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Necromancers and Hobbits
by Rabid Greek
Citation:   Rabid Greek. "Necromancers and Hobbits: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp37936)". Jun 28, 2021.

2.6 g oral Mushrooms


I have taken mushrooms 3 times now. And when on this drug I seem to loose all bladder control (peeing feel REALLY GOOD under the influence). The first time I consumed this drug it didn't kick in for about 45 minutes. During this time we had already set up our 'sleeping area' and were well into the movie Lord of the flies: Fellowshp of the ring. When it kicked in I started seeing 'snakes', as I called them, in the ground. What was really happening was the floop was twitching. I also noticed black figure flying about the ceiling, 'Bats!' I yelled to my friends who were calmly watching the movie.

After about an hour it had taken full effect. I was completely ignoring the movie and I believed I was a Necromancer (one who brings the dead to life to form an undead army using magic) and my cat was my 'apprentice'. Everything changed. The wall looked like a passage into another world and the chairs resembled a dead forest of trees. Crows were perched on the branches of these 'trees' and there were more bats than ever. After about 2 hours I had casted a 'spell' on everyone in the room using convincing, but made up chants. I had isolated myself under my dad's desk and began chanting. My friend threatened to beat me if I didn't shut up so I casted a spell on him... And he beat me. I then realized that I had not yet harnessed my power and needed to study my surrounding a little better. I noticed that whenever my mood changed my character changed (exaple: went watching LoTR I was a necromancer and later on I changed into a hobbit (I'll explain this in a little bit)). We all, for some reason felt that there was no reason we should be wearing clothing. We went outside but naked and walked around my neighborhood for about 30-45 minutes. We then got really cold and decide to go into my backyard. Although we did not have the munchies we all grabbed some food and sodas. We sat on my hill bare ass naked. We were now all hobbits. For the rest of the trip we remained calm and laying on my grass we philosophized about life and how mankind has ruined everything and thinking about how puney and insignificant we were. It was great. At around 6 in the morning we decided to go to sleep. Sometime during this even I ended up squatting over a dinner plate and shitting on it. I remember saying something like 'it's all about the presentation'.

After this occasion we did once while we were camping (nothing to tell about that trip) and once more in my basement. The 3rd time we took it we took TOO MUCH and I was unable to stand. Every 5 seconds we'd relieve ourselfs by emptying our bladders in the middle of the room and all over our blankets. My other friend (his 1st time) tried to kill us all cuz he had a bad trip and almost woke my parents, but he got lost in my hallway (it's straight). Everything was blurry and there were thorny vins and nazi sings coming rom the cieling. The sent of urin filled the room and we made no sense. We said things like 'what is chair?' 'its kinda like when u touch that' 'boy can I have it?' Durring this night I tried to kill myself, luckily I hid the knife from myself earlier. I was chewing on a stone wall, piano, shoe, keyboard, couch, and sink. My bro tasted the rug. I at some point thew a chair at my bros computer. We decided to end it so we went to sleep. We woke up drenched in piss and with shit trown across the room. We had to clean up and fast!

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 37936
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jun 28, 2021Views: 217
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Mushrooms (39) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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