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Beyond The Shulgin Scale
LSD, Mushrooms, Nitrous & Cannabis
Citation:   bluedolphin. "Beyond The Shulgin Scale: An Experience with LSD, Mushrooms, Nitrous & Cannabis (exp46863)". Nov 4, 2005.

1.5 hits oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  2.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
    repeated inhaled Nitrous Oxide (gas)
Note: I'm lazy today so I'm going to give a thumbnail sketch of most of the day so we can get to the GOOD parts

So, not so long ago I hosted one hell of a fun psychedelic party at some rich person's house who I was supposed to be house sitting.

I started off the day with 1.5 Alex Grey blotters. Nice. After a couple hours of peaking on the Alex Greys with a few close friends a bunch of kids showed up, all of whom had been heavily dosed on sugarcubes on the ride over. I don't know if these sugarcubes were LSD or DOB/DOI or what, but they appeared to be pretty heavily dosed. (I think it was 8 hits per sugarcube!)

Anyway once it got dark out everybody was pretty spun. Some people were shroomin, some were dosed, some were drinking heavily and blowing yayo off the skis that were hanging in the garage. I made a fire in the firepit and we got a bunch of lawn chairs and chilled around there, talking about random tripped out stuff and having a good time.

Then I noticed a car come up the driveway.... but I wasn't expecting any more guests this evening. Holy shit it's [name removed to protect identity]! How did he even find this place? Is that...... good lord that is a 50lb nitrous tank and now he is rolling it into the garage.

Of course nitrous tanks aren't free, but he said I could rent it from him and we'd work something out later. Pretty soon he had to go chill with his girlfriend and I was left in charge of the nitrous tank.

Now, being in charge of a nitrous tank is fun at first, because everyone gets to do mad nitrous. But, then it becomes a pain when I have to start cutting people off for the 3rd or 4th time in a row because I was only supposed to use like 1/4 of the tank and people were reeeeeeal slow to pitch in.

But whatever, I was in a good mood still tripping on the Alex Grey LSD. And plus I'd had a few balloons.

It was around this time, maybe 9:30pm, when we brewed the first of several large batches of mushroom tea. I took about 3 grams worth of mushroom tea for myself and sipped it over the course of about half an hour.

Now, I was worried the shrooms would either, 1) barely work because of tolerance built from LSD, or, 2) clash with the LSD and create some evil psychic creature.

What actually happened was that I transitioned from a nice LSD plateau to a beautiful +++ shroom trip. Well, that worked better than I expected! I, along with everyone at my awesome party, was having a fucking blast. Some kids were extremely spun on the very heavily dosed sugarcubes and I took it upon myself to make sure they weren't getting any bad vibes from some of my other friends who were drinking, doing coke, and talking trash.

Talking trash all in good fun, of course, but these particular friends of mine are practically immune to psychedelics and therefore don't understand how the workings of a heavily dosed mind.

The most heavily spun of all the partiers asked if he could borrow somebody's hat for a while..., I know *exactly* what it's like to really want a hat while tripping. In fact, I have had one particularly heavy trip where a hat really turned the whole thing around to a great trip. Nobody else would give him their hat but I gladly offered up mine, telling him I know exactly how it feels to be in his shoes.

Ganja was smoked throughout the night.

At perhaps 3:30am we were all still sitting fireside, occasionally playing drums, harmonica, guitar, and just chillin. Even though the nitrous tank had been 'cut off' hours ago, there wasn't much I could do to stop one of my best friends (who, in his mind, was 'guarding the tank' for me) from busting out the occasional round of balloons for everyone in his black-out drunk + coked up condition. Plus he ate an 8th of dank mushrooms which he claimed didn't affect him (and they probably didn't, he really is immune to psychedelic drugs, it's really weird).

In case you could care less about my sweet party and are interested in descriptions of intense psychedelic experiences, start reading from here.

Anyway he brought a fat balloon up to me. And knowing it was going to be the last balloon of the night I raged that far past the point of metallic wah-wah-wah world. It was like all of a sudden all the LSD and mushrooms I'd eaten that day hit me all at once, but 100x stronger. I've never smoked 5-MeO-DMT but I imagine it might be something like that.

Since I had done several balloons earlier in the night, I have no idea how this occured:

I was staring at the fire the whole time, and the flame became three dimensional and made of patterns. The rest of my vision went totally white. At first I thought, shit, I am gonna pass out, but I didn't. Instead the white part of my vision surrounding the 3-D rotating flame turned into bright red/yellow/orange extremely detailed patterns which took up my entire vision. I could see nothing else.

During this period I was fairly lucid, although I couldn't have spoken a word if I needed to. I could hear echoes in the distance which were clearly the people around me talking. Fortunately none of them were trying to talk to me during this period.

Slowly, the extremely vivid, full vision psychedelic patterning faded as outlines of the people sitting around me began to form. After another couple minutes my vision was back to normal and as soon as I felt confident enough to speak without spewing out complete nonsense I told everyone what I just experienced. They all seemed to think that was pretty damn intense although since they'd all been tripping and doing nitrous too they'd all had some pretty crazy experiences themselves.

Then I realized I still had 2/3 of the balloon left in my hand. So I went right back into nitrous space. This time, perhaps because I dilulted the balloon a little with my exhales, it was a little less intense, but still completely dissociative and like peaking on 7 grams of mushrooms at the same time.

After that whippit I decided I'd had enough drugs for the night. There was no way I could get any higher than that, so why try. In fact, I'll be impressed if I ever get that high again, ever.

So we rolled up a couple spliffs and passed them around.

By this point we were all extremely relaxed from having a long day of tripping and doing nitrous. The sun was starting to come up so I ate a couple milligrams of clonazepam, instructed people who were still pretty spun to watch over the fire until it burned out, and passed out like a champ.


The moral of the story is, I throw the best parties ever.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 46863
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 4, 2005Views: 18,086
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LSD (2), Mushrooms (39), Nitrous Oxide (40) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Large Group (10+) (19)

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