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Guests On This Earth
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Coz
Citation:   Coz. "Guests On This Earth: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp36491)". Jan 8, 2008.

  repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  2.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
I had just graduated high school, and done shrooms three times before, but never had it been so psychadelic. I have also taken shrooms and had just as intense of a trip if not more but this one is my favourite. It was me and 5 of my very close friends, 4 of whom popped with me. The other could not, due to an extreme allergic reaction that occurred last time he ingested mushrooms.

We headed out to go camping for two nights to celebrate the start of a great summer and the end of our high school years. The first night we drank heavily and smoked an immense amount of weed throughout the entire time, we would not go more than 1.5 hours without smoking, unless asleep of course. Day two began with the idea that we would pop at night and hang around the camp fire, I was very impatient and talked them into doing it at around 7 so we would peak at nightfall but still be able to enjoy the day.

Roughly 7pm: we had smoked many joints already that day, no specific number I can think of. We all sat around the fire with our water bottles to kill the taste and began chewing on our shrooms. We had about 2 hours of daylight remaining and we all sat in our folding chairs in a circle, waiting. We had 4 joints of different sizes pre-rolled for this trip, because we all knew the extreme difficulty of rolling on shrooms, because of the 'hugeness of our hands'. We had 1 joint as we waited for the drug to kick in.

Roughly 7:35pm: I looked to my right to find my friend Kelsey, who was my close companion throughout the trip. we both looked at each other and sort of giggled. it had began to slowly creep up on us. we all continued to sit around the fire for longer, Tom who was unable to pop began drinking heavily. All of us were suddenly hit with the intense feeling that arises when the drug kicks in. it felt almost as though I was anxiously awaiting something very important, but this feeling is normal with most shroom trips.

I think we had been sitting there for about an hour, I lost track of time at this point. I had no yet begun to see any visual changes, however my mood changed significantly, we were all laughing like idiots and making stupid sounds and doing dumb things. This is a favored stage of mine because I love the random laughter. At this point we got up, deciding to go for a walk around the camp grounds. As we began walking, for some reason, our other friend JJ threw up a few times. Nobody knew why, he said he felt fine, and was speaking fine, and looked fine, but would just turn his head as he walked and throw up because 'he felt like it'. Very peculiar.

We walked up a path and close to the latrine, when we took a path that cut left. It took us on a long and wide gravel road that brought us to the lakes edge. There was a big rock to sit on and different types of plants all around. When I arrived there I was amazed by the beauty of the Canadian wilderness. I looked around and the overwhelming feeling began to fade, my mood changed drastically at this point. I was so happy with the world, I looked at the sky and in the clouds I saw two faces. One looking directly at me and the other looking at the other face. This was very strange because I hadn't begun seeing any pulsations or other common visuals yet, but I saw this face. Itís mouth opened and it started to appear as though it was screaming at me.

At this point I looked away and turned to Kelsey, he found it funny and said he was seeing shapes in the clouds, but he was in a state of such satisfaction that he didn't finish to describe them. JJ Kelsey and I decided it was time to move on to a different place. JJ felt the need to use the latrine because his stomach hurt, but when we wanted to leave, Marco did not want to come. He found himself a seat on a big rock and did not leave. We all trusted him alone because he handles his drugs well. So we left the open waters edge back onto the long and wide path.

Now this path became very scary, the large trees around it were overwhelmingly powerful, so we walked with caution. We reached the fork where we cut left earlier, and JJ decided he did not want to go to the bathroom anymore. I do not quite recall what happened to him, I think he went back to the camp site to sit with George who was keeping tom company. So Kelsey and I were left on our own. We sat and discussed the appropriate action to take at this point but couldn't quite figure out what to do with our time. The best decision seemed to be to go back to the camp site, so we did.

When we got there however I decided to go through the small forest behind our tent, to the little spot on the water's edge. Marco had returned at this point and Kelsey stayed back with him as I went to the water. When I arrived there I was left with the most beautiful image Iíve ever seen in my entire life. The entire world seemed to have made sense at that time. I was in paradise. George and JJ were there also. We were sitting and talking and had random outbreaks of histeric laughter. George was not one to stay in one spot, the entire night he was mainly alone wandering around and enjoying his own company. I however sat there as the sun set. This was the most magnificent thing I have ever witnessed. I was left with the view of a beautiful lake and trees, and the sounds of the Canadian loon calling out.

I understood the world and bugs, and as much as they bugged me, I realized that I was a guest in their home, and when I was gone the next day, everything there would remain there. We were guests there, and we have been taking advantage of our planet and the beautiful life that lives on it with us. I felt a great euphoria and appreciation of life, ther was no feeling of intensity at this point and I was just so happy and grateful to nature for letting us stay with her.

So I got up to go get Kelsey so he didn't miss the sunset. When I got back to the campground I found him and Marco in the van, I opened the door and they both looked very scared, we had left the window open the night before and an enormous amount of flies had found home in his car. Kelsey got out and was very scared and shooken up, so I took him with me to the water, to calm his spirit, and it worked. However Kelsey does not remain in one mood very long when he is tripping, which makes it fun to be with him. We continued to sit at the water and talk philosophically, I had not yet begun to see very many visual changes, there were some regular things, including the pulsating of things and the general feeling of tripping, but not much had changed visually still. We got up after a while to go sit by the fire again. at this point I thought my trip was coming to an end, for some reason I felt as though I had completed what I was put there to do. So we smoked a joint.

I took my first toke, and I could not take my eyes off the cherry of the joint as it burned. I was taking enormous hauls because I wasn't paying attention. Suddenly I looked up as the smoke started to rise and it started to swirl upwards, I was dragged up with it and started spiraling into the sky, until I was suddenly interupted with the words 'PASS THAT!' We all laughed at our stupidity and I continued to sit there. I looked at the trees in the distance and the leaves on the top that had been blowing in the wind some hours earlier, were now spinning in circles, the entire top of the tree was a giant kaleidascope of green and blue.

Night seemed to have arrived very quickly, from what I remember, by the time the joint was done it was almost dark. Marco, Kelsey and I decided to walk back to that place we had been to once before, that opened up to the lake. my memory of this part of the night is very very foggy, I do not quite recall what we did, nor can I tell you when we went back. But when we returned, it was night. The only light we had was our flashlights and the campfire.

At this point my vision began to get very blurry, almost as if someone had put a plastic cover over my eyeballs, like the second eyelids cats have. I went to take a pee on the edge of the forest behind our tent, and began getting pulled into the forest, it was sucking me in. this forest was enchanted! when I finished peeing I pulled away and stood there staring at it, explaining to Kelsey what had just happened. At this point George and JJ had found glowsticks that they had brought and wandered into the woods together, I do not know what they were up to most of the rest of the evening.

I sat back in my chair and stared into the fire, the embers began to fluctuate and move about intricately, as if they were all working hard. I suddenly stood and looked at the forest again. I went inside, it grabbed me and pulled me through, it felt as though I had pierced an invisible barrier when I entered, like a portal in a movie. when I got in, the trees all began to turn on their axis, and I found myself surrounded by them, spinning all around me, in a circle, I was so overwhelmed by this great force that was nature. I walked more and found JJ by the water where I found peace in my life just hours prior, and suddenly I could not go there, the plants all around him were moving too rapidly, were too alive, I did not want to go neer them, so I turned back, and went back to the camp fire. as I tried to leave the forest it was hard, it was as though I had been there too long and it would not let me go, it pulled on me and stretched me as I left.

I got back to the camp fire, and sat next to tom who was at this point quite drunk. we began to chat, but the orange light from the fire made it very difficult to concentrate, his eyes had turned into triangles due to the shadow created and his mouth was a big black smile, his head was now more jack-o-lantern-like than anything else describable. Kelsey was seated across from me, and Marco on my other side, all their faces had taken the same type of jack-o-lantern look, but Kelseyís face suddenly started to split apart from the center, stretching outwards, his nose had become 3 inches wider. I stood up and walked around the field neer our tent, with my flashlight, my safety. I would turn it on and as the light hit the ground, every single piece of grass and flower and weed emited a shadow that began to grow along the ground, I found this increadibly facinating. I walked past a row of daisies and they all turned to look at me as I walked past them. I love daisies now.

I sat down again. I asked tom the time, it was 9:45, the trip began getting very intense, everyone was in their own world. I was increadibly mushed out and the world began to turn almost cartoonish, flashes of visions randomly came by, and I was overwhelmed by unstoppable noise that was fluctuating in my head. Almost as though I was at a party, but I was not. The world was pulsing and the trees were all living, the forest was enchanted and the great feeling that had been triggered by the beautiful sunset made me enjoy my trip so much more. Every time another wave would occur I was in complete understanding of what was happening, and was smiling greatly the entire time. I would sit there and await the wave to hit, it felt as though every time one would come, my body would remain seated but my life force was pulled out of my body and begin to roam around. It was a great feeling, I loved this trip the most out of any.

I asked Tom the time again, what felt to have been hours was merely 15 minutes. It did not end there. I stood up again, wandering once more, but I realized that Kelsey had for some reason gone into the tent. I turned to Marco and told him this and we both laughed because it was sure to end badly for him this way, alone in an enclosed tent. So I felt the need to go in and keep my companion company. I went in and lay down with my flashlight, looking at the beam and the swirls it was creating on the roof of the tent. Me and Kelsey began to talk and describe what was happening, we were both still tripping quite hard.

Suddenly he began to moan, I was asking him what was wrong, and he said he felt like throwing up, I told him he was talking nonsense, and that he was fine. I told him to keep talking and to relax because it was all in his head and he could control the outcome of his trip, all it takes is a positive attitude. However I seemed to have been too late, he began to moan more and unzipped the bottom of the tent just enough for him to peak his torso out and he began to let out the most retched vomiting noise Iíve ever heard, it sounded like he was dying. I could not supress a little bit of laughter because well, for some reason I find it funny when people throw up, but I kept talking to him the whole time, making sure he knew he wasn't alone. He was telling me he was dying, and I asked him if he was ok and he said no. At this point Tom had run over and started to laugh, this did not help the poor boy, so Marco and I told Tom to leave, and Kelsey realized what had happend and just stood up. He was fine. The 30 seconds of agony had passed and he had 'died and come back to life'. Like I said earlier, he is very strange in his trips.

The trip was coming down a little bit at this point. It was roughly 11pm, which was very strange because I seemed to have spent a very long time walking around in circles before going into the tent. While I did that Marco could not put his finger on what was confusing him, but he did not understand anything that was happening. We all knew nothing was happening at all, but he kept saying he didn't understand, a void is all I can think of to explain his odd behaviour. We had one joint left, and decided to leave it for the end. George and JJ had apparently gone to the open area with the rocks and the water's edge once again, so we headed over that way. This trip was lasting much longer than we had expected. We got to the long and wide path, my flashlight had broken as I was leaving the tent and this left me in great distress, the flashlight was what I thought was keeping me sane, so during the walk along that long and wide path, I made someone keep a light on at all times because it comforted me.

We reached the water and the stars were magnificent, all five of us sat on one rock that was just barely big enough to fit us all. we could now see lights from a distant city across the water, Iím not too sure which city it was, maybe Ottawa. But fireworks were going off in the distance. This was a great way to end a trip. We were sitting in the beauty of nature, and we could watch the city. The fireworks were very small, and far away, we felt very isolated, this made me feel very pleasant and comfortable. We sat there for what could have been an hour or ten minutes.

We returned to the campfire, our trip had started to end, and the peak was gone now. Tom was alone while we were gone, he did not feel up for coming with us. We smoked our last joint there, and it triggered a little bit more of the hallucinations. A few of the visuals had returned, but without the intensity brought on by the peak of a mush trip, it was very relaxing. I was extremely hungry at this point. I ate one of my last two remaining hot dogs, and my last can of food, Campbellís chunky chilli. I ate with such passion and intensity, Kelsey said he had never seen someone get munchies that bad, it was strange. Marco was eating a can of beans, and I finished almost all my food, other than my hotdog, that I left for breakfast. He looked at me as he was halfway done his beans, and for some reason, this boy who never gives up food or drugs for anyone, handed me the rest of his can. I was more grateful than I could have ever been, I scarfed those down within minutes and then we all sat there, tired and generally stupid and unable to think clearly.

It was now not much past midnight. Tom had gone to bed while we were gone, he was very drunk, quite ironically he was there to make sure we didn't do anything dumb, but we ended up keeping him in line most of the night. He was a great person to do shrooms with because he never kills your buzz by saying your stupid, he just laughs and lets you talk to him about what you're seeing and experiencing, without ever judging. We couldn't have asked for a better friend to experience it with us, even if he couldn't join in this time. We went to bed not very long after we ate and smoked, we were still a bit affected but not enough to keep us awake, we were all exhausted from a crazy night of tripping and moving and walking and fell asleep very comfortably.

I cherish this trip very much.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36491
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 8, 2008Views: 4,117
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Mushrooms (39) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Relationships (44), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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