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A Reality/Deep-Dream Mixup
by Anon (IL)
Citation:   Anon (IL). "A Reality/Deep-Dream Mixup: An Experience with Datura (exp36907)". Sep 23, 2004.

1.75 Tbsp oral Datura (seeds)


00:00 - me and my friend M each ate one and a half tablespoon of mature yellow-brown seeds, cheed them up realliy good and washed down with water...

+01:00 - both feeling drunk and heavy, we both lay down on the bed, at some time (apporx 15 mins after) we blacked-out.

+04:00 - i woke up finding M sleeping next to me, and my friend A from school, also next to me, leening on the wall and aiming the fan on us, while sleeping, i tried to wake him but nothing would work, so i looked to M for help, But insted of M it was A sleeping next to me! i looked to the wall, and no one was there, i waked up M and asked hit to go home, so i can go to sleep (felt somehow uncomfterble..).

+05:30 (approx) - im not sure what went wrong, but i couldent sleep, well.. im laying on my bed, feeling the dryness! i must get WATER (and the bottle was empty) so i was trying to get up, i see 2, huge, shadowlike guys with 2 diffrent wierd faces i can hardly remember,like matrix agents but diffrent and one was fatter, with small red and bright lights as eyes blocking the both of my doors (got 2 doors), i somehow got a grip and reminded myself im trippin', and got up infront of the shadow dude, and red circles appear on both of thier eye's that start to bleed A LOT! i coverd my head and waited awhile...after that they where gone...

+06:00 (..) - my sis was in the kitchen, i was makeing coffe for 2, she told me to hold somthing for her but i was bizzy with the coffe, so i passed it to my friend M while saying 'hold this a sec bro..'(that appeard on the way to the kichen..), it hit the floor, 'whats wrong with you?', -'ahhhhh, just woke up..',
i went upstairs with one coffie..lost some time here..

+09:00 (stiil not too sure) - laying on the bed feeling a bit poisend, some bottles on my tabel where spinning on spot, the key in the door split to 2 and started crawling like a worm allover, a crack in the wall was takeing-over the walls and room :, some grapes i had on the tabel grew legs and walked around the room, same with paint dots and black dots on the floor (my floor is hard to describe), i remembering EVERYTHING was going crazy, but i was calm, this skull i got was bouncing from one speaker to the other, wire's where moveing around like snake's, blood stains appeard on the walls, and friends where flashing like changeing a channle, some of the friends that appeard dident want to talk out loud, and talk to me in my head, like telepaty, lots of sparks flew around some point, i watched a movie on my broken tv and ate out of a bowl of snacks all the (approx 1-1&1/2 Houre) movie, at the end i noticed it was all unreal, and befor i was in a total trance!, no idea what the movie was.. Feel asleep a bit later)

the next day i wokeup to my mom knocking at the door asking for something, i gave her somthing no-way related, and then what she asked for.. 4 friends of mine where behind of her, as she ternd i greeted them (shook hands etc), and she dident notice..they sat down, i turned to lock the door and back and they were gone!, i layed back down on the bed, my t-shirt that was on the bed turned into this mini MAD COW with spirall red-orange squares as eye's and horns of a deamon, it ran strait to me, and i freaked and jumped back..then it became the shirt again.

day2 + 05:00 - found myself ending a chat with a tree, the grass started growing really high so i went back in...after that i remember sitting in the livinroom and looking at picture's get thire own life :)

spent most of the day talking to ppl, animals that were not there (and my cat..), my mj plant, that skull on the speaker, and smoked unreal ciggaret's..while i had 2 packs, one real and one not!, i remember twice, i smoked, the cig was gone, so i take out a real one, but from the wrong pocket..takeing another fake cigg' that would dissappeare after 2 mins..(lol).

smoke sometimes came out of real objects, and some shadows where moveing with no connection to there objects! i took this whole trip as a once in a lifetime, and last, trip to a very very deep place in my mind.

the after effects where long lasting and really scarry (as in a thought, 'shit i fucked myself up', even when i was aware to the after effects.), but (thank god) this was all gone.

3-4 days of really messed-up eye's, splits, fogged/bluer vision, etc.
for about a week i was feeling really wierd and unconnected to the world, smokeing weed sometimes made things fly in the corners of my eyes and stuff... BEWARE!

P.S - day2 and most day1 i was homealone, if u anyway decide to try datura, do it far from sobar ppl.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 36907
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 23, 2004Views: 11,741
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Datura (15) : Alone (16), Multi-Day Experience (13), Hangover / Days After (46), Entities / Beings (37), Difficult Experiences (5)

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