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The Opening
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
by Cal
Citation:   Cal. "The Opening: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp41285)". Jul 14, 2018.

2 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This is intended to be part 1 of quite a few of my experiences...I don't know what meaning should be put behind them. Maybe not a how to do it but more of how I did it...

Ok now the oportunity to have mushrooms came on rather randomly. However to understand fully this it would be useful if all the readers had seen the show undergrads. We 4 friends are somewhat like them.

We have J, who's rocko basicly, he drinks hard and lives a life of party, altho he has lots of contacts and is the one whom acquired the Mush. He bought an ounce of weed and at the same time his pusher backed him an ounce of mush he wanted to get rid of.

We have S, who's gimpy, the average net guy...but in fact he doesn't look at all like gimpy we just needed a char for him.

We have M, who's Nitz, the average guy cynical guy with not much of a life but he's the one whom we all are linked to somehow.

We have B, that's me...Cal? Aye Cal ^^ Altho I refrain from the bunny drawing. But yeah blond hair, muscular and has it with the ladies. Altho I've been with my GF for 3 years now <_<

Ok so like I said J got the Mush, S provided the car for the J could get the Mush, M gave his usual denial from our gang trips, and I like always provided the room (in the basement of my house), the food and the research to make sure we didn't get any shit. I was suspicious seeing as the guy wanted to get 'rid' of it. I later learned that since it was in July, the fresh batch would get in for September and October 'peak times'. Still it was fully dried, no mold, no fungus (other than the shroom itself of course) and was P. cubensis that I am sure. We chose the ones we wanted from the ounce before Rocko and I sold, myself I chose a monster weighting 3.2 and cut 2 g. from it exactly.

Now we shall shift the names as forementionned, if you saw the show you can picture the evening like we saw it.

Rocko gave me a sample, I checked it, seemed nice enough. He and I sold what we didn't need and kept the rest for our trip. Know that all I mentioned was done in under 3 days.

Then came the night. Mother's off to diner with family, I ''feel sick'' since she's drinking she's staying there to sleep. They come, we go to the store to get some grub Rocko gets himself a 6-pack (which was only opened the afternoon after) all in all 3 friends expecting a good time.

We find our 3 selves with quite a background on drugs. Amongst my friends I am known as the Shaman now but before that I was the chemist. I was the one to set up the aeroponic setting at Rocko's house, got a nice XT batch from Gimpy's yard and all in all I'm the only one who succeeds in school...

We get into my room put on some music we all like (Blind Guardian) start to talk. However I can see it in their eyes they are anxious, I feel I am the only who truly wants to try it. Rocko takes out the weed and Gimpy goes for my pipe. I stop him and convince both of them to smoke afterwards seeing as weed enhances taste and mush smells terrible.

It is to be known that mush would be our first higher drug. I had done MDMA a few times and METH a couple of times as well. Rocko was an acid tripper and Gimpy stopped smoking only when he was asleep, was also a big acid tripper with Rocko. Personaly PCP and MESC never were my forte.

We crush them in our mouth and they both eat it fast since they find the taste horrid. I have my hopes high for this to be useful so I keep it in my mouth for maybe 3 mins before swallowing. Then they gloriously fetch the pipe. Rocko sits in the big chair (he looks like a mafiosi, as he wears a tie right now, tradition don't ask), Gimpy sits at the comp and goes on AIM or MSN whatever. I sit on my bed and just enjoy the softness of it all before the high comes on.

Know that I had searched toroughly on mushrooms. It is also by this medium that I increasingly became interested with shamanism and amerindian culture and art. While I warned my friends of the upcoming anxiety and described it to them best I could they obviously did not understand. I however saw the upcoming effects and was totally prepared...or so I thought

Gimpy is the first to trip, he looks at me over his shoulder and starts laughing out loud. Rocko being somewhat high from the first g of weed we smoked laughs with him and I just raise an eyebrow wondering why and saying it's not cool. Then he says my nose is like a banana and some unintelligible stuff. Rocko winks to me and passes the now fully filled bowl.

In our group there isn't some kind of hierarchy but there is some sort of who to ask for what. Nitz is the one to ask when you have money trouble, Rocko is the one to ask when you fall short on ganja, Cal is the one to ask when you need a place to crash, Gimpy is the one to ask when you need a car. All in all some kind of simbiotic relation rather than friendship but it changes tonight.

Rocko starts to trip and says so aloud. Gimpy is lost in his world of internet and we leave him there until he's done. Me and Rocko start to talk. However the only high I have is from the weed. Except from a certain feeling that '' something's not right ''. I eventually convince myself that what is not right is that I am not tripping. I tell both of them I am going to take a leak.

Now the house, whenever we have trips in my house we stay in the basement. It is darker more of our territory. When we step in the upper floors it is my mother's territory. We step there in respect, give few words to my mother but we make it a point to be polite (so she'll keep allowing my friends to come by), we go everywhere in respect and slow and not loud and so on. Now I was alone...

I go to the washroom and I can swear the moment I go through the door of the washroom I start tripping. I believe it is the change of temperature, a sensory stimulation that wakes me up soemwhat and knocks on my head and says '' You're tripping Cal You're tripping '. I empty myself and go down the staircase. I go to the stereo and start press power $ play not wondering about the cd and volume. I am sure one of my cds is in it.

One thing I have learned through psylocybin is that nothing is certain. Wether what I see or think it's not certain that it will still be there tommorow.

And opera pops out! My mother had listened to that...however I know the cd and shift the tunes to Carmina Burana. I can honestly say that THAT started my trip. I lower the volume to just above a whisper and listened to it. I get down the stairs and notice how messy is the basement...

The mushrooms should rarely be seen as we saw it that night. We saw it as a recreational drug but it is in fact a tool to further our knowledge about life. That night while I had all the fun, I also learned how actually be cleaner and to pick up my stuff more. I can say that it was the first of many things to show me on how to live a pleasant life.

I get in the room and announce with glory I am tripping, my two friends reply that Nitz is on webcam right now on msn and I cross over the room and chat somewhat with him. Then we resume our places and start to trip in a group. The first thing we notice as a group while listening to music and talking about school and stuff is that we lost total sign of time. The only source of time knowledge being the comp clock we assign the Job to Gimpy of writing the time now and then and noticing us of the time.

Time is an extremely useful tool while on shrooms. Not only can it be used to approximetly know when our trip will end or start it is also a deep-anchored link to reality. When losing contact with reality find a way to know time. When we want to lose contact with reality we lose the sense of time. When we can no longer know what time it is when we NEED to know it, we start to badtrip. However experience is also a great teacher.

I can say that as a first experience it is a philosophical one. Rocko alternates between two person in my mind. One is a mafia gangster who provide us the shrooms and the other is a professor. With the professor I talk of the origine of the universe, Rocko while I don't want to insult isn't very smart yet I discover my opinion of him is lower than it should be. Everytime Gimpy mentions the time we get down to reality. He says it every 10 mins or so. Then we talk a little and find something to talk deeper. We went through it all, how our body works, today's society, publicity, how the world will be when we're older, how it was before, aliens you name it.

The only thing I should really know when tripping on mushrooms is how I work. How my body works. Knowing my body can allow me to predict how it will all go but I need have the impudance of saying that I can control it (More on that in another report eventually)

I'm pretty sure that after an hour my friends had already peaked but mine is hitting in just about now. I am in my bed and look at the carpet, I see the walls which are painted blue and BANG! it hits me, my bed is actually a desert island with dinosaurs and I am a hunter who lives there. On my right is the Teacher who lives a double life as a gangster. On my left the Computer genious who's planing to control the world somehow. And we are all ''chosen'' by the mushrooms to communicate together. Know that right now I have lost all contact with reality and am sure this is true.

So gimpy fails on his mission and forgets to tell us of the time however I am thankful as I stay in my desert island fighting with my pillows while conversing about the organisation of some fake university with my good friend Rocko. I am getting to know them both more than I knew them before. However as my high comes down I am realising something, I wasted my buzz. Both my friends are like ''whoa'' and ''wow'' while I am disgusted at myself for having wasted such a potential of a trip.

Now The trip was intense with visuals while on my peak but most of my buzz was spent talking with my friend Rocko. However I feel I could have done much more with the power unleashed by the psylocybin. I can say this was a great first time experience, I was not expecting more since I had made sure not to read other people's report before having my own trip. After more trips I truly know I could have done more with the trip. For one we had a single tune running in loop for the whole night, Blind guardian Ashes to Ashes. While it was a group trip I by far prefer duo trips or solitaires. 3 is hard to manage and prones paranoia as making sure both of my friends were being kept entertained.

The experience left me sore but I can't say I had any mush hang over (which is possible believe me). Also we smoked 3 g but somehow the third g we don't remember when. But we know we smoked it...

Anyho expect more tales from known as the Shaman ;)

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 41285
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 14, 2018Views: 721
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Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66) : General (1), First Times (2), Hangover / Days After (46), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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