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White Knuckle Ride
Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora)
by Tyberius
Citation:   Tyberius. "White Knuckle Ride: An Experience with Huasca Combo (Syrian Rue & M. tenuiflora) (exp34914)". Jul 5, 2004.

3.0 g oral Syrian Rue (extract)
  11.5 g oral Mimosa tenuiflora (extract)


I made this stuff and had no idea what to expect. Tripping and dying are those things you can read about and think you know what to expect. But when the drug takes hold it is a whole other story. I have taken some pretty heavy doses on a few occasions, but this was by far the most intense and fastest trip ever.

I prepared the 'brew' in two parts. The syrian rue I just pounded to dust inside a folded piece of paper. I boiled 6g of seed, two doses. My girlfriend is significantly smaller and she took almost the same exact dose of both of the compounds. I added a bit of lemon juice and lime juice to the syrian rue and water. It was approximately 14oz. of solution, with a third of a cup of citrus juices for protonation of the amine. I chilled this mix with a half lime and mint sprigs. This actually tastes pretty good.

The Mimosa Hostilis was soaked in its strip form in a glass liquor bottle in a half liter of OJ. This softens it and protonates the amines, making them soluble. After five hours I put the mix in a blender on 'liquify'. I boiled this three times, adding a little bit of lime juice, I'm talking only a tablespoon. I filtered the sludge, took the solids and reconstituted them with a quarter cup OJ, a splash of lime and a little over one cup of water. I boiled this twice and filtered it. I combined the two mimosa solutions, which was purplish brown, very lite on the purple though. For the experimental dose, I just boiled the bark in OJ and it turned purple... tasted pretty good. I reduced the mimosa solution to a half liter.

Let me just shed some light on things here: Some recipes call for boiling and reboiling, and adding more water and reducing and in general taking many long hours and even days making this stuff. No need for this. As soon as the solids hit the liquid, the alkaloids come into solution. Boiling, acidification, and destruction of the plant material (grinding) all aid in reaching the alkaloids that are locked in the botanical matrix (be it wood or stem or seed). The experience I had was extraordinary and it only took two days to make. I had allowed the Jurema (mimosa brew) to sit for a day after I blended it once. Not a necessary step. I made this recipe in complete defiance of all those who love to just cook and cook and cook and waste their time. You can't get blood from a stone. First pass solvation of alkaloids is sufficient. Then just simmer and boil over and over for about fifteen minutes.

So, 4th of july, 5:30 PM we drink the Rue. MMmmm... this stuff is so yummy. I wouldn't go that far... Palatable. It wasn't too bad... I highly recommend doing this in shot form after reducing, chilling, and flavoring with mint. O yeah, one more detail, we hadn't eaten in hours so absorption will be as soon as the liquid enters the stomach. Fifteen minutes later we started to feel the Syrian Rue set in...The mellow and relaxing buzz that makes you want to zone out while listening to music.

After the Syrian Rue set in, we drank the Jurema. I had mixed the half liter of Jurema with a whole can of frozen juice mix (apple kiwi mango or some such nonsense). This tasted good. So far so good... Two very concentrated mixes that tasted good, but very acidic. I am thinking I could have avoided this somehow. Next time, I'll tone it down on the lemon juice in the rue. By the way, it's true about Rue flourescing under a black lite after you get the alkaloids into solution.

So we are sitting on the floor in my room looking out the window watching the storm come in. We were listening to the 'Bladerunner' soundtrack... thank you Ridley Scott and Vangelis. We pretty much drank both solutions in five minutes a piece fifteen minutes apart. Let me tell you. as soon as you drink a major portion of the Jurema, it kicks in. DMT is VERY friendly but EXTREMELY overwhelming. Think of it as your three hundred pound friend who loves to box and gives you little love taps on the shoulder that just about dislocate your neck. My favorite analogy is that I was a gnat and DMT was a train and I flew in front of it. Or even better, it's like putting a cigarette in your mouth, going up to a lighter for some fire and then it turns out then when you flick the button the lighter turns into a shaoed charge nuclear weapon or a howitzer.

We were laying on the floor with our eyes closed feeling this stuff sneak up on us. Echoes, prismatic hallucinations, dissolution of ego, so many things coming on at once. I was in this nice trance and then I sat bolt upright and barfed all on myself. Then everything was ok. This happened about ten minutes after I licked the glass clean. Then the mantids were there telling me everything was ok now. I took off my clothes and somehow managed to take a shower while the walls were coming apart and things were moving and on and on. It was crazy shit. I made my way to bed where I found my girlfriend laughing hysterically at the pretty colors. I just wanted to curl up into the fetal position and wish for xanax. I had some in my dresser drawer. This DMT was so strong at onset there is almost a flash, I think had I not been so resistant I would have crossed over.

I got up five times to look for the xanax pill, it was supposed to be in the bottom of my drawer. I kept sifting through the junk and the junk would just keep multiplying. It was crazy. The mantids comforted me, told me everything was ok and they will take care of me, no need for xanax. The mantids did this after my desperation increased to a level of absolute determination. Everything was cool though. I just went back to bed and cuddled with my girlfriend. This stuff made us feel so lovey and warm. I was just drooling on myself and marvelling at the light speed cascade of images and sounds. My girlfriend was smiling and going 'hmmmmmm' over and over. She had this huge cheshire cat grin. We pretty much laid in bed like this for the rest of the night. I finally had a grip on reality and looked at the clock... 9pm. I didn't actually go to sleep until midnight.

The Rue really makes you want to go into a trance and the DMT really gives you good material for a trance. This combination of drugs is unbelievable. Whoever the guy was that made this stuff thousands of years ago should get a nobel prize.

All in all a good trip, VERY Clean. POTENT. 45 minutes of white knuckle ego cleaving chaos. Then a gradual come down but still pretty shot after 2 hours. After 4 hours we could pretty much chill comfortably in the glow of the rue. Music is a must, no TV or open eye stuff. The Closed Eye Visuals were remarkable. I remember saying that all the artists that ever were could not possibly reproduce what I was seeing. It was so animated and colorful. The speed and feelings were intense, it was a very smart high I would say. The introspection and sentient beings communicating with me telepathically was the bulk of my trip when I was actually aware. Mostly I was just so far out in vision land I couldn't do anything but watch. You aren't really you after you take this stuff, you get dissociated and sort of float off into the zone.

My girl's trip consisted of her listening to her inner voices, lots of them, talking about life and everything all at once. She said she felt this really strong feeling and she couldn't explain. She figured out it was that she wanted to cry from feeling so good. Her whole body felt good, as did mine. THIS STUFF HAS ZERO BODY LOAD AFTER THE VOMIT. I highly recommend the vomit, it felt sooo good. She didn't puke though.

We woke up at 5Am feeling energized and rebooted.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 34914
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 5, 2004Views: 15,767
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