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High Chapperall
Mushrooms - P. semilanceata, Cannabis, Tobacco & Datura
by Ferrelas
Citation:   Ferrelas. "High Chapperall: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. semilanceata, Cannabis, Tobacco & Datura (exp45414)". Erowid.org. Sep 19, 2007. erowid.org/exp/45414

1 cig. smoked Various (plant material)
  17 caps oral Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (tea)


The mushrooms in this report are 52 liberty caps (17/person).

When F & I arrived at E's house he had a present for us. This turned out to be a joint with tobacco, cannabis and datura that we smoked together. When we had finished it F left and E and I talked some and got the idea that we should grind the mushrooms. However this didn't go very well as the shrooms mostly got flat and didn't turn into a powder at all. They were not dry enough I think since we picked them the day before. Now the joint had started to take effect and we were laughing alot at mostly anything, though extra at our shrooms.

When F got back, he thinks that we should make tea from the shrooms instead and after some discussion we agree with him. So our beat up shrooms are put into a pot for boiling about a quarter or so. At this point E made dip and brought a bag of chips (crisps) that we later on had in the living room during all of the trip. After this we pour everything into a tea pot together with some tea supposed to taste 'gunsmoke and tar'. When everything was done we added some extra spice to the tea, saved the shrooms, and added some honey to them. Then we ate the shrooms and poured our tea into mugs that we took into the living room for consumption. At this point the effects from the joint had dissipated completely.

When we got to the living room we put on an episode of 'High Chapparall', a Swedish entertainment series were two comedians travel around the world and most often visit celebreties, and commence to drink the tea. The tea accualy tasted quite good and was easy to drink. When we were done with our first mug we poured the remaining tea and got about ½ mug each. When this too was consumed we had only to wait for the effects to come on and keep watching the show. At this point I also started a timer to keep track of how long it had been since we ingested the tea.

After approximately 15 mins F asks if anyone else is feeling anything yet. I get confused as to if it is yes or no and say something like: 'Yes... or no... the right answer in any case, the one you are supposed to say.'. Then E says, 'Bracket 'right answer' you mean.' and I agree with him and we laugh at it. A while later I can feel something in my lung and I tell the other that I agree to feeling the effects.

A while later I discover that I have alot of fun muscles in my face that are fun to play with and later on I also find it entertaining to move about arms and legs and this causes the others in the couch to wonder what I am doing, but I can't explain myself. I get enchanted by my cellphone and I think that it is totally fasinating to look at the timer and that it produces a cool effect when I move the cell towards and away from my face. Sometime around here the timer is stopped which is a bit sad but we managed anyway.

Now things get going and I hear the song 'Jag går och fiskar' (this is a sing in Swedish about going fishing and having a break from the monotonous lives we all lead). I understand that we have 'gone fishing'. About now the phone rings and we go to the kitchen to get it. I get to speak with the person at the other end and he tells me how to make crack, I tell him that we have gone fishing. When the episode of 'High Chapparall' we were watching is over E puts some music on. It sounds very strange and funny, partly because it was strange music but it didn't sound as strange the day after.

We lay in the sofa listening to music, talking and laughing. We are still comming up. Now I get the idea that watching a movie might be a good idea. After a short while of confusion E finds 'Fritz the Cat' and we watch at and have much fun doing so. Now E and I are quite high and laugh alot over mostly anything. We also have a hard time grasping that we are still comming up. In the middle of the movie E gets a strange idea and have to change film/music before it ends all of the time. Because of that we stop watching the movie and listen to music instead, which E changes all of the time.

Suddenly E and then F disappear from the living room. I'm going to find out where they went so I try to get out of the sofa. This proved to be no easy task and I mostly stumble around in the sofa falling over all of the time but after some time I manage to get down on the floor, but well there I couldn't remember how to stand up. After a somersault that almost ended in E's stereo I managed to remember how to do it properly. I found the others in the kitchen talking on the phone with the same person as before and I lay down on the floor next to the phone. I get the receiver and I'm told to describe what's going on. I can only tell him that it is like cannabis but better, bigger and beyond that. When I lie there on the floor looking up onto the ceiling I can feel how reality 'shifts' like it can do in optical illusions that have two pictures in one, and the floor becomes the ceiling and the ceiling becomes the floor. Now I lie on the 'ceiling' looking up into the 'floor', a very strange experience.

Now we're going back to the living room and when I get there I throw myself forwards into the living room for some reason. Afterwards I can't believe I did or why it didn't hurt, but in the middle of the experience it was cool. I was sailing through the air and landed flat on my stomach sliding a few feet, and that was kinda cool at the moment. We listen to music for a while and then when E turns the tv off to put on an LP with Beethoven everything gets very strange, this was because of the fact that reality disappeared when the light from the tv went out. E starts shouting that we should turn on the light so that he can turn on the LP but F and I firmly state that we can't 'cause the reality is gone. After some searching F finds the lamp and says that it is warm and wet. I too find it but I think that it is cool and dry.

After some fumbling we manage to get the light on and reality comes back. E turns on the LP rather quickly and starts searching for a part that we're going to listen to. I think that it sounds like he is 'zapping', a verb that in Swedish means to change channels quickly searching for something to watch or just for fun when watching tv. I turn off the lights and E lays down on the floor. Me and F lie on the couch listening. After a while the PL comes to an end and E starts fiddeling with it. A scratching noise comes from the speakers. 'That's the way paper sounds', E says. He asks if he has turned the LP over but no one really cares so he plays on. Then he proceeds to lie down. I realize that we are rather spoiled, since we can lie here in the living room, on shrooms, listening to a whole symphony orchestra. In the old days you had to go to a concert hall on shrooms if you wanted to listen to music then, and that was probably no easy task. After a while E stands up on his knees and starts waving his arms to the music, it looks funny.

We go to the kitchen and do something I don't really remember. Then I lie in front of E's fridge and he opens it and pours some milk on me, and that was the funniest thing that ever happened to me and I rolled around on the floor laughing. Then we went back to the living room. It was made apparent that E wanted to get us out of the kitchen because it was 'bad' and he poured milk on me to drive me out of it, didn't really get the desired effect. E also comments that his dog doesn't dare to be on the ground floor any more.

E goes to the bathroom and when he is done I get in there. At first I'm not sure if it is the bathroom so I ask E and he says that it is and I see it too when he turns on the light. When I'm sitting in the bathroom I find a comic book and in the begining of it there are some Russian. Having read some Russian I look a little extra at it and I realize that I accualy understand some of it. When I read on I get totally lost in the book and almost forget that there are a world outside it.

When I'm done I return to the living room where the others are and we conclude that the peak is over but there are still alot left. E tells us that he got visual distortions in the bathroom, the frame of the mirror was moving and it was very exiting to watch myself in the mirror. We watch 'High Chapparall' again and it is the episode with Fabio. I bore into all of the pillows in the sofa and lie there having a good time for the duration of the episode. We talk about what a nice and decent human being Fabio seems to be. Sometime during the episode I noticed that the chips and dip that seemed infinite earlier has decreased a good deal but there is still alot left. I think that the trip feels the same way.

When we're done watching tv I want to explore the kitchen during the comming down. We do that for a while and then F finds some small fire crackers that he lights inside. E takes the box from him and take them out to play some with them. I didn't like the idea but the others didn't listen. After a while E gets the great idea that we can light all of them at the same time. He snaps one of them on the middle, puts it among the fuses of the other fire crackers, light it and run. Then there were a big flame from the box and a second later there are detonating fire crackers flying in all directions. Then E goes into his fireworks storage that was pretty well filled and get some kind of torch that burned with a coloured flame. He let it burn for a while and then he's going to urinate in it. I suddenly get the idea that it is dangerous because it has sodium in it. I try to stop him but he ignores me. He then tried to shoot it away with a broom, at first he misses, proclaiming that he was just practicing but then he sucseedes. He then proceeds and throws the broom away.

After this adventure we went back in and think that we should clean up and then make some food, which everyone thought sounded like a good idea. E turns on the light and say something about us having defiled his parents home. He takes out a vaccum cleaner and orders me to take out some dishes into the kithcen. I obey and in the kitchen F is washing a frying pan, something which I always think that he does when he is high. When I return to the living room to get more dishes I understand that it isn't over yet because when I enter E stands in front of a mirror and he is vaccuming his own face. Then I laugh alot and then E starts vaccuming my face too and I laugh like a maniac but then we straighten up and finish cleaning.

Then E finds some food in the freezer and we decide to cook it. E puts some butter in the frying pan and then he just put the frozen food in too without waiting for the butter to melt. When he realizes his mistake he just tells us that it's supposed to be that way. We fried 6 eggs and E thought that they looked like pancakes and flipped them like you do a pancake. Though it was against better knowing the flipping succeded without any major accidents. Then we ate the food, but I was not that intressted in eating the food, though I was very thirsty so I downed 2 glasses of orange juice. I was very fascinated by the food. 'It's like small cubes of food you can build stuff with', I think I said. At this time E discovered an SMS that said: 'Shrooms is life. I've never felt this good.'

When we were done with the food we went to bed and watched a movie and fell asleep. I had wanted to have something to calm me down, preferably cannabis, when I was goig to sleep. The day after I was a bit tired but the was solved with a good nights sleep.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 45414
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Sep 19, 2007Views: 5,967
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Mushrooms - P. semilanceata (90) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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