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Seizure Disaster
by Ben
Citation:   Ben. "Seizure Disaster: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp47103)". Oct 22, 2006.

  oral Mushrooms (dried)
My friend, who we'll call John and I have taken Psilocybin mushrooms in lower dosages several times before and have had experiences with LSD, salvia, and morning glory seeds. I have had a terrible trip on LSD and have since learned greatly how to turn a bad trip around (a lot harder the most people would expect). So a journey walking the streets of Austin tripping on mushrooms sounded like a wonderful idea for two well seasoned veterans of hallucinogens.

I at the time had only taken the mushrooms (2.5g-3g) while my friend was on Prozac (60mg) and Lithium (600mg), and the mushrooms (2.5-3g), the time of consumption was around 8pm-9pm. We started our trip out on a University campus and walked around, visited the turtle pond, the Student Union Building (where my trip began) and walked the drag.

We were having a great time, abundant laughter, smiles, and deep thoughts and perception shifts of understanding this world. We walked the drag and went into some arcades, talk about lost in translation. Lights and sounds exploded around me, people were watching at me laughing but I didn't mind, this was all too good. We walked back to John's apartment around 10pm where another friend, who we will call Mike, joined us to be our guide through the rest of our journey through the city.

In the apartment my friend Mike drank some Tequila with John. I tried to tell John that combining alcohol with the mushrooms is a very bad idea and can lead to a bad trip but he's done this all before and did not heed my warnings. So we began our journey at about 11pm walking down into the heart city. The plant life and the smells captured my attention, my trip was absolutely wonderful, the vibes of the city are incredibly peaceful and enjoyable.

My friend John was well into his trip too, we walked a good three miles with Mike as our guide, goofily laughing at everything. At about 11:30 pm John starts to say weird things. Incomplete sentences of blabber, I could tell his trip was hitting another tier, walking erratically and mumbling. His trip went right through the roof after about 10 minutes (11:40pm); we had to sit him down so a police officer would not approach us and proceed arrest us. He completely stopped speaking, his eyes were dilated beyond anything I've ever seen, and thatís where the hardest trip I've ever witnessed began, harder than any LSD or salvia experience I've witnessed. He completely blipped out of this universe, he was obviously not in control of his trip, and as many people who have experiences with hallucinogens know that this is a sure shot way for a bad trip to begin.

Mike and I held John's hand and tried to comfort him but he couldn't neither recognize us nor speak (11:55pm). In fact, he had not spoken in several minutes. He kept trying to get up and we had to sit him down multiple times, this where I began calling everyone I knew to come pick us up because in his condition the streets were possibly the worst place to be. Luckily I reached a friend and it was going to be about 10 minutes before he arrived. I at first did not realize how serious the situation had become seeing how I was completely tripping, but obviously not as hard as my friend, but I figured he was just having a really, really hard trip. All of a sudden John stopped breathing. He shut his mouth and looked forward, Mike freaked out and started telling him to breath, all of a sudden John started shaking heavily, his eyes rolled back with his eyelids open and was struggling to breath, drooling at about (12:00am, midnight). John was having a seizure. At this point, Mike was drunk and had no clue what to do.

We held him, and the seizure stopped his spit out some vomit and drool, his tongue was hanging out, but luckily he was breathing. So began one of the hardest decisions of my life. I felt a great trial had been laid against me and it was time to perform my duties and responsibilities to my friend and to myself, I could either fail and have the situation turn terrible, have my friend die, and me go to jail, or I could accept my fate, turn our trip around, and seek medical attention for my friend. I maintained composure, I accepted what was happening, and I proceeded to call 911 emergency. Talk about a true testament of will power and determination. The whole situation fed my trip immensely, but I was in control of my trip. EMS arrived at about 12:05 am, I won't lie, when Iím tripping, the noise and the lights is unreal.

Ambulance, three State Troopers had arrived along with a small EMS fire truck engine car. They blocked off traffic on one of the busiest streets in Austin, and I began my trial. At this point in my trip, I was not concerned about myself or my well being, although a trip to County Jail while tripping did not sound too pleasant, I was absorbed in my concern for my friend. In the back of my head my subconscious was telling me, Just Do It. Just Do It. Just Do It. So, I did it. I talked to EMS, I told the truth, and I said he had eaten Psilocybin mushrooms and that he had had some alcohol in his system and I mentioned the lithium.

They threw him in the ambulance, at this point I was worried that the ambulance was going to scare him, but he was completely unconscious and I realized how absolutely necessary it was to contact EMS. In time a State Trooper approached me, cops are quite funny when you are tripping, he said, 'I would tell you to quit that shit, but I'm not going to waste my time.' and walked off. That was the only involvement of Law Enforcement for the entire night.

I got in the car with Mike and my friend who had showed up right as the EMS did and we proceeded to the hospital. A City Emergency room on a Friday night at 1 am does not give good vibes. The whole situation was intense, it was extremely difficult to sit next to someone with stab wounds, drenched in blood, waiting to see if my friend was alive or going to be able to retain his sanity. The walls were even moving and the wheel chairs in the hospital had captured my attention for the moment. I had to step outside; the waiting room was giving terrible vibes.

Outside I sat down next to a gangster looking guy probably about 25, and I just felt the need to talk to someone. I said 'Tough shit eh?' and we proceeded to just talk, and of course avoiding discussing why we were there. It's funny how much a stranger can be a friend in that situation. This type of person I would normally never approach or engage in conversation but the moment and the trip had decided that it was right. It's interesting how similar all human beings are when I can see past a person's shell. When I can truly look into someone and see who they really are, and that they are just a human being like myself, struggling through this existence, together yet apart at the same time.

At about 12:50 am I was able to see John. I had no idea how his condition was and we had to go in one at a time, this was really hard for me. I did not want to be alone, tripping, in a hospital. At this point Mike was too stressed out and decided to go home, he had some work to do early in the morning anyways. So my other friend and I took turns visiting John. I went first, my trip decided that this was my trial and that I needed to see him first. I went in, and with the strongest sense of relief I have ever experienced I see John sitting upright in a stretcher with IV's in his arm, awake and sober. He did in fact have a seizure and a CAT scan had been done to see if his brain was damaged, which turned out okay.

I talked to the doctor who said it was likely the combination of the Psilocybin, Alcohol, and either the Prozac or the lithium. He was discharged at about 5 am, roughly when my trip was over and I was just feeling the vibes. A follow-up doctorís appointment had been scheduled and he was fine. John doesn't remember having the seizure but he does remember how out of control his trip had gotten. So ended one of the craziest nights of my life. I'm very thankful my friend lived and I'm sure he won't be taking any mushrooms for a while. Even through the whole experience I was in control, and I never let my trip turn bad, even in the hospital.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47103
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 22, 2006Views: 16,612
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