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The Best Legal High
Poppies - Opium (tea)
by Pleasantly Surprised
Citation:   Pleasantly Surprised. "The Best Legal High: An Experience with Poppies - Opium (tea) (exp39099)". Mar 1, 2008.

7 tsp oral Poppies - Opium (ground / crushed)


I first heard of poppy tea online a few months back. I had recently ran out of my supply of hydrocodone I got for some oral surgery. Hydrocodone was my first opiate expiriance and after three months, my bottle of 40, 10mg lortab was gone. I had tried poppy seed tea three times before and felt nothing but tired and got headaches every time.

I bought 30 golf ball sized papaver soniferum pods for ten dollars online. The stems and pods were still green too. I crushed one and measured it at aprox. 1 tsp. I ground the rest and measured out four teaspoons. ( 4 pods ) I added a tsp. of lemon juice, let it soak for ten minutes then added a quarter cup of water heated to about 130 deg. farenheight and let it steep for 20 min. I strained it through a fine wire filter then put the pulp in cloth and strained that. I used the small number of pods to test the potency so I would'nt O'd. I drank it down and It tasted like crap. After about 30 min. I started to feel very relaxed and felt the familiar warmth throughout my body. I laid on my bed and watched austin powers, feeling very content and nearly falling asleep.

My friend called and about two hours after taking the tea went to his house and played GTA: San Andreas. I was pretty relaxed the rest of the night and was happy that I had got some good pods. The high wasn't really strong but still good. It was probably about as strong as taking 10 mg. of hydro, but I need about 20-25 mg. of hydro to get really messed up.

After the successful test, I decided to take seven teaspoons and let it soak in 3 tablespoons of lemon juice over night, add hot ( not boiling! ) water and let it sit a couple more hours. I used the same filtering method and added a tablespoon of sugar. This is how the night went.

7:30 pm drank down the awful brew on an empty stomach. The sugar made it bearable. Put in the Led Zepplin dvd.

7:55 feeling relaxed, sinking into couch. Still waiting for the effects to kick in all the way.

8:35 Mind slowing, thinking of complex things not possible. starting to feel warm all over, verly relaxed, mild euphoria.

8:45 Damn, at one with the couch, moderate euphoria. I feel the waves of warm rushing through my body. Noticing little things in music I didn't hear before. Watching Led Zepplin jam for 20 minutes on dazed and confused, amazing performance. I feel great.

10:00 drink tea with 3 pods in it when the high hits it's peak. I play GTA: vice city and listen to Pink Floyd. Just driving around not doing missions. I'm driving really slow not caring what I'm doing, just grooving to the music.

12:10 starting to come down, still feel slightly euphoric. Mild body high still there. I turn on Princess Mononoke and watch some. I pass out around 1:30 and wake up a few times feeling like the movie is real. cool. I slept like a rock the rest of the night and had no hangover the next day. I did feel A bit fatigued though. A great expiriance overall.

The only negative was a very strange one. The first hour and a half after drinking the tea, I had to piss like some one who drank a liter of coffee. I got up to piss about 5 or 6 times. It was strange, when I had taken hydro, it would have the opposite effect, I would get urinary constipation. Bizzare. why would it make me need to pee? I was mildy itchy but it wasn't bothersome. Hydro makes you itchier and is more sedating. Be safe, respect the pod.


Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39099
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 1, 2008Views: 74,684
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