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Multiple Consciousness and OBEs
Mushrooms (Mexican), Salvia divinorium (2x extract) & Cannabis
by Fane
Citation:   Fane. "Multiple Consciousness and OBEs: An Experience with Mushrooms (Mexican), Salvia divinorium (2x extract) & Cannabis (exp49477)". Mar 19, 2008.

40 g oral Mushrooms (fresh)
I had bought two 20g bags of fresh mushrooms, one for a friend and one for me, but my friend couldn't make it. I had been excited about the trip all day, so I wasn't phased. The only problem was that I had blendered the mushrooms in water and simmered it for a while, so I could no longer tell how much liquid would be equal to how many grams. I was home alone with some stimuli at the ready such as movies and music. I drank all the liquid and let it go down with a joint.

T+15: I was starting to feel a little woozy which was strange as usually it would take about 45 mins.

T+30: I felt the same as I had since T+15, until I stood up and realised it was pretty hard to keep balance. I was starting to feel a little queezy too, Feel sick for about 5 mins, feel good for 5 mins and repeat. It stayed this way till I was up on the full high, growing in intensity all the time.

T+ 1.5 hours: The high was intense, I was apprehensive yet felt safe at the same time, everything I looked at was blanketed with a silver mist and I could make out rainbows/spectrums on the outline of everything. I could tell at this stage that I was in for it, the mushrooms decided they would have a little fun with me.

T+2hours: It was hard to keep my head up, the movie was playing, and every movement, every word uttered, every facial expression felt so intense, so pointed and almost aggresive. I decided it was time for the salvia. I poured the x2 concentrate in a pipe and took a large hit, empty reaching afterwards. I took another large hit, and another one, eventually getting sick, but holding in my mouth till I got to the kitchen sink. I then took a glass and filled it with water and took a sip. At that exact moment, I felt myself pulling out of my body (in my head it was akin the agents entering the body of people in 'The matrix', but obviously reversed) I then watched my body drinking the water, and putting the glass down. I then floated to the ceiling and watched my body walk down the hall into the front room.

T+ 2.5 hours: Suddenly I 'popped', I was sitting down on the couch in the front room, not realising how I got there. All I could do was mutter 'What the **** just happened' as I had completely forget what happened, it only came back to me slowly over the next few minutes.

T+3: I decided I had had enough, as the intensity of a 5-6 hour trip had been squeezed into 3 hours. I eat a big meal, drank orange juice and smoked a little tobacco, staying away from the grass knowing it might put me back up.

T+5: I was not near as high as I was but I most definitely was not back in reality. I thought I would go to bed but my head had different ideas. It was time for the brainfry to kick in. It took me another 3 hours at least to sleep. I was awake longer then that, but it was 3 hours later I last looked at the clock. I was in agony, my mind wouldn't stop racing, female sex demons were talking to me, whispering, anything for a sleeping pill I thought. It was horrible, I think it was the amount of mushrooms that caused this.

The next morning I woke up. 'Wow' I thought. I could remember all the bad stuff and knew I would be taking a break from mushrooms for a while, but what was even more vivid in my mind was the good side to it. I had An OBE. I had experienced a double consciousness, i.e. I was a consciousness floating around, but also in my body at the same time. I had felt every thought of the people in the movie exaggerated, really felt them.

In all, I felt the lesson I had learned was that, as most people see after knowing mushrooms, that everything was an illusion based on perception, but more then that I learned from the mushrooms that consciousness is a tapestry woven into perception. It's possible to have layers of consciousness, and even to to have more then one thread woven onto the same layer. A truly amazing experience.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49477
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 19, 2008Views: 7,948
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Mushrooms (39), Salvia divinorum (44), OBE (332) : Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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