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Extraordinary Did Happen
Mushrooms - P. Cubensis & Cannabis
by Along
Citation:   Along. "Extraordinary Did Happen: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. Cubensis & Cannabis (exp45306)". Sep 28, 2007.

T+ 0:00
5.25 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
  T+ 0:45 1.5 g smoked Cannabis (plant material)


This was my first drug experience outside of alcohol and marijuana. It was with one friend with whom I am very close, and it was his first time outside of alcohol/marijuana as well. We are both very interested in psychedelia, and decided to give mushrooms a try. We bought 1/4 of actual mushrooms and 1/8th of powdered mushrooms, all psilocybin cubensis. We had eaten dinner the previous night at about 6:00pm and did not eat until the mushrooms. At about 11:00am, on a beautiful day, inside my house, we ate our respective 1/8ths of mushrooms, (chewed for a very long time before swallowing), and drank the glasses of orange juice which had 1/16th of powdered mushrooms stirred into it. We had researched a lot before this day, and realized that this was a high dose on an empty stomach. We were interested in experiencing something extraordinary. Extraordinary did happen: as did unexpected.

Pre-ingestion description:
Beautiful sunny day, beautiful home to ourselves. Mindset was anxious and excited, both in a very positive way. We had been planning this for a while and as I said before, had done our fair share of research, so we had a very very basic idea of what to expect. We dimmed the lights and lit some incense and turned on some Debussy.

11:00am: We ate the mushrooms and drank our mushroom'd vitamin C concotions.

11:30am: No effects.

11:45:am: No effects, smoked 1.5 grams of marijuana out of our bong.

11:50am: Marijuana starts kicking in, feels just like when we normally smoke. We decided to take a walk. I live on a very high up hill, although none of it is very steep - it's just a long paved road that curves down, amidst very dense forest.

12:00pm: We get to the bottom of the hill, high as usual - but something starts to feel different. We see a man in a pickup truck who had just pulled out of a driveway. He tells us that there's another truck pulling out of the next driveway, and to watch ourselves. Only, I watched his jaw move, but heard the most bizarre alien language dripping from his mouth. It was like nothing I had ever heard before, but I decided to ignore it and hike on. The sun was shining radiantly off every single leaf of every single tree, colors were jumping out harmlessly and warmly. We were about a mile away from my house at this point.

12:45pm We get to my old elementary school about 2 miles away from my house. Something starts to feel very strange, as if the pavement is becoming a series of perfect curves. We see dragonflies flying in this tight cubic formation, a sight that is awesome to see while not under the influence of any drug: it was incredible to behold at this point, so that we had to stop and watch for a while. The feeling of the road turning into sine curves persists and grows stronger, I turn to my friend and announce 'We have to go home.' I can see the agreement in his face, and we both turn about and start walking home. Strange goings on begin to happen in waves, like a tree would uproot itself, and then a period of going back to normal. It was like a stuttering introduction into the hallucination part of our trip. The environment around us becomes stranger by the second, but we are still planted in reality, on earth.

1:15pm We are walking very quickly back home now, jogging, a little anxious. My friend up ahead starts laughing, and I realize that things can be pretty funny too. I immediately become euphoric and very happy and content with running home, which was a very welcome change from the nervous and scared speedwalking that we were doing before. At one point we were laughing and practically sprinting, while mailboxes fell into the ground and the road flew around curves at impossible angles. We luckily only encountered a single person on the way back home: we were very very out of the ordinary and our behaviour would have probably meritted some sort of call, although it felt proper at the time.

After we get closer to my house, the giddiness starts to fade. I remember very well trying to put my key into the lock to no avail, as the key was twisting away from the hole and I ended up scratching the door up very badly. After a few minutes I finally unlocked the door and threw off my shirt, as I was feeling overwhelmingly hot. My friend made a beeline for a very large and comfy chair, and I made one for the couch. I lied down and began writhing like mad: I felt like I was becoming posessed.

2:00pm (the last time that I looked at a clock). I get up off the couch, and start pacing around the house madly. My friend is silently watching me, I begin to slam doors and yell nonsense. I felt very mildly nauseous physically, but began to hurtle into insanity at an alarming rate. I was hyperventilating at this point, and my whole body was completely red. I stripped down to my underwear and tried to dive into my refridgerator, and poured water all over my face but I felt like I couldn't drink any. I went through a huge amount of water but about 80% of it ended up on the floor. I was shaking and twitching at this point: Things were going badly. I started trying to drink the water that I spilled onto the hardwood floor, which was a lot easier than from the little hole in the jug. At some point I picked up a telephone hoping to call a friend or 911 or something, but the dial tone took on a horrifying siren noise, and I threw it onto the counter, unable to make any sense of it. I started saying 'This isn't how I am supposed to happen.'

My friend was sitting in the chair in the same position that he was in a while before. I began asking him if he was OK, over and over - the conversation went like this, many times: Me: Are you OK? Him: I'm Ok, are you OK? Me: I'm not OK, are you OK? I was panting this to him at this point, and even started taking over his lines - it was like this converstion was embedded on the tip of my tongue and I kept spitting it out over and over. I got back onto the couch and started convulsing horribly, but very quickly, it passed.

Instantly, a wave of tranquility swept past me - I ceased struggle. I realized that there was absolutely no point in fighting the monolithic power that lied in the amount of mushrooms that I had taken, and I made a conscious decision to give myself over peacefully to this drug. Thus began my journey into the unknown: I closed my eyes and my life ceased to exist. If somebody had given me a lethal injection at that point, I would not have known the difference. The next part is somewhat impossible to describe with language alone.

I became a spectator of the fabric that makes up The Things That Are and Aren't. Three dimensions instantly became a pathetic vehicle for my current version of existence, and time was introduced as a fourth dimension almost immediatley. I felt as if I were being pulled by a string that went through my belly and attached on my back, and I shrunk and grew infinitely: nearly everything that happened was either unimagineably large or reciprocally small. I was time and space. It is one thing to think about these things, but another to be them. Everything that happened came in sets of four pulses, although we did not listen to any music during the trip.

All concepts of man made things dissolved quickly - government, writing, language, clothing, medicine, and the majority of things we deal with in every day life, none of these things even existed, much less had any importance. The only things that held any bearing were love (for family, for friends, for yourself), and a huge concept of family - I felt closer to my parents than I had ever been in my life, and felt like it was incredibly important to start a family, although I was only 17 years old.

These visions were incredible and have stuck with me. After them, I was still yanked far away from reality with my eyes closed - dreary landscapes and bizarre noises were occuring, but I was back into 3 dimensions: noises echoed like mad, and I experience a blurring of senses. Smelling and hearing colors, feeling sounds, watching sounds, that sort of thing. I opened my eyes at one point, and my friend woke up roughly at the same time. I was still having tons of visual hallucinations and audio hallucinations, but the visionary state was over. I picked up some papers in my hand and closed my eyes again, and crumpled the papers over my right fist and started eating my left arm with my right fist. The roughness of the paper was shocking and very curious. After chewing my left arm off, everything calmed down a whole lot.

Things melted gently into each other and all the colors around my house were very soft and pleasant: I'm sure I would have loved to listen to some Pink Floyd but I didn't even think of it. I wandered about the house, and stared at my eye in the mirror for a long time, watching things stretch and contort. It was very peaceful and surreal. I took a shower, and was definitely coming down at this point. The effects started wearing off completely at around 9:00pm, and even then things were still leaving trails. We went out to get dinner, able to drive very proficiently at t+10.5 hours. Everything felt very clear and beautiful to me.

Although the onset was terrifying, the rest of the trip was either pleasant, exciting, eye-opening, or a mix of the 3. I would not take this experience back for the world. I am ashamed that I didn't bring a babysitter, but happy that I got through the whole thing without one.

This experience was in May, 2005.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45306
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 28, 2007Views: 15,959
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