The Screaming Generic Sounds of Horror
Citation:   Naiveidiotkid. "The Screaming Generic Sounds of Horror: An Experience with Peyote (exp39654)". May 30, 2006.

  oral Unknown (pill / tablet)
  5 Tbsp oral Peyote (ground / crushed)
This all started around March or so that I obtained some peyote. I tryed it out thinking it would be some fantastic trip with just hallucinations and goofy hippy shit like that, but no, I was unaware of the power peyote can have on me. I had absolutly no knowledge about drugs, hell I haven't even smoked weed prior to the time I did this! No shit.

My friend was supposed to try this with me but his dumbass went to sleep! He came over for a visit and took 2 tablespoons and stayed up for a lil bit it wasn't effecting us so he just crashed, I tryed to tell him give it some time but he just went to sleep which pissed me off.

I started playing the PS2 to kill time for awhile I played a little of MGS:2 then I felt this rush of energy and I just thought 'It's coming on!' I quit playing for awhile and just sat down for awhile got some kool-aid and when I started playing the game again it sounded very different. All the electronic beeping sounds, sounding slowed down, kinda like down an octave like a flat note. I paused the game and wondered if the stereo was on the fritz then I reseted it. It sounded really really scary!

I just turned it off and my parents told me to go to bed because I promised to go to church the next morning. I tried going to sleep but I just couldn't sleep, I didn't feel wierd or high or anything. My thoughts had more meaning to them. I was lying there still awake, and I started to get nauseated and real dizzy. I went to the bathroom to puke. I puked hard! My brother came out of his room and asked if I was ok, I told him I was just sick, and he asked me if I wanted the trashcan by my bed and I said yes. Talking to him was very comforting. Talking to anyone would've been comforting.

I told him to stay and talk longer I told him I had god awful nightmares and he did stay for a few minutes. My dad woke up and asked if I was ok. I said I just felt a little ill. He just told me to drink some water and I did, I felt a world better. They went back to sleep for awhile. I just layed in my bed, I closed my eyes and I started to see thoughts take a visible image. Just thoughts that manifested themselves upon me involuntarily. I started to think about this one girl I never pay any recognition to. Her face popped up and then she turned into like some skeleton that resembled a bug but still retained her facial image. It was letting out some eery low screech (yes it was a low screech). This scared the living shit outa me! I ran to the bathroom and I looked at the mirror and my face was all contorted and didn't look right.

I got real scared and started praying to god. This comforted me a little but everytime I looked into the mirror I just looked strange. I still looked the same but I could see myself as I really was. It was like my inner-beauty (actually innerugly) was surfacing. I never noticed how many pimples I had, how oily my skin was or how crappy I looked. I never thought highly of myself but man, just when you thought you couldn't look any worse!

This all scared me deeply and I just prayed asking for it to end. I tried playing some more games but the games were just too intense and took on a whole new meaning that wasn't appealing to me. Just when I turned it off my dad asked if I could keep it down. I said ok and my friend woke up and I told him how hard I was tripping he really didn't seem to be fascinated which seemed really odd to me. We started talking for awhile and I begged him to not go back to sleep. But he was being all bitchy and threatened me and I told him to chill out. He did,he was just cranky from waking up he didn't seem to realize the seriousness of the situation. It wasn't affecting him any(the peyote that is).

He gave me some sleeping pills and told me to chill out. I was afraid to take them for fear that they would fuck me up even more, but he said they wouldn't and he wouldn't give me anything that would kill me. I took his word for it and took them. He went back to bed. I layed down for what seemed like hours. New songs of different genres played in my head, they sounded out of this world. I didn't like it. I looked at my hand under the covers and It looked very very odd. It terrified me alot cause it started bleeding I looked away immediately cause it seemd so real. I knew it was a hallucination. I started telling myself of how stupid I was for even wanting to try this. The effects were starting to taper off and I got tired and slept.

I didn't see any crazy geometric patterns or any of the crazy stereotypical bullshit I thought I would achieve if I took any psychadelic. It was more of a mind game that my curiosity had to pay the consequences for.

The setting and mindset was all wrong. If I could change this trip I would've done it during the day, in nature, away from any electronics and tripping with someone else. And reduced my doseage.

After this experience, I have come to respect drugs and learned to not be so damn naive. I finally got over what happened to me. If it happened again I could handle the situation alot better since I have become a billion times more educated on the matter.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39654
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 30, 2006Views: 53,796
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Peyote (42) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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