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Pain Relief and Ego Candy
Mushrooms - P. cubensis
Citation:   sataahaltia. "Pain Relief and Ego Candy: An Experience with Mushrooms - P. cubensis (exp49714)". Erowid.org. Jan 9, 2019. erowid.org/exp/49714

1.4 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
    oral Vitamin C (liquid)
Herein I will attempt to describe, as fully and acurately as possible, some of the more unusual aspects of an experience I consider to be one of the more prominent high points, pun intended, of my life.

Some months ago, three at least, I was given a small pakage of dried mushrooms by a dear friend of mine which, when weighed on a crude, home built affair, came in at just about 1.3-1.4g. This packet sat in a box, just waiting for me to find the proper time to consume it's contents or, rather, that is what it did up until midnight on new year's eve, 2005->2006.

T0:00 One cap chewed, no chaser; awful flavour, somewhat reminiscent of dried kelp but with a slight, bitter, aftertaste.

T0:02 the rest put in a small bottle of orange juice, shaken, then consumed, still tastes a bit like kelp but is much less unpleasant

T0:15 effects begin.

Now, I could go on at length about the vivid geometric patterns that I encountered whilst sitting in the dark or the sinister, bearded men that presented in a tapestry on my wall but these are mere details.

One of the single most important details occured very early in the game and came as quite a shock; Relief! The complete and sudden removal of the debilitating, chronic pain I suffer from every day (I am one of at least three of my close family members with fibromyalgia, on of two that has it badly enough to need pain medication). To a person who is not plagued by constant pain and fatigue, pain relief may seem insignificant but to us unlucky few it is a godsend, it not only allows for greater ease of movement but can lift the cloak of depression from a stressed and distracted mind.

It started merely as a pleasant feeling of elatedness and clear-headedness but, five minutes into this gentle yet invigorating euphoria I reallized that I had an urgent need to use the bathroom facilities and in doing so, discovered that my movements were no longer restricted by muscular soreness.

I took this opportunity to do some stretches that are usually quite difficult for me and my back, neck and shoulders popped at least twenty times in rapid succession.

The second important aspect of the experience occurred about one and one half hours later, after the visual effects reached their peak, this was a powerful that can be described a number of ways but which I shall call 'being god'; however I was not god in the traditional sense but rather in the vaguely narcissistic, egocentric sense.

I find it amazing that these shrivelled mushrooms could feed my ego so forcefully; my sense of individuality heightened, I felt as must have the titans of greek legend in comparison with mere mortals, I coordinated my senses, which, I discovered, are much less interwoven than they appear to be, to work independently of one another, thus handling more tasks, of greater difficulty, at once.

Unfortunately, even I do not have the vocabulary to express what I felt that night (which is saying something, considering that I was already forming simple, though acurate, sentences at the age of fourteen months from a two hundred and twenty word vocabulary, including 'helicopter') or possibly it is the fact that it is currently 4:30am in my local time zone, so I will give my closing statement:

A gift well chosen my friend, well chosen indeed.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 49714
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 9, 2019Views: 710
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