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THC Delivery Methods
by Kevin
Citation:   Kevin. "THC Delivery Methods: An Experience with Cannabis (exp4809)". Erowid.org. May 19, 2001. erowid.org/exp/4809


I can safely call myself a pothead. I'm not incredibly proud of the fact, since I never even thought of smoking cigarettes before I came to college. Since coming here, I've had tobacco, weed, DXM, and am interested in Ecstasy but can only get gelcaps (unidentifiable; bad idea with X). I have several experiences, from several implements (joints, crack pipes, glass pipes, a soapstone pipe, and a couple of bongs). It seems to be true that the effects, onset, and duration of THC depends not only on what type of weed you can get, how much total you've smoked, and how much you've smoked this time, but what you smoke out of. Here are a few of my more memorable experiences (never trips, unless I was on DXM as well) with what I smoked out of.

From a joint - I usually don't smoke joints, because they produce a lot of smoke and even with all the tricks you do, short of sealing the door with duct tape, you will be able to smell it outside of the room you're smoking it in, a sure way to get arrested for possession. The first joint I hit was 'El Paso Chronic' weed with two friends in their car. One of them got first hit ('greens'), the other one attacked it, and then it was passed to me. I took two hits off of it and didn't feel much for a long time. About 10 minutes after I took the first hit, I was beginning to feel the warmth that signals an approaching THC high. My mouth was moist, though, and my eyes, which are normally tomatoes after one or two hits, were white. It was a pleasant high, warm and fuzzy, with no nervous energy or twitching, but I needed more, so we sealed the dorm room and smoked three bowls out of a bong.

From a glass pipe - This was the implement of my first experience, but I was a little tipsy on two or three rapidly consumed beers, and only took two hits, so apart from a little warmth, I didn't notice anything that couldn't be attributed to alcohol. The first time I got high from a glass pipe, I was more experienced with weed but not enough to know better. :) I was laying in my bed, and three of my friends and me were passing a pipe of 'KB', getting about 4 or 5 good hits per pipe. This was potent, fresh stuff, and I was high in 5 minutes, which was the fastest onset thus far. One of my friends, who was new to this variety, started smiling ear to ear, and half-laughing, half-sighing. This behavior was contagious, and before long three of us were geeking out. The fourth guy was just sitting in a chair smiling at us. This experience taught me two things: even if you're an experienced smoker, smoke a new variety in moderation, and do something after getting high. We'd had about 5 bowls between the 4 of us, and just sat there feeling the effects and watching ourselves and each other, which probably triggered the geeking-out episode. Walking around or adding a few friends who hadn't smoked with us might have led to a different high.

From a crack pipe - I say crack pipe because I don't know anything else that will describe it. It's designed to be modular: parts can be screwed together to make different pipes, resinating chambers can be added and caps screwed onto the bowl. This one was simple, with a bowl going into a tube, and had never been used for anything but weed and tobacco. Myself and my roommate smoked about two bowls' worth of weed from this. (I wasn't sure of the variety; I didn't know there was a difference back then.) Once we stopped smoking, the effects started. It came on very hard, bypassing a warm fuzzy feeling and the sensation that parts of your face feel very tight and going straight for a state where I was filled with nervous energy and heat.

From a bong - This particular bong is a kit, which disassembles for cleaning, and requires two straws and a bottle. I took two hits of 'KB', about 10 cubic inches of dense smoke each. It was a smoking circle of 5 to 8 guys, with people coming in and leaving (made the guy who lived there pretty paranoid about someone smelling it). My high came on about 5 minutes after my first hit. I was warm, as always, but this high gave me an intense relaxed feeling, so much so that I couldn't help dozing. I consider getting sleepy as having too much too fast, and this was certainly the case here. I don't remember much of this one, other than being constantly shaken awake. Eventually, I headed back to my own room and fell asleep. Not one of my better experiences, but I have had excellent ones from this bong.

Here's another bong story: the night I smoked my first joint (the first story), while coming up, I remember wanting to pass the bong instead of hitting it. I've never been too stoned to hit the pipe, but I've wondered if it's worth wasting the weed when I'm already blazing. I was pleasantly warm, and in some places very hot, like my ears. I was filled with nervous energy, constantly shifting to feel the warmth from the increased blood flow to working muscles, or in reaction to something on the movie I was watching. After the movie ended, I was too stoned and moved to speak. I just sat there and looked at my friends, feeling like crying, but I didn't, either because I was too dehydrated or because I just wasn't 'there' yet. My vision was blurred and doubled, and it became difficult to focus on anything. My mind was completely occupied with my thoughts, and I couldn't concentrate. Eventually, I went to bed, not being able to do anything else.

From a weed pipe - This pipe is made of oiled soapstone by one of my friends, with a bowl measuring a quarter's diameter across (a quarter was used to snuff it to limit the amount of smoke going into the air). My friend packed a joint's worth of 'Columbian Red Hair' into it, another bowl about half the size on another pipe, and we passed them all around. After exhaling one hit from the soapstone pipe, I was already feeling the effects. This scared yet intrigued me. This was the first time that it hadn't taken 10 minutes for the effects to kick in. We sat back and watched the X-Men movie. As with all my other highs, my vision blurred, focusing my eyes took a few seconds, and it became hard to concentrate. I remember some scenes of the movie, and can remember in which order I saw them, but I couldn't figure out what was going on when I saw them, and don't remember much of the movie in between these scenes. Maybe it's just not a good movie. I hadn't seen it before, and have never seen it straight.

My tips for smoking weed are:
- Put a towel under the door and spray something like cologne around the door, use a pipe with a cap on it, and exhale through a blow tube to reduce the amount of free smoke and the smell of weed both in the room and outside the door.
- Febreeze and dryer sheets are your friend. Spray Febreeze on the towel and in the general area of the door, and a few sprays around the room. Stuff as many dryer fabric softener sheets as you can into a soda or water bottle with holes poked in the bottom and exhale the smoke through it to eliminate the smell.
- You're never too stoned to hit the pipe, but you may feel that way when it's passed to you. Don't test your limits too often; it's very expensive.
- Concentration while high is difficult. Your mind is going fast, but typing on a keyboard requires a lot of time to figure out what you're going to type and where the keys are. Reading, however, is easier, once you focus your eyes on the text.
- DON'T smoke if you have anything important to do for the next four hours that requires thinking. Going to a class stoned usually results in no notes.

Exp Year: 2000ExpID: 4809
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 19, 2001Views: 22,263
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