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Watching Imaginary Television
by Pixl
Citation:   Pixl. "Watching Imaginary Television: An Experience with Datura (exp44486)". Sep 1, 2006.

3 flowers oral Datura (tea)


This is my second trip on Datura, the last one was with a smaller dose. This was one of these days when I was really bored and was searching for some adventures. Last time I tried Datura I told myself to never touch it again, but, I couldn't hold myself.

Wednesday July 6th 2005

14:30 Made tea from three flowers of Datura Fastuosa. This resulted in dark blue extremely bitter liquid. I drank half of the glass by now along with orange juice to kill the awful taste and I feel a little sleepy and dizzy. Well I'm not tripping yet cause I can still type. Listening to 'Digitally Imported - Goa/Trance'. My cable TV is not working unfortunately.

14:45 Reading, feeling sleepy.

14:55 Drank most of the half liter cup with a bit left at the bottom. Gonna see if anything is gonna happen.

15:21 This flying feeling. One eye tries to look up, the other down. General dizziness and difficulties to walk. Sitting and playing enemy territory. Getting a slight dry mouth and hot and dry skin. Well, we'll see if it gets more exciting. Now I have taken the whole cup of that blue tea.

15:38 Getting very unpleasant. Getting the dry mouth and dizziness became worse. My heart is beating extremely fast like 160/min. At this point I went to sleep. Once I closed my eye I instantly drifted away into a dream world. I remember meeting my old friends, having sex with a gorgeous chick and I also remember my sister come to by room with a big box of some expensive chocolate. Then I would occasionally wake up and realise that all these things were not real. That was quite a frustration for me every time it happened. Datura makes it impossible to resist this sleep.

21:00 Woke up and the effects seemed to fade out slowly. My heart is back to normal. My pupils look like two giant back holes and I have problems reading from the computer screen while writing this. I still see things and hear things like small glitches. I constantly keep hearing my mom calling my name, even though she is in a different town right now. As soon as I consciously realise that these hallucinations are not real, they disappear - except for a 'jumping pencils in a cup' thing. When I look at the pencils they just continue moving up and down, left to right doing a banana dance (like in peanutbutter-jelly-time flash cartoon).

The monitor seems to be a bit alive as well. I'm also feeling a bit dizzy. The hallucinations are getting kina annoying, cause everywhere I look I see either some flickering and pulsations, or an object that does not exist, or a sound. My whole body is dry and especially my hair cause it feels like dried hay when I brush my fingers through it. I guess this the last time I'm using Datura. I use it again only if I'm really bored or if I forget all the unpleasant side effects of this plant. At least I know what it feels like to be schizophrenic.

The next day: feeling great, however still a bit detached. I still don't really pay attention to things and I feel like I'm half dreaming or something. Then as soon as I hear some sudden noise I'd wake up for a moment then drift away again. During the night cotton mouth has disappeared and I was only seeing and hearing stuff. Lots of times I got the idea that I was watching TV, but then I'd open my eyes and discover that the TV is not even on.

I clearly remember watching some nature program on discovery and then a song contest on some Arabic channel, but that was 100% hallucinations because our cable TV was down for repairs since yesterday morning and only went back online today morning. I also remember eating a tomato and then while it was in my hand I thought it was a TV remote and I tried switching channels with it (with my eyes closed and the TV not even on).

I also remember that my mom was at home and making food, but then again as soon as I opened my eyes I discovered that I was just laying on my couch in a dark apartment. Then I decided that I'd not open my eyes next time I realise that they're closed and just continue dreaming. That worked rather good for a while until I fell asleep for real. About four in the morning I still had difficulties to walk but now everything is rather fine (13:00 the next day). This was definitely my strongest datura trip but it wasn't strong enough to totally knock me out of reality. Not as if I want it to happen either. I was rather in control of myself during the trip, which is a good thing. Datura would be my favorite drug if not all of its side effects.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 44486
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 1, 2006Views: 18,383
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Datura (15) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Difficult Experiences (5)

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