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Kicked Out of School
by Mike
Citation:   Mike. "Kicked Out of School: An Experience with Datura (exp39380)". Aug 27, 2006.

40 seeds oral Datura


I would consider myself to be a decently experienced tripper, but this experience was way more than I could handle! The day started normal for me: get up, go to school, look for someone that had money for coke. Same ol same ol. Soon enough a good friend of mine,ill call him J, rolled up talking about he had just eaten two full pods of jimson weed. At the time I had never even heard of it, so right away I started asking stuff about it.

Now this is where I take a wrong turn. J tells me that its 'just' like shrooms, (boy was he wrong) so when I hear that I automatically agree to do some also. J's friend gives me a whole pod for myself and tells me to eat all the seeds that are inside.

I put the pod in my car for later, cause I wanted to see how J was gonna react to the two full pods he had eaten,(also cause a friend of mineís sister told J he was going to die).Well about three hrs. had gone by, and I was in my fourth period class with a cracked pod. I had asked the substitute if it was ok for me to go for a drink of water. She replied yes, and as I went out to down the seeds, I see J walking around the halls with the biggest pupils Iíve ever seen!

Immediately I ask him how he's feeling and he replies with a laid back shrug, and tells me he sees the hallways swerving and everything is yellow. That was all the info I needed and with that I popped the seeds with a big gulp of water.

Well, I went back to class with excitement, awaiting the effects to take hold. Class had ended, it was lunch time and about 45min. had past and I was feeling really relaxed, kind of like a good alchol buzz. Lunch passed and I was in my fifth prd. class still feeling really good! I just sat back and watched the other students do their thing for most of the period until a girl I knew got up and threw up in the trashcan. I had noticed that she looked laid back like me for the whole period but I thought she was high or something. Little did I know she had also been given jimson also! She left class barfing everywhere and that was also the last I saw of her for the rest or the day also. The school seemed to be very alive after that, as if there was a fight or something interesting going on that was making all the students talk.

I went to my next prd. class with the effects starting to increase, I told a girl that sat behind me that was also into doing shrooms, that I was scared to be called on to read, because I could barely read the word on the pages. So during the middle of the prd. there was an announcement on the speaker to not allow any students out of class until further notice, because of a 'situation' that was going on. This made me worry, because the girl that told J he was going to die also told me that the school would be shut down today.

This is where it gets interesting, there I am waiting in class for 'further notice' when I look up and see the assistant principal and a cop asking my teacher if they could 'have' me. I think thatís what set off the trippin, because I started getting these uncontrollable shivers in my legs. I was taken to the office where I saw a lot of my other friends being questioned in separate rooms. The principal started asking me what J and the other girl had been given. Naturally I told him I didnít know what he was talking about, but when he got real serious and told me my friends were gonna die, I started to panic, knowing I had also taken the seeds. I told them just enough to get them to help J and the other girl because he said they were already in the hospital getting their stomachs pumped.

The cops tried getting me to tell them who had given it to them and that they had tips of a guy in an eclipse as the supplier, so I told them I could point out the car if I were to see it again. At the time of all this, I started to feel real lost and would forget kinda what was happening, I felt I needed to sit down cause I felt sick, and my mouth was really dry. The principal kept asking me questions, and I had no idea what he was talking about, so I decided to tell him I to had taken the jimson. He immediately called an ambulance, and told me to call my mom and tell her I was going to the hospital, but I couldnít even remember her cell number. I kept calling my ex girlfriend's house.

When the ambulance came they sat me on a stretcher and started poking me with needles and checking my blood pressure. The ride to the hospital was just a bunch of common sense questions like do you know your name, and do you know what you ate? I responded, 'a plant.'

I arrived at the hospital and thatís when (I think) I started to trip hard. I saw windows next to my bed, which I kept trying to look out, but every time I would look out to see the people passing by, all there was, was a wall in my face! Time was non existent to me so I cant say exactly how long this went on, but it seemed about an hr. I kept talking to my friend (D) who was next to my bed and then he would vanish. But it didnít really bother me, I just kept looking around for him. The same thing happened with a red cereal bowl that I was holding in my hand for some reason, and when it would vanish I would try to look where it had fallen. My parents finally arrived and said I was hallucinating for about 12 more hrs. until I knocked out.

They said I was doing insane things like screaming that the devil was chasing me, cussing them out, trying to get bugs off my arms, and following the edges of the blanket sheets back and forth with my eyes and fingers.

All this that happened at school ended up in the newspaper and the tests that the hospital ran showed that I had coke in my blood stream. My parents found out all of this. My hospital bill came out to 12,000 bucks and had to sell my integra just to pay half of that!

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39380
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 27, 2006Views: 20,542
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