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The Floyd House
Mushrooms - P. semilanceata
by Odie
Citation:   Odie. "The Floyd House: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (exp42215)". Aug 12, 2007.

100 caps oral Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (dried)


The Floyd House.

We had the whole house and night to ourselves. There was a whole house full of people who were on nothing but LSD and/or Mushrooms. Every light was off, Every window was covered. Nothing but Candles flckering vibrantly and the distant screams of peoples souls breaking and minds expanding. Nothing but Pink Floyd played in the house that night.

It was about 7:30pm when everyone was after consuming there Phycadellics. I ate about 100 Newfoundland Liberty Caps. Which I believe are one of the most potent shrooms around. We hung around the house chatting and laughing for about30 minutes when untill everyone realized what has kicked in.

The Candles were lit. The Lights went off. The Music was turned on.

I sat as comfortable as I could on the couch in the basement letting my mind flow like a leaf going down a river, thoughts past me by, friends, life, peoples face's, I slowly felt a tingle in my legs and a chill go up my spine. The music took ahold of me, many different patterns and colors flowed by my eyes, and around peoples faces. For each different note of music a diffirent color or pattern would be created.

Then all of a sudden it stopped. A friend tapped me on the shoulder and whisperd to me to wonder if I wanted to go on a short walk through the park that was just down the road. As I walked up stairs, I found it difficult to find my own shoes, some were too big, some were to tight, none looked like mine, every design was different and kept changing. Soon enough I just grabbed any pair that would fit and went on the walk.

The wind was blowing so softly, and the air was perfect. Not cold, nor too warm. We walked through paths, and through trees, Where, I felt as if I was an ant. The Trees grew hundreds of feet tall, and I didn't feel superior anymore, A little bit of paranoia maybe? But thats what I love about shrooms. The feeling of awareness.
We got to a bridge where the water was roaring so loud, so strong, it was so powerfull. It was just the night before were we had a huge rainstorm so of course the river would be rushing like mad. We stood there in amazement from the river, and the salmon jumping up it. As well as the lights from the hospital across the street, peering through the trees that were divinding us from civilization and our own world.

We could feel the air the river was pushing shaking the bridge. Every now and again, I would feel a blast of energy go straight through me. I could tell it was just the mushrooms comming on stronger. I wasn't even peaking yet, and I could tell it was the most intense trip I was going to have. We smoked a joint and I could tell the joint had a huge affect on my visuals and just the all around feeling through out my body. It hit me so hard I had to go sit down on a bank and brace myself for everything that was just happening, decision making was the hardest, we had everything to go, everywhere to go but we could decide. Everything confused me, it put a fear in my eye which made my mind race so fast.

All I could think about was getting back into the Floyd Room. I left the park. My friends decided to stay there and wander abit more, I walked towards my friends house, as there was still alot of people inside tripping out, Im on my way up the street, I can feel it comming on stronger and stronger, it felt as if It(The House) was calling out to me. I was at a part in the street where there is a long chainlink fence next to me, that looked like it stretched for miles.

I finally reach the house, I get in kick off my shoes, and then I'm greeted by two people with a plate of shrooms, they ask me to divide it for them, and at this point my mind was in a world of its own, people didn't look like people, objects took on images of in releif. I mash my hand in the middle of them and make two sperate piles, which I have no idea are equal or not. I was tripping mad.

I rush to the basement with a smirk on my face and I crash to the floor besides a couple of my friends. Probably some of the ones I enjoy doing shrooms with the most. We sit, listening to Pink Floyd. I lay down catch my breath and hall out a pack of matches, every now and again someone would light a match or flick a lighter for some affect. I lit acouple and just studied the flame to such a extent, from the scrapping off the flint on the side, to the chemicals reacting to cause a flame to the burnigng, the smoke, the demise of the flame, and nothing left but a chared skinny stick. It amazed me. Made me think of all the things mankind has created and discovered, as well as destroyed and totally ignored/shruged off.

I lay down on my back staring up into nothing but pure blackness with the strumming of a bass, the whaling of a guitar the screams, and the hums, and the distorted voices, and just The Noise.

I found the inner peace I knew I'd need to find that night to survive. I felt as if my mind matured, as if I had a life bar, and I added on an extra stat or two. It was refreshing. I felt I could do anything, as if I was invincible. I pictured myself doing backflips from thehighest objects, me with my girlfriend having the time of our life laughing, spinning, and just being happy.

I then sat up, rather quickly because I was so amazed at how good I felt, about myself, and everything and everyone around me. I let a match and held it up high then slowly put it towards the ground, moved in closer to examine it, and I just sat, about 1 inch away from the flame watching it play tricks with my mind, flashing and flickering. The music still flowing around me, making my trip more and more enjoyable and intense. Then, Bang!

I hear thumping like someone running down stairs as quick as they can, and then someone screaming as loud as they can. Then around the corner comes in one of my good friends with sparklers in his hand running in and out in circles, screaming. He destroyed everything, my reality, my state of mind. But I loved it! It made me laugh, and smile how he was having fun and tripping out just like me. I could hear people breathing in so deeply and letting out like they just seen a ghost or people sometimes screaming once they feel that urge that they can't take it anymore.

I giggle, and play tricks on a friend sitting next to me, I whisper his name, and I see him looking around and then laughing thinking its the shrooms, I do it again a couple of times untill he notices its me. It was pretty fun. Then the song that would be the theme for the whole night in the end. 'Atom Heart Mother' I explored my mind, my most deepest thoughts, I began to feel as if I wasn't me, and we lived life as something completely different than human beings.

A thought that was passing by me, and that stuck with me for a moment, I felt as if I was a ball of energy, as well as all my friends. I felt this so strongly it felt like it was real, like we went this whole lifetime as nothing but balls of energy and colors. I can't exactly explain what I seen, but it was like each ball of energy that was my friend, had their face on it, and that ball of energy was destroyed each and everytime they blinked. I felt life was going quick. Everytime I open my eyes I was reborn to a new source of energy, just rolling through this whole feild of energy. and I blink, and it felt as if it was over.

Untill, my eyes reopened. I then snaped out of it once, another friend that was in the same room halls out a can of hairspray without anyone knowing, and lights a match, and sprays it into the air creating a Dragon I like to call it.

The flame was so bright, It roared like thunder and just made everyones pupils dialate. I noticed this once it happend. It was a moving moment. Each persons Body reaction to this Dragon that flew out of its magical lamp to make you think thats whats not there is, and making the things that are there totally take on the charaistics of anything your mind could or couldn't wrap it's self around, But in a split second it was gone.

Once the playlist was over, and the lights came on, it was only 12:00am It felt as if it should be 4:00am and we should be waiting for the sun to rise. Instead some of us headed upstairs which we watched 'Darkside of the Rainbow' Where you play Darkside of the moon by Pink Floyd In Sync with The Wizard of Oz. It was so trippy, and the music flowd with the movie so perfectly, it was as if this is the way it was meant to be watched. Once that passed by We put on 'The Wall' by Pink Floyd as well. All I could think was 'Woah', The Images created in that film blew my mind. The Dancing Flowers, The unusual creatures and masks, and monsters, that were incorporated in it was perfect. A Movie I would recomend to anyone who is going to take any type of phycadellic.

We then, stayed up and watched the Sun Rise, It was beautiful. This was the conclusion to my trip. The most beautiful, mystic, and Inspiring Mushroom trip I or anyone could ask for. Mushrooms are the pathway to the unknown. Wether it be a beautiful emerald green sea, or a devestating black pit of horror. Each trip created by mushrooms is one to remember, Something I could never take for granted such, tiny organisms that can defend themselves to a state to put the creature who is harming them in total chaos and insanity.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 42215
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 12, 2007Views: 14,923
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Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (90) : Music Discussion (22), General (1), Large Group (10+) (19)

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