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by stina
Citation:   stina. "Greeennn: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp40567)". Aug 15, 2021.

3.5 g oral Mushrooms


So it was a friday night, and it wasnt just any friday night, this friday my friends and I were going to take a train to the city (I live in new york about an hour from new york city) and get tatoos, now at the time I was 15, annd let me just say I've been a pothead for a while so I was figuring on just being retardedly stoned that night. Then one of my friends cealla (pronounced kayla) told us that our dealer 'marc' had shrooms, so we decieded to get shrooms instead. Since cealla wasnt partaking in getting a tatoo, she stayed back in our town with the dealer and stuff. So the tatoo process went well, I got a green shamrock.

So we met up with cealla and went back to my house. Now it was me, cealla, danielle, and lex. Lex was staying sober. We ate them just plain and I thought they tasted a lot like pistachios, although I'm the only one who thinks that. I'm pretty sure we smoked a blunt or two after that also. At first I just felt a very extreme pot high, then the effects started to kick in. I saw everything around me in different shades of green (hence my green shamrock tatoo) cealla insisted that her head was bleeding throughout the night, she kept trying to show me the blood on her hand and insisted there was a chunk missing, no it wasn't a bad trip, weirdly, she wasn't upset about the chunk missing she was laughing and didn't care.

Later on we were in my kitchen and I walked past the fridge and bumped into it, followed by me saying 'oh shit, my bad' and the fridge answering me with a 'no prob' when I turned back around to my friends they were laughing hysterically, but it all seemed quite normal to me. While in the kitchen cealla was staring at me for about 5minutes straight, without blinking, it was one of those times you have a thought, but quickly dismiss it because your deep in thought, I thought 'why is cealla staring at me' but then went back to my other thoughts, then finally asked her and she said it was simply because there were colors and smiley faces circling around me.

We were sitting in my room laughing histerically about something, when we all realized bob marley on a poster on my wall was laughin with us, which also seemed quite normal. Cealla&I had no trouble going to sleep, either did lex (she didnt shroom) but I awoke at about 4am to find danielle, in a weird position half on my bed, and half off, crying. Her explanation was it hurt to fall asleep.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 40567
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 15, 2021Views: 419
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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