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Sceletium tortuosum
Citation:   shruming human. "Superhuman: An Experience with Sceletium tortuosum (exp35892)". Aug 14, 2004.

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  smoked Sceletium tortuosum (plant material)
    smoked Cannabis (flowers)
    oral Mushrooms (dried)
I have experimented with Sceletium tortuosum around fifteen times now. I bought a gram for ten dollars off a website. The first time I smoked it, I used it alone, and despite smoking three bowls of it myself, I felt just a slight bit off baseline, sort of dreamy and definitely somewhat heightened creatively, but probably less effected than if I had smoked even one hit of pot. The smoke tasted quite nice, and I didn't mind smoking three bowls of plant material. The 'high' lasted for about an hour, with some slight effects present for 2 hours.

After that, I've used it in conjunction with pot, as I feel that it enhances the pot high in some ways that are hard to put my finger on. The enhancement lasts up to two hours, as far as I can tell, although it is definitely a subtle difference from a pot high alone, and therefore it's hard to determine exactly what the difference is or when it peters off. I just sprinkle a bit on the top of a bowl of pot - maybe an eighth of a bowl of sceletium, or even less, is enough. It is cut very fine, and burns extremely well, so that I don't need to hold the lighter to it more than a split second.

The most interesting experience I've had was when I mixed it with mushrooms. I was in the midst of an intense mushroom trip, which included an out-of-body experience - I felt as if 'I' were located fifty feet behind and fifty feet above my body, levitating in the air. Definitely much more than I had expected from 2.5 grams of shrooms - more powerful of a trip than many of the 4 gram trips I've had. But the relevant part of the story to this report is that I was almost motionless for the first two hours or so of the trip - very pleasant, but nearly overwhelming, and I was just laying back and enjoying it. I didn't engage in much conversation at all, preferring silence. Then I smoked a bowl of pot mixed with a sprinkling of sceletuim. Within seconds, I had so much energy that I didn't even know what to do. I was laughing almost uncontrollably, and began to do the strangest dance I've ever imagined, and not like anything I'd ever done myself, or seen anywhere. It was something like a breakdance, and involved me spinning my body extremely rapidly many times in a row, followed by strange pushup-like motions that required extreme strength, and then repeated the spinning part, followed by another odd motion, etc. My friends were all amazed that I had gone from nearly comatose to intensely energetic in the space of a minute. They were laughing at/with me hysterically, and the truth is that, even though I was doing something that required great strength and energy, I felt like I could have done much much more, if I had wanted to. The breakdancing was nothing compared to the amazing amount of energy I had.

I tried the sceletium-pot combo once more while on mushrooms, and found that I had a definite energy boost, but nowhere near what I experienced that first time. The second time, the intensity of my shroom trip was definitely less, and it's possible that I only smoked about half the amount of sceletium, but I didn't feel superhuman at all.

I will definitely continue to use sceletium, as I enjoy what it brings to my pot experiences. It is very cheap, considering a ten dollar gram has provided me with many experiences, including giving friends several small bowls, and I still have a third of the gram left. I will try it again with mushrooms, and I intend to try it with mescaline as well.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 35892
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 14, 2004Views: 35,086
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Sceletium tortuosum (179), Mushrooms (39), Cannabis (1) : Retrospective / Summary (11), Combinations (3), Unknown Context (20)

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