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Raging Spirits
Psychoactive Amanita spp., Mushrooms & Cannabis
Citation:   Scorp. "Raging Spirits: An Experience with Psychoactive Amanita spp., Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp42000)". Jul 9, 2007.

T+ 0:00
15 g oral Amanitas (dried)
  T+ 0:15 10 g oral Mushrooms (fresh)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
I and three other friends planned to trip on magic mushrooms. We decided to trip indoors because one of the guys had never experienced anything other than pot before. The same day someone offered me fly agaric I decided to have a go even though I knew some of the dangers concerned with it. I ingested about 15 grams (dry) fly agaric. After 15 min. no affect was felt and I decided to ingest 10 grams colombian magic mushrooms (fresh). I was really curious about mixing muscimol, ibotenic acid found in fly agaric and psilocybin found in the colombians.

30 min. have passed and I start to feel “weightless”. One hour has passed and I am starting to trip intensely. The visuals I was getting where like never seen before, and I have experience with up to 80 grams of fresh colombian mushrooms. Soft colors where flowing like clouds, like I could reach and touch them with my hands. At this point talking to others was getting harder. The interesting thing was that my other three mates took only colombian shrooms and they all seemed to `understand` each other. After about 10 min. I felt the urge to push myself even further away and decided to smoke pot.

We sparked up a joint and everyone took a fair amount of tokes. I started having intense hallucinations. Walls where bending forward and backwards like jelly, small objects appeared big and others constantly changed shapes. It felt like a door in my mind has just opened and I started thinking about my life and personal issues while the others were having a bit of conversation. I started feeling mild nausea and cold sweating especially on my palms. I felt a wonderful joy when smoking tobacco. I could feel the smoke entering my lungs like my whole body became very sensitive to it. A 2c-b like feeling of euphoria and nervousness kicked in. The others decided to smoke 2 more joints and again, I took my fair amount of tokes.

More than 2 hours have passed since I ingested the mushrooms. The last two joints have pushed the hallucinations to pure madness and weirdness. One of my friends turns off the lights and puts on some nice psychedelic trance with winamp visualizations on the computer screen. Objects are changing proportions and behaviour. Some melt away with others. It was very interesting that for example a wooden chair will just blend and in a way melt in with a wooden table.

I can hardly communicate with my friends. I am lying in the bed just looking around in the room. Because of the nausea and the cold sweat I started having these muscle spasms, like my legs and arms would just twitch. I covered myself with a blanket. The first timer starts to panic and he is saying that there is no point in life. He tells us that he is dying and he wants us to call his parents. I try to calm him down and explain that the `ego death` experience is normal but I just can’t seem to get even a word right. The words coming out of my mouth sound really weird. Some stretch and sound longer, some are louder and some have very low/high pitch. I decide that I can’t help my friend and leave it to the others.

About three hours have passed and I am totally out of this world. I can hardly recognise my friends. Their faces are expanding like air balloons, some being hilarious and some being scary. I felt the dream state taking over my mind and even crazier hallucinations appeared. The winamp visualizations where coming out of the screen and just moving in front of my face. I could see them on the walls and the floor, like I was in the middle of them. It felt like I can smell the different colors. Nothing made sense. Objects were talking to me. Voices were having conversations in my mind and I was just listening to them.

I was reborn in a new world. I felt really secure in the spot I was tripping, covered with a blanket. It was like my castle and as long as I was there the trip was gonna be a good one. I light up a cigarette and look at it. It is bending, my arm is bending. When I touched my face it felt like it wasn’t mine. About 3 hours and a half have passed since ingesting. It feels like a decade. I have analysed thousands of questions about myself as a person. My mind starts to feel separated from my body. I felt like I was in the room but above my body and I was looking at myself from a weird point of view. I could feel the connection between my body and my mind like never before.

Thoughts are flowing through my brain like water through a fountain. Slowly my mind starts looping on the question “Who am I?”. I can feel the trip going bad and try my best to relax and calm down but find it really hard. I feel like I don’t know myself, I feel like a stranger to my mind. I know this sounds really weird but there is no way to express it with words, it really has to be experienced mentally. I have lost track of time but positively got past the loop stage. I feel like I just let myself go off a cliff edge but instead of falling down into a black hole, I fall into a new world. I am trying to communicate with the others. Gibberish is coming out of my mouth, like I can’t control it. I try to share my experience with others but feel that I am on a very different level to them. I felt like the doors of the universe were open to me and all the knowledge in it was available to my mind.

The hallucinations are still very strong and I can’t feel my body. All I can feel is my mind, like my mind is a living thing. I felt godlike, so strong and so secure. The funny thing is that the better I felt the more evil thought got into me. Like I could feel the mad rage build up in me. I burst out laughing. I can feel the evil in my laughs and I can’t control them. I tried to focus on things like love and friendship which really helped me to stay calm and not think about violence. After about 7 hours the most of the effect worn off and I `returned` to my physical body. Now I was able to feel my flesh and it felt damn good to be back and alive. My brain was tired and I was feeling sleepy and exhausted. After a good night sleep I woke up and gave some thought about the experience. I could feel a lot of positive energy like and my mood was more than excellent.

I have to say this trip took me out of this world and showed me just a glimpse of what lies behind the universe. It made me realise a lot of things about life. It showed me I lived well so far and it was worth it. Even if I died on the spot, I shall die happy and with no regrets. There were also a lot of spiritual thoughts about it. In general I felt connected to life. When the trip ended and I was back to normal I felt like I have just returned from a journey beyond this world. It made me see that life is not just about our daily schedules. It also brought up memories from my childhood. Memories that I have never recalled before. It made me feel alive and ready for new adventures in my life.

Will I do it again? For now I don’t think it will be a wise idea to open any new doors. I feel that I saw a lot and I need some time before all the ideas sink inside my mind.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42000
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 9, 2007Views: 24,403
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Mushrooms (39), Amanitas (5) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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