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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