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An Overwhelming Walk in the Forest
LSD, Mushrooms - P. cubensis & 2C-I
Citation:   Earthsuit. "An Overwhelming Walk in the Forest: An Experience with LSD, Mushrooms - P. cubensis & 2C-I (exp50172)". Erowid.org. Feb 26, 2007. erowid.org/exp/50172

1 hit oral LSD (blotter / tab)
  3.0 g oral Mushrooms - P. cubensis (dried)
  9.0 mg oral 2C-I (powder / crystals)
  1 bowl smoked Cannabis (plant material)
It all began as a simple night of rolling at a house party, I ate one green scorpion and snorted a little piece of one. Rolled nicely all night, and smoked plenty of bowls. Met a lot of good folks, including the person I experienced this day trip with. He will be referred to from here on in as J, Me and him got to talking about psychedelics whilst smoking many a bowl of juicy fruit.

I mentioned that I had a small amount of 2C-I left, and during the course of the night it was decided that we would split the dose I had left, and he would split a blotter of LSD with me. The night wore on and in the morning we headed back to his house to pick up the dose. When we got there he retrieved his stash, opened it up,and proceeded to give me a full blotter (dancing elephants) and he ate a full one too. While he was digging around in his stash he noticed a bag of mushrooms, pulled them out, and we split the bag, him eating 1 gram, me eating 3 grams and a few chunks.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
We then drove to my house to eat the dose of 2C-I. (NOTE: DO NOT EVER EVER DRIVE ON PSYCHEDELICS,WE WERE STUPID AND WE PAID THE PRICE LATER ON) ate the dose of 9 mg 2C-I per person, and drove to the park to play some disc golf. It was really cold and pretty windy and we were both starting to trip a little bit. So we drove to this other park to go on a nature hike to a spot J knew of, I saw people in ninja costumes running around in a field on the way there. I dropped my cell fone twice getting out of the car, so J (very wisely as you will see later on) suggested I just leave it in the car.

We arrived at the nature trail, and the visuals were beginning to get beautiful. The moss on the old archway above the trail was patterning quite heavily, and the leaves on the ground were beginning to form very natural simple fractals. I was beginning to notice letters in the patterns. This would form a central component of the trip later on.

We walked for about 10 minutes, went over an awesome bridge over a dry ravine area, and arrived at a ravine with a large log to sit on and smoke a bowl of juicy fruit. In the ravine was a river flowing, and a lot of dead plants. Right across the ravine was a small Indian village(I live in the Midwest) and they had a red mask in a tree, signifying there territory. We sat and smoked a large bowl of juicy fruit, which kicked all 3 parts of the trip into high gear. I couldn’t tell what was affecting me the most, its like all 3 agents combined to make one super compound in my brain lol.

I looked at J’s face and it was covered with letters. The trees were all moving, dancing, looked like they were attempting to speak to us. J told me the log we had been sitting on had been carved on by many people,so we stood up to take a look. I have absolutely no idea how many of the letters I saw were actually there, there must have been hundreds of ppl carving into this log. I saw letters deep down into the very skin of the log. layering and changing and always there, I couldn’t blink them away no matter how hard I tried, it was a complete chaos of language, most of the letters were English, but I caught a few of the pre-modern hieroglyphics that I have seen on dmt before.

We decided to continue along the trail to another spot that J has tripped at before. On the way there we notice these leaves on the ground,kind of shaped like a large purple pea pod. As we continue through this area I noticed that the very leaves themselves seemed to be arranged into words. I pointed this out to J and at one point we had to stop and look because we were CONVINCED that the leaves were arranged to communicate with us.

We see the cool area off to the side, and leave the trail to go to it. This area is extremely cool, resembles a tree cave. The trees seem to be bending over to form a cave like structure, it is a very cool area in the middle of the day. We walked through this area for a little while, trip getting stronger by the second. I began to feel a presence, like the entire earth was alive. This feeling got more ever present as I began noticing it more and more.

At this point we saw the bridge we had walked over earlier, and decided to turn around and head back to the trail. We began to get a little lost, but just kept going with the flow of the trip. I noticed birds around us, and J began to make bird calls. The birds kept appearing out of nowhere, and getting much louder. The birds began to call to other birds far away, sounded like they were communicating “Hey guys come look at these 2”. When I noticed this I laughed very hard. When I laughed the birds began making very happy cries, sounded JUST like they were laughing back at me. This made me very happy and we continued to communicate with the birds. This is definitely one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me on any psychedelic.

We then noticed that we had no idea where we were, so we decided to just follow the birds. We began to get MEGA lost in the woods, and the trip started to turn a little sour for me. It was not scary at this point yet, it would become a lot more so later. The bird led us through a very dead swampy muddy area. As we were walking we noticed that all the trees were dead in this area, no pines, and began to feel the cycle of death that they went through, but they were still alive, just waiting for conditions to be right to explode into beauty again. This touched me very deeply as I have been going through a depressing part of my life recently, being stuck at home a lot and kind of drifting without any purpose in my life. The depression has been affecting every aspect of my life,including my art and writing (I haven’t been doing much of either lately).

Eventually we were out of the marshy area, still following the birds, and the trees began to clear. We then noticed that wow, theres our car. The bird led us RIGHT to our car, we came out of the woods maybe 20 feet from it. We decided to make the short drive to the next park over, to check out what was going on there.(DON’T DRIVE DON’T DRIVE DON’T DRIVE!!!!)

We made it to the next park, stopped at a large field, and got out of the car to go check out some cool statues of humans. This area was a large open field and it was all very trippy, visuals everywhere in the sky, that I have not seen the likes of before. Very smooth, well delineated, and crisp fractals, playing off the various colors of tree and sky and ground.

As we were walking over the field, a jet plane flew over is, it was EXTREMELY low. The sound and presence of the plane instantly changed the direction of my trip. I began to feel very vulnerable out in the open, and started to freak a little bit. I looked over at J and could see that the plane had done exactly the same thing to him. We decided to drive back to his house. (DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB!!!!!) As the drive wore on, I began to spiral deeper and deeper into a more and more confusing, threatening trip.

At 2 distinct points in the drive, once at a stoplight and once while turning, we BOTH heard very strange noises, sounded extremely alien and weird. The first noise I could hear it my head, it definitely wasn’t coming from outside, and I could also feel it in my mind. It seemed like it was a frequency that was tuning my thoughts to a very strange place. The second noise did the same thing but I don’t remember much of what it sounded like. The first noise sounded like an old movie sound effect, like an alien spaceship hovering, very spacious and just NOT HUMAN sounding. I know that J heard both of these noises because both times it happened I looked over at him and asked “Dude did you just….” And he looked at me with a look of shock on his face and nodded his head.

As we drove the trip just started to get to be too much for me to handle. I began to notice evidence of humans fucking up the world all around me. Every house and rock had human faces in it, this was definitely visuals of the same underlying ground as the log at the beginning of the trip. There were many hyper-synchronistic moments throughout this trip. I saw people in trees and the sky and everywhere, not including the people who were actually walking around. The fact that we were driving and we were both tripping our faces off began to really fuck with me, and I know it fucked with J too because he remarked to me “Man I'm just gonna drop you off at your house, go home and try to sleep this off.” I agreed very much with him and we FINALLY made it to my house.

Here begins the part of my story where I'd be fucked to tell any of you guys anything if I hadn’t had my video camera on my fone (remember earlier J was VERY WISE for telling me to leave it in the car? I probably would have lost it in the woods) I took 20 15 second videos of myself, between 3:38 pm and 4:07 pm, these videos definitely helped me to put all of this section of the trip into words. I went to my room, got under my blankets (getting my bed muddy as FUCK in the process) and began to try to ride out the crazy mindfuck I had gotten myself into by being in that car.(ONCE AGAIN,NEVER DRIVE ON ANY TRIP!!!)

I will now type the notes I made of each video as I was almost completely down from the trip, at about 11 o'clock the same night, and summarize the information at the end, with more notes that I have taken.

Video 1,3:38 PM : Light on ceiling, blue to red flashes (I later figured out this was the 3d glasses I was holding over the lens of the camera) turned phone at face for a split second, phone in blankets, I was getting lost in the blanket, it never seemed to end. I pulled and pulled and they just would not END!!! I then decided to get my coat, a very long gray wool trenchcoat that my dad gave to me, I could feel it was soaked in his aura from the years that he wore it, and pull a pen out of my pocket to write some of this down, but I could never find the pen because I got into a major time loop with the jacket, I would pull and pull with both hand and the same parts of the jacket kept coming back in front of me, IDENTICAL sections of the jacket, it freaked me out a little bit. I was able to pull myself out of this loop. But barely.

Video 2,3:41 PM : blue to red lights, me breathing heavily and starting to make sounds like I'm attempting to communicate the depths of my extreme psychedelic brutalization. At this point I begin to have no control over my thoughts whatsoever, a chaotic spiral of increasingly unexplainable emotions, mixes of emotions, emotions I don’t really have a name for. The one that sticks out like a sore thumb is this WILD combination of JOY and unrelenting horrible terror/frightened awe of what I was experiencing. Ying/Yang, creation/destruction, all that duality jazzed got beaten into me with a blunt psychic hammer, I can no longer deny any of that. This was almost too much for my relatively un-seasoned mind to handle.

Video 3,3:43 PM : In this video its obvious I was pretty much convulsing, VERY heavy breathing and wildy swung around camera, blankets, walls, ceiling all seen in rapid succession. Near the end of the video I begin to make very odd noises, guttural, definitely unlike any noise I have ever made, almost like growling. I'm pretty sure this was me.

Video 4 3:44 : At this point in taking these notes I remember that I was just messing with the effects on my camera and the 3d glasses to try and attempt to communicate this massive surge of sensory overload I was experiencing. Underneath blanket for pretty much duration of video. A quick flash of my face, more noises, I think I'm trying to say words along the lines of “Stick with it. Persevere. Go with the flow”

Video 5 3:47 : Starts with white light, I'm still convulsing, still making guttural noises. A flash of my face, I then say “Oh yeah” in a happy tone of voice. I think this was one of the more down moments of the trip, when I could kind of control my thoughts. At end of video “If you can do it, do it” heard very clearly.

Videos 6 & 7 Are just the ceiling light.

Video 8 3:50 this is one of the only videos I do not remember at all. At this point I could barely tell I was in my room. Begins with blinding white light, waving phone all around, then I hear myself begin to speak audible words, but they are not in English. That’s right kids, I caught myself on video speaking in toungues. The phrase is heard very clearly. It is “Shtellbe Shayga,Gabbada,Gabbada,GANDO” the freakiest part of this is that the second time I say gabbada, there are VERY CLEARLY TWO VOICES SPEAKING!!! Freaky huh?

Video 9 3:50 a one second video of the ceiling light. I'm pretty sure at this point I remember me just looking through the lens of the camera, and comparing the visuals on the ceiling to the visuals inside the cameras view of the ceiling, and accidentally hitting the take video button.

Video 10 3:53 talking, definitely not all in English, long string of unintelligible gibberish, ”Glossolalia will get you” heard very clearly though in the middle of the gibberish phrase.

Video 11 3:54 “hadasey” and “ungatassassa” heard very clearly.

Video 12 3:55 : Me looking at phone steadily, hitting lens with finger.

Video 13 3:56 : Me hitting myself in the face with phone, I think I had it in my mouth too.

Video 14 3:57 : Me counting along with the timer on the phone, but almost a full second behind. Time has no meaning at this point. I remember looking at the time several times, and being amazed by the complete slowness of it that I was experiencing…definitely EXTREME time dilation.

Video 15 3:58 : A few random numbers counting along with the time, definitely still almost a full second behind, this one I KNOW I put the phone in my mouth, I see teeth and toungue for a split second.

Video 16 3:59 “Give it as much as you can”, counting, voice sounds VERY WEIRD.

Video 17 3:59 : Happy laughter heard, don’t remember much of this part of the trip.

Video 18 4:00 PM : Ceiling light.

Video 19 4:05 : Me playing djembe, I'm relatively sober at this point, compared to where I was 15 minutes ago.

Video 20 4:07 : More djembe playing, its shittily played but I was trying to convey some sort of underlying life rhythm that was VERY complex that I had my head at this point, will definitely work more on this.

Whew, thanks for reading through that if you did. This trip has been one of the most eye opening experiences of my life. I came face to face with the underlying consciousness grid, god, gaian supermind, universal consciousness, whatever you want to call it. I came brutally face to face with it, and I now know that psychedelics must be held in the utmost respect, they can definitely be a brutal mental experience. I don’t suggest that anyone who is not a serious psychonaut attempt to undertake a trip of this nature, definitely not combining all 3 of these elements until you have had a good amount of experience with the extreme states of each one under your belt, because they multiply upon each other in a most perplexing and overwhelming way. What we did by driving was very stupid, both of us definitely learned to NEVER do that again. Please don’t bitch at me for driving too much, I do deserve some punishment tho, but I think I got that punishment for the overwhelming fear I felt during the drive.

I'm taking the video fone with me everwhere now, it helped me to truly understand some of the concepts I had in my mind mid trip, and to bring back some of that information with me.

Have a good day and be careful with your psychedelics.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 50172
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 26, 2007Views: 15,252
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LSD (2), Mushrooms - P. cubensis (66), 2C-I (172) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Mystical Experiences (9), Bad Trips (6), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3)

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