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Cutting Myself Free
DMAE & Caffeine
by seantí
Citation:   seantí. "Cutting Myself Free: An Experience with DMAE & Caffeine (exp35645)". May 7, 2021.

500 mg oral DMAE (daily)
    repeated oral Coffee  
    repeated oral Tea  


I'm currently studying for my repeats, due to failing Ancient Greek. This failure is closlly linked to spending my first year in college taking ecstasy, mushrooms, DXM, speed and smoking hash and weed a whole lot. Well, I started studying with full intention of putting that blurry year behind me, at least for a few weeks.

I read on a few different websites about how DMAE could be useful for aiding concentration, improving cognition and numerous other positive benefits. So I bought 100 100mg capsules for €15 in a health food shop, and took a few that evening before studying.

I can't say I noticed anything in particular initially, though I have become very sensitive to minute effects from drugs (I have trained myself to feel the 'coming up' part of caffeine), but of course I didn't expect to feel anything from a dietary supplement (generally if I can feel anything, it's not legal :) Either way, I told myself, I'm STUDYING! not using drugs.

That night I developed very powerful muscle cramps, which may be related to the large amount of tea and coffee I'd drank, or simply growing pains to help myself study, though I've read DMAE can cause these if too much is taken. They were REALLY really bad though, I can't emphasise this enough, I was rolling around in agony. Eventually a few aspirin, and distracting myself by masturbating, made the pain go away and I fell asleep by about 4 a.m.

The masturbating part was interesting; generally it takes at least 45 minutes for me to come (having suffered from anejaculation all my life till two months ago), but even after an hour and a half (the cramps were now spreading to my wrists...) I didn't come. I found this rather odd. Odder still was the fact that I was getting a lot of the 'psychic' effects of coming for the last half hour... the same way I feel just before, during and after orgasm in my brain, but with nothing going down there. Very odd. I expected to finish the job in my dreams. I usually do, especially if I've been thinking erotic thoughts all night to help myself masturbate. My dreams were not erotic, as it turned out, but far from normal.

They were the most vivid dreams I'd had in years, something like the dreams I get when in a fever state, but more pleasant. Admittedly the content of them (which is rather embarrasing and won't be discussed) was objectively unpleasant, but the vividity of the dreams left me with a great feeling waking up , whereupon I took more of my new favourite dietary supplement. It's also worth mentioning that at this point I wasn't aware of DMAE's effect on dreams, and reading about it on the internet gave me shivers down my spine.

That day (the second day) I found my concentration, motivation and memory improved after taking the supplement, and I also felt energetic like never before. In a much cleaner way than caffeine gives me as well... no jitterbuzz or clouding of thoughts or flight of ideas, more like I'd been tied up in rubber bands and just cut myself free. Clarity, and clear blue skies come to mind. Most importantly, I found my ability to translate Ancient Greek improve greatly, and consequently I was in a great mood all day.
Most importantly, I found my ability to translate Ancient Greek improve greatly, and consequently I was in a great mood all day.

Including when my girlfriend visited. We had some great sex, which, again, lasted an hour and a half. I felt orgasm approaching several times, but for some reason imagined putting it into a bubble and it floating away, and it did. Then later, as I was getting tired, I figured, okay, I'll come anyway, but it didn't happen.

I was a little worried that I'd get 'blue balls' (which I am very used to) afterwards, but somehow didn't. I'm not sure if this is relevant to the DMAE, but I do feel it has affected my ability to ejaculate.

Anyway, since then, there's been a few days, and my dreams have become vivid to the extent that if I remember back to them, I can see small details that I might not even have noticed at the time. My ability to remember dreams is generally very good, but I don't feel like I have to make any effort this time. Also, after waking up but with my eyes still closed, I get semi-lucid 'mini-dreams' with no visual content, but involving conversations with friends (none of whom I've seen since starting to study), but very very clear, and seemingly automatic. In addition, the similarity between what my friends say in these mini-dreams and what they would actually say is such that I thought I might be becoming psychic or something. I imagine for someone with a belief and interest in psychic powers, DMAE would be a very useful thing.

I feel very different now, like a new person. Still a little anxious with the exams coming up, but I definitely feel that DMAE has given me a boost in the right direction. If it does turn out that this sexual effect is real, though, I don't think I will continue using the supplement after my exams.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35645
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 7, 2021Views: 897
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Carnegiea gigantea (830), Coffee (173), DMAE (151) : Various (28), Performance Enhancement (50), Sex Discussion (14), Combinations (3), First Times (2)

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