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Recommended Touched by God Kevin DMT 2019 Oct 02
The Wheel of Death Kevin Salvia divinorum (extract) 2018 Sep 06
A Fruitful Journey Kevin 2C-B 2013 Feb 22
Scary Trip Kevin Cannabis 2008 Mar 04
A Paranoia Hell Kevin 4-AcO-DMT 2021 Jun 21
A Trainwreck Kevin Mushrooms 2021 Feb 01
2g of Bliss the Energy of Joy Kevin Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2021 Jan 12
All About E Kevin MDMA (Ecstasy) 2020 Feb 14
Riding the Identity Roller Coaster Kevin Mushrooms - P. cyanescens & Cannabis 2019 Oct 03
My Consciousness Was Inside a Black Room kevin Ether 2018 Apr 30
Currently Through Working the Twelve Steps Kevin Methamphetamine 2018 Feb 17
Excellent Relaxing Experience Kevin Passion Flower 2010 Jan 08
My Favorite Trip Kevin 2C-E 2009 Feb 02
Potent Use Kevin Valerian 2006 May 30
Woozy With A Slight Headache Kevin Inhalants (Aerosol Engine Starter) & Rubber Cement 2005 Sep 21
Beware Heart Effects Kevin Tabernanthe iboga (whole root powder) 2005 Jul 28
The Manson Family Killed on This Plant Kevin Atropa belladonna 2002 Nov 10
THC Delivery Methods Kevin Cannabis 2001 May 19
How Mushrooms Cured My Panic Attacks Kevin Mushrooms - P. cubensis ('Amazonian') 2020 Feb 04
Stumbling and Gasping for Breath Kevin Nitrous Oxide 2019 Feb 27
Wild Times on DXM Kevin DXM 2001 Dec 22
Mild Results Kevin Delosperma cooperi 2018 Feb 19
Little Bit to Much Kevin Mushrooms - P. cubensis 2018 Feb 11
In Moderation kevin Kratom 2016 Sep 04
Body Tremors and Ear Popping Kevin 6-APB & Cannabis 2012 Nov 14

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