Mystical Night of Glowing Ghosts and Dreams
Citation:   peaceful_tripper05. "Mystical Night of Glowing Ghosts and Dreams: An Experience with Datura (exp35752)". Aug 8, 2004.

50 seeds oral Datura (seeds)
My second time doing this horribly beautiful drug. A night filled with hallucinations so complex and so numerous that it is hard to recount the experience from a sober mindset. I will relay it to you now as best I can. Hear is my story.....

The warm breeze blew through the summer night and softly touched my face. My eyes sparkled with eager excitement. My friend Ron and I stood looking down at the large trumpet flowers reaching skyward to the star lit sky. We knelt down and carefully clipped off several dark green, soft skinned leaves, as well as a few of the spiny green/brown seed pods and a sweet smelling flower.

Having collected our loot, we set off on the brisk walk back to my friends house. Upon arriving we threw open the back door and proceeded to the kitchen. We got out the cutting board and (since I read that the seeds are most potent part) cut open a seed pod a piece. After removing the spiny outer layer, we both put 40-60 seeds on a spoon and ate them. Past the point of no return.

I went into the living room and sat down on the couch, ready to play Vice City and watch Scar Face. For an hour or so I felt fairly normal, although especially into the video game I was playing. After an hour and a half I began to feel very drunk. But not really. It was very strange. To me, the first affects of datura resemble that of ether (which I first heard of in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and am very fond of). My mindset seemed almost sober, although I had very little control of my appendages. I confirmed that Ron felt this way also, being that we were sharing our excitement at feeling the first effects of the drug. Then, after about 2 1/2 hours, the visions began to take hold.....

The room began to rythmically change hue and color as the walls began to shudder. Amazed by the sight I began to talk quickly and excitedly to my friend, only to look over at him after about 5 minutes of talking and realize that he was no longer there. Undisturbed by his absense, I sat back and calmly let the visions spring forth. Sitting there I began to feel as if I no longer had a body, I felt light and weightless, and was not sure if I was sleeping or not. Suddenly many people began to walk into the room. Most were friends and greeted me normally, making it seem as if they were real. I supposed maybe Ron had invited them all seemed very normal. That is, until I realized they were entering the room through the walls, appearing suddenly in one place, having a brief conversation with me, then disappearing once more. Abruptly, a warm feeling flooded my body, literally forcing my eye lids shut... the world blurred.....

Glass blades brushed the side of my face, tickling me into consciousness. Paterns unfolded and twinned through the very air around me as if signals from another dimension. I got to my feet and began to follow my glowing, white robbed guides. I walked slowly along the stone path leading to the back door. As I walked the glass on the sides of the path began to ripple, looking similar to green water. After long last I reached the door and stumbled chaos....... food strewn across the floor, overturned chairs and broken dishes.........strange objects in bizzare places. The clock read 4:42 am, about 5 hours since take off.

Ignoring the mess, I picked my way to the living room where I found Ron sniffing the glass of the window. We said a few words to eachother....then he was drown out by the music that began to pound in my was a song called Thrasher by Niel Young. It was loud, so I tried to turn it down only to find that the radio was off. Confused... I began the walk very slowly down the hall to the bathroom.

....'down the windy halls of friendship, to the roseclip by the bullwhip, the motel of lost companions, waits with heated pool and bar'..... the words of the song rung throughout my soul and I began to see glowing lights around me. To my amazement, the lights changed form and shape to become many people I had known who had died. And so it was that I walked and talked with glowing ghosts, I smoked bowls and talked of old times with friends and loved one I thought were forever lost to me. It was truly a life changing experience. So complex were the hallucinations that I was really able to view, for one last time, the exact behavior and personallities of people long-dead.

Datura, while a potentially dangerous substance, has only brought me joy and wonderous experiences. I hope to all that try it that they have experiences such as mine, and are able, even for a brief time, to enter into this mystical world of spirits and ghosts.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35752
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 8, 2004Views: 34,665
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