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Thanks for Being a Dumbass
Mushrooms - P. subaeruginosa
by Re
Citation:   Re. "Thanks for Being a Dumbass: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. subaeruginosa (exp42913)". Jul 4, 2007.

25 caps oral Mushrooms - P. subaeruginosa (fresh)
Myself and a friend tried mushrooms for the first time, we headed to my girlfriends house as she was going to sit for us at 12:20 we made our self’s a shroom and peanut sandwich each and munched down. Hrmm didn’t taste to bad. We started playing Cards to past the time on the come up, within 30 minutes my friend was already changing the suit to “queens” so it looked like it was starting to kick in.

It’s the strangest feeling ever on the way up. It felt as if my sense of time was being ripped apart and thrown around like some dogs chew toy. I slowly ate more over the next hour or so as things were starting to kick in. I felt normal but at the same totally different. The world had opened up, in my head I felt as if I could see twice as much as what was there, but it was all still the same?? So out of place and twisted around my thoughts would fly around and collide with each other sending memories off into the darkness of my mind. Things were starting to change. Everything still looked the same but it all had a different feel to it.

My mind was active with 30 different thoughts and ideas at once, each one having to wait in a queue for a matter of seconds until I was able to reach it and think about it. Within the first hours of coming up I learnt the creation of numbers and letters. From the dawn of creation right up until that second. I knew it all. Oh wait. Hang on, what was I thinking about? Something to do with letters or something? Argh. It was gone. These thoughts and new understandings learnt over again were blowing my mind. I arrived at a place where there was no emotion. I wasn’t liking it or hating it and it didn’t matter as for me emotion didn’t exist, just pure blankness covered my senses. We waited for what seemed like forever for the next events to come. We were sure there had to be something more to this then just being a fool with weird vision, waiting for what seemed like forever.

We sat around listening to Pink Floyd eating mushrooms. By this stage I had forgotten how to eat so I just sat on the ground trying to push mushrooms down my throat. It was fucked up. I knew there was a thing called eating but I just didn’t know how to do it. The paintings in my girlfriend’s house started to look a whole lot cooler. I parked my bum down in front of one and within a few seconds the colours slowly started to change going front bright to dark and swimming around with each other. Damn it looked amazing, in fact everything looked amazing and everything sounded amazing. Jokes were magical, the humour I saw in the world was blowing my mind, whoever invented the world was a funny funny person. There are so many hidden humorous things that can only really been seen once in a altered state.

I went and grabbed a pen and paper. Things were starting to get really interesting. I was going to Draw my mate a picture of that the mushroom had just said to me. I headed out into the other room where my girlfriend was watching a movie, I asked her if she was able to get me some paper, once back I got down to work. I must of taken me 30 minutes to draw as my mind was starting to go off and loop around with 1000 thoughts which disappeared as soon as I had thought of them, only to reappear pretending to be new thoughts only a matter of moments latter. The picture ended up as Mr Shroomson with a speech bubble saying “Hey you are a cool guy.” Now this might not sound very interesting but at that moment in time it was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Just the addiction of minor details sent it off into levels of gold humour I never knew existed. Oh shit I was getting wasted hard at this point. Everything was way too funny, the thought loops I was going through started to get more extreme and fast. My mind would want to slow down and concentrate on something like a chair but at the same time fly off to the end of the universe and find some little secrets to tell me, only to make me forget in at the very moment it was inside my head. My legs were dead. No way I would be able to stand up for much longer so I fell to the ground in a fit of laughter. Oh man falling down was funny, in fact laughing was funny, so I would laugh at that.

As I lay on the ground giggling like a school girl the bits of dirt and dust started to go into uniform lines and start lighting themselves up like Christmas lights. Wow that was pretty interesting. Then within a matter of seconds the carpet would line up in uniform lines as well and then dance around with 1000 patterns moving and turning every moment into something more magical then before. That shit was funny so I laughed and laughed. At this point I was laughing so hard I was forgetting to breath and fuck that was funny so I laughed more and more. Convulsion on the ground I rolled around laughing the most amazing laugh I have ever felt. I thought this laugh would kill me and I just found that to be more funny.

Next things started to change colour and shape. Oh wow. I forgot the ceiling was blue. Oh wait, no its red, oh hang on, ahh god. The room was alive with colour every second changing shape and colour into something totally new. All the while being covered with the most amazing patterns the world had ever created. Millions of shapes and designs flowed around the walls and covered everything I saw. The world was changing colour at the same time with the music that had now totally controlled everything we felt.

This went on for a while until I could no longer see the room, just colour and patterns. I was in love. Never before had I been so amazed. I wasn’t scared only shocked at what beautiful creation was in front of my vision. It was safe to say my friend was freaking out, I had ended up eating a lot more mushrooms then he did over the day. I managed to hold onto my laughter for a second, I got up and walked out to talk to my girlfriend, I sat down next to her I thanked her for sitting for us, amazing words flowed through my mind I tried my hardest to make out something that would really show how much this meant to me. I came out with “Thanks for being a dumbass” no idea where it came from but it did. After saying sorry 100 times I went back into the other room where I burst out laughing even harder then ever before, this was great everything rocked and saying that to the girl I loved just made it all so much funnier

I was loving the music, at one point I started to do a beat box, holy shit it was the most amazing thing I had ever heard. The most beautiful sound in the world! and I had created it! I could see the notes fly out and go around the room creating new sounds as the bumped into each other. I danced around in a world filled with colour and patterns while my own song was leading the way into total bliss. I was able to grab the sounds out of the air and plus them together, each time grabbing one I got a part of my vision with it as well. Dragging colours over the top of each other in a kind of metallic soup.

This trip was going forever, where had I been for the past 100 years? In this room? Is this even a room? 1000 years? 100000 years? Where was I? This was crazy. Things started to slow down and I was able to see again without the colours flushing out my vision. I looked outside into a world where everything was connected. As I looked I took a breath, I felt it move in side me and mix with my body in a way I never knew before. I was the world and the world was me. The mushrooms were talking to me now, telling me the most amazing things. How the universe was created and how it grew.

But I wasn’t allowed to hold onto these thoughts. The mushrooms had given me the answers creation, but only for a tiny moment. They do not like others to know about what they know. I think they only tell these things as a sign of there magnitude and power. I was unable to tell turk about things I saw, my lips just couldn’t make the sounds. As I talked to the mushrooms and asked them if I could please tell my friend about the tree that turned into a cat they said no, and with that no they messed my head up in some way that I can’t remember now but it was harsh and mean. They aren’t very nice mushrooms sometimes, they want everything to be only between u and them.

Looking back now I know I took way too many, even though it was the most fun I have ever had it really smacked me down and messed my head around. I will do it again very soon for sure.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42913
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 4, 2007Views: 6,069
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