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Dreaming With Eyes Open
Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Syrian Rue & Cannabis
by Sam
Citation:   Sam. "Dreaming With Eyes Open: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Syrian Rue & Cannabis (exp38783)". Dec 8, 2021.

T+ 0:00
50 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (fresh)
  T+ 2:00   repeated smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 3:00 2 g oral Syrian Rue (capsule)
This was to be an extra special trip. I was going to London to meet up with 3 of my old school friends and trip with them on mushrooms. 2 of us (A & I) are regular trippers having used psilocybin mushrooms, LSD and 2C-E on a number of occasions. I have also tripped on mescaline once. For the other 2 (M & S) it was their second time, their first times having been low doses-they hadnít been properly turned on. Another uni friend was also tripping, but on less, and he had a friend coming over who was on the same amount as the rest of us.

The setting-my friends flat in Hammersmith, London, in his small but comfortable room. Music included Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane, Bob Marley, Jean Michel Jarre, Air, Royksopp, Kai Tracid and others. Quite a variety, but all very good, suiting the group mood at the time it was played. I like electronic/ambient music while tripping especially though-human voices can sometimes bring you back to earth/reality. Good if I am tripping very hard or not enjoying it too much though.

The 4 of us (A, M, S and me, Sam) dosed around 4 in the afternoon, each consuming around 50g of golden top shrooms on an empty stomach. The shrooms were fresh and purchased earlier in the day in Camden. Unusual with shrooms, these took a long time to build in intensity-we still hadnít peaked after an hour -- the unmistakable dreamy, pleasant light headedness filled my head, and then spread to a euphoria over my chest, and my pupils were massively dilated.
Unusual with shrooms, these took a long time to build in intensity-we still hadnít peaked after an hour -- the unmistakable dreamy, pleasant light headedness filled my head, and then spread to a euphoria over my chest, and my pupils were massively dilated.

After around 2 hours we decided to get stoned as well. On experimenting with 2C-E, mescaline cacti, LSD and psilocybin mushrooms, it has been found that smoking cannabis has an incredible intensifying effect on the trip, putting me somewhere I canít achieve through psychedelic or weed alone. We shared a joint of my potent home-grown (most likely skunk).

This got us all very stoned, a lot more than it should have. Time was being very strange. I said you experiencing time actually happening, my friend described it as multiple dimensions -- both meaning the same effect. It was like time kept resetting, or starting again every few seconds. After the joint S had a laughing fit and knocked over some water -- he didnít need any more weed, and neither did the rest of us for that matter, but we had some more anyway to make sure we were Ďthereí. A, M & I each had a good hit out of the gravity bong. This was around 3 hours in. Before the weed kicked in fully I downed the 2g of Syrian Rue in gel caps, and then chilled on the bed in the dark, listening to music. Around here everyone went quiet.

A was hallucinating strongly and I occasionally talked to him. M became very quiet and introverted. S was mumbling to himself and moving around fidgeting on the bed a lot. I was strongly hallucinating. The walls and ceiling and other nearby objects would come into focus a few inches from my face, and then seem miles off. Iíve had similar experiences to this before on shrooms, usually on high doses early on in the trips. Iím certain the weed helped. I also experienced auditory hallucinations that Iíve never encountered before, a strange buzzing or whooshing sound. Auras and tracers were strong, intensified by the weed and Syrian rue.

At this point I was very heavily tripping, basically riding it out to Pink Floyd, all thanks to the power of the weed. The visuals were intense, constantly morphing and, thanks to the weed, bright and colourful, and very 3D.

Time was odd -- at one point (7:40-8:10) seemed like hours, and then in no time at all it was 3 in the morning. Weird. The feeling of bliss and contentment was strong, I was proud to be alive, proud of all my flaws and imperfections, just proud to exist as I was. Only psychedelics have that power.

During the trip we had more gravity bongs when we felt like it, too top up the visuals. Weed can knock up a declining trip to surprising levels. Around 10 we decided to have another gravity bong hit each and watch the Big Lebowski. Al was too stoned to watch the film and spooned out on the floor, still tripping strongly.

After the film we talked a bit about our experiences. This is what tripping can be -- a fantastic experience that you can shared with friends. I had a fantastic trip; I was on another plane I havenít really accessed before. A had a good trip. M had ups and owns. S had a very bad trip he informed us, his mumbling and fidgeting had actually been him dreaming with his eyes open, thatís how far gone he was. He was locked into a nightmare and was very paranoid, thinking we had thought he was very irritating, and we were plotting against him. He had actually hallucinated this. He was fine after a reassuring talk as he was sobering up. He was so far gone he couldnít even communicate with us to let us know he was having a bad trip. 50g of fresh shrooms were probably a much too higher dose. Last time he didnít think he had tripped, so we assumed a higher dose would sort that out.

All 4 of us thought the experience was worthwhile and definitely want to repeat it in the not too distant future.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 38783
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Dec 8, 2021Views: 705
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66), Syrian Rue (45), Cannabis (1) : Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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