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Time Warps
Citation:   Flash Gordon. "Time Warps: An Experience with Peyote (exp47731)". May 10, 2006.

13 buttons oral Peyote (dried)
About six months ago a couple of my friends headed out to Rio Grande City to try and convice a couple of Indiands-who owned a peyote stand along the side of the road-to sell them about 40 buttons of freshly cut peyote. I had my doubts, and had plenty reason to have them. It was a poorly drawn up plan, and the drive was about an hour away. I didnt think they'd come back with anything. The very next day I asked them how it went, and I listened with a bemused 'i told you so' smirk on my face. They were robbed. Robbed by Indians. An old drunk Indian with a necklace made from bone had come out of the house behind the peyote stand and made threats with a 22. Apparently one of my friends was too white for their liking, but they managed to talk the Indian into 10 buttons for abour 40 bucks. Yeah, they were ripped off.

About a month later I decided to go with three of my friends on a second trip back to the peyote stand. This time we were greeted by two women who knew the Indian and snuck us a bag of about 50 dried buttons for 40 bucks. Score. The drive home was short; we were all excitied about the deal we had just struck. A friend of mine had to give one of the women the shirt off his back to complete the trade (a darkside of the moon shirt, if you were wondering). Two of us were 18, and the other two 17, so everyone had to clear it with their family, who were always curious to know where they'd be staying.

For reasons that kind of escape me, we choose my house. I was okay with the choice, after all, I did have 9 acres of trees, grasses, and fairly exotic plants around my yard, as well as a maze of orchrids right behind my house. Plenty of room to explore.

This would be my first experience with peyote. I had tried mushrooms, 2c-e, mda, mde, mdma, dxm, nitrous, marijuana, and salvia up until that point. I felt I'd be able to handle the mescaline inside these dried buttons, which resembled stale, rotten potatoe chips. Around 11:00 p.m we each seperated the buttons into four relatively equal piles. We each had 13 dried buttons that we began to chew in giant handfuls. I'm not exagerating when I say peyote is the most disgusting thing I ever tasted. I cringed. My face contorted; I felt like spitting everything right back up. Despite the warnings I had been given, I used water to wash everything down. I had to. The taste was so incredibly bitter that I felt suffocated by it. Here the peyote had already humbled me and the trip hadnt even started.

About an hour had gone by and we all started to feel sick. We went outside just incase we all started throwing up. We didnt want to wake my parents to the sound of 4 guys violently puking their insides out. We sat around a table with a sun carved in the center; it sat right agianst some bamboo trees and various types of plants. I started to notice that everything had a water colored look to it. Everything was painted so that the colors would run into each other. I tried to put on some music, but I couldnt enjoy any of the tracks, and I certainely didnt want to force anything. So I got sick of my cd player and tossed it aside in the grass and tried laying down to get rid of the churning inside my stomach.

I kept seeing light blues, purples, and tiny orbs when I closed my eyes. Their spinning only made me dizzy. Finally, I rolled over and puked. My friend did the same. After I relived the horrible taste of peyote for a second time, I found that I still didnt feel better. But over the next couple of mintutes, I felt good. We all went inside for a couple of minutes, the air outside was humid and making us sick. None of us could tell just how far gone we were, because we all felt pretty normal despite some small changes in the visual field. Soon we all started making jokes, and none of them were funny, but we laughed our asses off. Our jokes started making less and less sense, and we were vaguely aware of it, but the more deranged it got, the funnier it was. We decided to go back outside because all four of us felt crowded in my room. We sat at our sun table agian and continued our idiotic display. Is this what peyote did? Turn us into babbling morons?

Soon my friend turned really serious. Something was wrong with him, or maybe something was wrong with us. He started talking crazily, about something metaphysical, only he was too inarticulate to paint the picture. We were all confused. About this time another friend of mine had become depressed; he told me if we left him alone that he would eat a gun. We all decided to get out of that spot and take a walk. We covered so much area looking over different parts of my propertey, wandering around aimelessly until we got tired and went inside for a break. We had covered at least 9 acres, but when we got inside we were shocked to see that only ten minutes had gone by since we had been outside.

10 minutes? We were all freaked out. We knew we were out there for at least an hour or two, I mean, we had walked my etire propertey and had a conversation before we went walking. It was at this point I began to feel a flood of emotions. I couldnt decide which path to choose, which emotiont to feel. I felt everything all at once for no apparent reason. Confusion, happiness, hatred, love, uncomfortableness, sadness, I even felt stupid and enlightened at the same time. I later thought it would be for the best if I seperated myself for a while, while everyone was outside. I decided to try and listen to some music, so I looked for my cds the last place I thought I had seen them - in the kitchen. Now, I don't remember any of this but my friends told me they saw me from two large windows in my living room, running furiously back and forth inside the house. I remember walking, looking for my cds but apparently I had been sprinting. Everything outside had been slowed down to a crawl, and everything in my house was sped up. What a strange time warp.

As I headed outside, the wind picked up. I still felt strange and out of place, and my friends all ran inside. Except for the guy who continued talking incoherently, but eventually he went inside too. I layed down in the grass for some time, shifting from many unrelated thoughts, seeing strange symbols, and getting dizzy. I finally got up to a take a leak, and started thinking - what was so enlightning about peyote? It's just a confusing mess.

A weird time dilation that never stops; I feel I've been out here days and I've learned nothing. I started to feel like peyote was beneath me, and I even got a strange sense of confidence. But just then something shook violently in the bushes next to me, and something seemed to come out of them but I was already too far to see what it was. I didnt know I could react so quickly, and run so fast in just a couple of seconds.I couldnt think of what was in those bushes, because the bushes were relatively big and it would take a rather large dog to shake them.

Everything started to calm down as the night winded down. There was towo trips that night, one I experienced, and the ones my friends had. I was inside while they had been outside at opposite times. I later learned they had went inside because of bright white lights coming over my roof. They wouldnt elaborate and I didnt care to ask. The night was strange. Very strange. I kept feeling other peoples emotions, and I felt like there was something next to me the entire night. It seems silly, and it is silly. But I can't really explain the conviction I had.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47731
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 10, 2006Views: 38,947
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Peyote (42) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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