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I Pretty Much Only Like Being Buzzed
Nicotiana rustica, Calea zacatechichi & Various
Citation:   Themanwithnoname. "I Pretty Much Only Like Being Buzzed: An Experience with Nicotiana rustica, Calea zacatechichi & Various (exp49494)". Oct 14, 2017.

  smoked Tobacco (dried)
    smoked Calea zacatechichi (dried)
    smoked Heimia salicifolia (dried)
Within the past year I have been searching for the 'Perfect High'. I have tried Morning Glory seeds (once, probably the worst night of my life and since then have stayed away from drugs like that), Salvia (had good results sometimes but I am usually so full of fear I can not enjoy it), Fly agaric mushrooms (cant handle stomach pain) cannabis (only fun at low doses or I will be too paranoid and confused to enjoy) alcohol (only fun when I am buzzed hate being drunk).

I pretty much only like being buzzed. If I pass the buzz state on any drug I will usually have a bad experience because I like to be in control of my mind. Salvia is one of the only drugs where I am somewhat clearheaded when high. I can't function when I am drunk or stoned and I feel extremely uncomfortable.

But I was looking for more than just a buzz, I wanted to have a fun enjoyable high. I found that this year, it's Tobacco, no not the tobacco in your dirty cigarette it's Nicotiana rustica tobacco.

I baught a bundle of this stuff online. I sometimes smoke a cigar just to relax, not buzzed.

Exp 1.

Lightly packed a bowl of the tobacco and proceeded to smoke it. CAUGH! Even with my water pipe my lungs hurt I took a couple of hits and felt as if I smoked a cigar. (not buzzed but affected by the nicotine) I stood up and I was having trouble breathing. I was wheezing very loud. I stopped and did not return for a couple weeks.

Exp 2.

Rolled up some dream Herb (amazing stuff that has changed my life...but that's another story) with about 3 inches of Nicotiana rustica leaf. My intent was to smoke the dream herb for a dreaming session that night. My intent was not to get buzzed. WOW was I wrong. About the 2nd/3rd time I slowly inhaled the blunt I could feel the buzz. About half way down I was feeling increasedly altered. I took some more and stopped with about a inch left. I went to walk over to a chair and WOW I WAS HIGH! I wasn't buzzed I was HIGH. This wasn't really a high like weed where I was utterly confused and could not think straight. I was very clear minded. I felt like I could do anything I could do sober but the thing was I was high. My body was buzzing and I felt high. It was nothing like a cigarette buzz where I feel nausea, it was very different. This lasted about 15 minutes and then slowly ended. I had no problem whatsoever with breathing.

Exp 3.

Rolled a joint with the tobacco out of paper. This time however it was much like the 1st time. I smoked it like the 2nd time but I only felt a very slight buzz and my lungs were hurting bad. I was having a very hard time breathing. How could this be I asked my self. I definitely smoked more tobacco than the second but only slightly got buzzed.

Exp. 4.

Rolled a Sinuichi Blunt with the tobacco (sinuichi just because I wanted something to roll it in). Smoked it with my good friend who I guess you could say is a 'pothead'. I had results like the 2nd time but I didn't get as buzzed as before. But my friend was blown away he sat on my chair telling me he was high.

I continued to try out this tobacco. I tried all 4 ways again. The first way was the same. The 2nd was exactly the same. The third was just as worst and the 4th was weaker. I am very puzzled on why when I smoke it by itself I either A. Have trouble breathing and/or B. Don't get that buzzed. I've tried this a couple more times with same results. But when I smoke it with dream herb BAM I FEEL GREAT.

The Nicotiana rustica/ Dream Herb Combo is amazing. I'd much rather just sit down with a couple friends and smoke this than get drunk/stoned. This stuff is amazing.

In conclusion this stuff too me is better than any other drug I have tryed. MY only Problems are the health risk and its short duration.

Good Health, Good Dreaming, and peace.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 49494
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 14, 2017Views: 2,531
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Tobacco (47), Calea zacatechichi (97) : Combinations (3), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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