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A Window to Insanity
by p7
Citation:   p7. "A Window to Insanity: An Experience with Datura (exp48466)". Dec 16, 2007.

1 flower oral Datura (flowers)


After hearing my friends talk about there experiance with Jimson weed I figured I would like to be able to tell a story as crazy as them. I didnt know exactly what I was doing so I just ate one large ball (a little smaller than the size of a baseball), flesh, seeds, spikes and all. It was the most terrible tasting thing I have ever eaten in my life.

After about 10-15 mins or so I could feel almost like a hot poison was running through every bludvessel in my body and I started to feel a bit strange. It was getting to be late summer and the sun was going down and I had left my jacket at home so I decided to run back and get it, BIG mistake! Running caused my trip to excellerate and as I was running home there was a large silent vortex forming in the middle of the road, it was starting to swallow everything that was on the opposite side of the street. It was almost like the cars and buildings were painted on a big sheet of cloth and the vortex was pulling it down (kinda like the magic trick where you pull cloth out from under dishes) into the hole.

I cant remember getting to my house, but I do remember my mom finding me lying in the middle of the living room talking gibberish. Needless to say she freaked and took me to the hospital, I guess I had told her that I was shooting heroin into the ends of my toes. She had to help me to the car because I couldnt walk, and my mouth was soo dry it was painful. After I got in the passenger seat of my moms car, people I knew were appearing to me in the space between my legs under the dashboard. They were all curled up with there knees under their chins asking me where I was going, and soon as I would start to answer them they would vanish in a puff of silver sparkles. When I reached the hospital I couldnt remember my name anymore and I could just barely understand where I was, this was the beginning of the real intense hallucinations.

A lady and her kid were sitting across from me and my mom in the waiting room, at this point I was having severe audio hallucinations, I though there were people talking to me all the time but I couldnt really tell what they were saying. Every now and then I would yell 'WHAT!' at the lady and her kid; after yelling 'WHAT ARE YOU SAYING TO ME!' a couple of times she got freaked out and left. When it was our turn to see the nurse at the front desk I could no longer walk at all and I thought my mom was a fat man that ran a french fry wagon on the roof of the hospital. When the nurse began to ask my mom questions concerning my condition I would butt in loudly saying that this french fry guy should come over and meet my mom sometime cause they looked alot alike.

The next thing I remember is sitting on a hospital bed hooked up to heart machines, I kept thinking that the heart monitors stuck to my chest were someone's headphones and that I needed to return them. I wasnt very happy being in the hospital, that is to say when I wasnt hallucinating that I was elsewhere (note: visual and audio hallucinations were soo intense I could not decipher between them and reality, much of my reality was made up of these hallucinations) ie: partying with my friends, sailing my yacht down the streets of London, reading ancient books in enormous libraries. So when I was cognisant of the fact that I was in a hospital I was looking for ways to escape. I had noticed that there was a space where the walls didnt meet with the floor and I figured I could get out through there. My wife (at that time she was my girlfriend) said she cant remember how many times they had to drag me back onto the bed after finding me trying to leopard crawl my way through an imagenary space in the wall.

I remember one instance when I was sitting on the bed where I could hear a very loud rusty screeching noise. Out of the tops of my eyes I could se a garage door opening in my forehead. Once it was up and had retracted back into my skull, small black triangles started flying out of my head, 100s of them! I then looked over at my girlfriend and asked her why she was crying so much (at that point in time I couldnt remember her name and she appeared to be a fat balding man with a greenish atomic glow). Some time after that I met a friend for the first time that night which would stay with me for the remaining three days of my insanity. He was a small albino chihuaua with a large cheshire cat type smile and red eyes. He was always asking me if I wanted a smoke, but his mouth never moved and he was always smiling. Whenever he went off to find me smokes he would always return a couple of min later with a single duhmorier hanging out of his pointed tooth smile, the agravating thing was that everytime I would light one and take a drag it would immediately burn all the way down to the brown filter and the melt into hot orange wax all over my hand.

My memories of this trip are very fragmented, I can only recall certain things I had done in the three days that I forgot my name. I remember nurses asking me by name, 'Rob, do you remember your name?', and I would answer 'of course I dont, stop asking such stupid questions' One time my girlfriend was asked to bring me into the bathroom to help get a urine sample out of me, but when she went to help mister happy pants out of his house I smacked her hand away violently, thinking that it had been a hungry cat. I cant really remember leaving the hospital with my mom but I do remember that strange green fat man sitting beside me in the back seat crying his face off because I couldnt remember who he was, hahaha. Thats about all I can remember, I think I came close to a lethal dose that night, I definately had the symptoms of being poisoned. Even havin moisture from ice chips touch my tongue was enough to make me cry from pain. I highly recommend using caution when taking this substance; I think I just got lucky.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 48466
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 16, 2007Views: 48,894
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Datura (15) : Various (28), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), First Times (2)

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