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Forbidden Bond
by Sampler
Citation:   Sampler. "Forbidden Bond: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp50258)". Mar 30, 2007.

7.0 g oral Mushrooms (plant material)


I am not well versed in drugs and will never claim to be. Before Thursday February 02, 2006 I had only taken mushrooms once and other than that had only smoked marijuana and been drunk. A week or two prior to the second I heard that hash was coming into town. I was highly intrigued because my father who lives in europe had on many occassions smoked hash in my presence and therefore I was tempted to buy some. My regular dealer told me that he would have some and I would be able to buy it by that friday.
I did not receive a phone call from him until the sunday before the second and he told me he would not be able to get me hash. I was very dissapointed until later when he called me back and told me he was investing in a quarter pound of mushrooms. I usually don't act on impulse and for things of this nature like to have time to prepare and think through if I will proceed or not. This time, however, I immediately told him I would buy 3/8 of an ounce and at that time had no clue it would be the best 105 dollars I have spent yet in my young life.

My girlfriend had been telling me she wanted to try mushrooms with me a lot (for the sake of safety but practicality I will call her 'Lisa') and that was my biggest reasoning for acting on buying mushrooms without giving myself more time to think. The one time before that I had taken mushrooms, I took an eighth of an ounce and it did not help me accomplish what I desired to accomplish. It felt very clouded my first time and was not very visual but merely a mental experience. I wanted the mental experience but I also wanted to be transported physically and spiritually. I decided I would make sure my second time taking shrooms would encompass all three desired aspects for me and so I decided my dosage would be 1/4 of an ounce and it being Lisa's first time, she would take 1/8.

I did not have school that Thursday but Lisa did so I had to patiently wait to get on a bus at around 3 pm to go meet up with her and bring her back to my house. I spent the day meditating on the trip to come and understandably it was the longest wait I have ever experienced, as I am sure everyone who has had a similar wait will be willing to proclaim the same.

I eventually met Lisa at her subway stop and we took the bus back to my house. We ate our doses at around 4:15 and the trip continued as follows:

4:45- We walked up towards the woods in my neighborhood finding things to do while we waited for the shrooms to kick in. If the initial wait was awful this wait was absolute hell. We found a clearing in the woods and sat talking until we felt the onset. As soon as the onset hit me I knew that this trip was bound to be far more intense than my somewhat dissapointing first trip. I believe in spiritual connection to others and I think my love for Lisa increased and enhanced the trip and throughout my belief in this grew stronger and stronger.

By time I started feeling utterly strange a lone woman came walking through the woods. My senses were numbed somewhat at this point and she came as an unwanted suprise. Lisa felt uncomfortable in the slowly darkening and foggy woods and asked if we could leave. It didn't matter to me whether we stayed or left but I felt like the conductor so I agreed to leave. As I left the woods intrigued me more as faces appeared in trees and lights that flashed by from cars looked like animals. I did not attempt to stay however. My belief was that the only way to have a good trip was to make sure Lisa had a good trip. This was one of the most important decisions I made because as we went on our trips seemed to merge more and more.

5:15- I decided I wanted to feel a bit of nostalgia so I asked if we could venture to my grade school. She agreed and we slowly made our way. I appreciated everything around me and her and I both talked as we went but I am sure neither of us was really listening to the other at first, I had more of a sense of feeling her words than hearing them. This was the first odd implication that senses would switch roles. As we walked on I noticed many colors and shapes would pop out at me but none as much as the earthy green. I looked at Lisa and she looked at me and we almost simultaneously said 'Everything is so beautiful.'

We walked further and as we got closer to the school she started talking about glowing patterns on the ground. My eyes were transfixed on the sky as the moon and stars came out and as the tall trees and their branches started warping in around the sky like a frame around a piece of art. I looked down momentarily and saw nothing so I looked back up and realised that the only light on in any house on the block we were on was up in an attic painted entirely green. It seemed to call out to me but that may have just been Lisa talking to herself which she ended up doing many times. I pointed it out to Lisa and we stood transfixed looking at it for about 10 minutes. At this point I decided that I would look for my desired religious aspects within everything earthy I could identify with. Basically I was converting my religious beliefs and cherishing anything natural as holy.

5:40- We finally got to my elementary school's yard and I hear my name called out by a group of boys playing football. I did not recognize them but after a few moments recalled them as my old school mates by their voices. Lisa was talking loud and acting all over the place so I did not want to stop to chat with the boys. We walked on and sat in the lower school yard. Lisa laid on a step and told me she was going to try and melt into the earth. At this point I realized mushrooms strongly connects the user to the earth. I also realized Lisa was tripping balls, for lack of a better phrase.

In this moment I noticed the steps she was sitting on had the basic pattern of any set of steps but to me it seemed entirely foreign. I could not comprehend that this pattern would take me into the upper school yard so I looked for a moment as the boys started walking away but decided I would stay near Lisa and not go into the upper school yard. She was lost and I had to stay nearby. I decided to look down and entirely dark alley that was in the lower schoolyard and was going to venture down it but then decided not to because it looked entirely too scary.

As Lisa 'melted' into the steps I sat next to her and stared at my old school. The building warped in the strangest ways and it felt as tho I could pull the windows out and push them back in like giant filing cabinets. This visual distortion was the first absolutely intense and unexpected thing I experienced. I was not prepared for it an immediately after it tried to convince myself it had not happened. This kind of scenario would end up happening again. I couldn't explain these things so eventually I just decided to accept them.

Now I realised I was getting deep into the trip. I recalled my last trip and remembered how comfortable my house was and was about to suggest we go there when Lisa said 'I need to get to your bed.' In any other case I may have taken that in another way but I knew exactly how she felt and wanted to get there as well. We walked very slowly examining walls and how everything was oddly layered. I looked down at the ground and Lisa said 'The patterns...' but I cut her off and finished her sentence 'Are absolutely amazing.' And she started cracking up and said that was exactly what she was going to say. We were off the planet at this point. I came to a point on our trip to my house where I could not stop looking at the moon. Now my religion felt like it was being torn apart by the sky and the planet, each vying for my complete attention and faith. We reached my house without me realizing I had taken us directly to it and I was also without a plan for gettin past my mom.

6:10- A lot had seemed to happen. In fact an eternity must have had gone by but it was still quite early. We sat on my indoor patio for a fair amount of time deciding how to get past my mom and grandmom but eventually I didn't care. I went into the bathroom and everything around me started swirling. Her and I both took our turns and the only way I can describe being seperated from her at this point was a feeling of being in limbo. Watching. Waiting. All the while enjoying the fantastic feelings going through my body and mind. I knew at this point that I needed her during this trip and she came out and we told each other what we felt and we felt identical feelings of need for each other. We want upstairs and I dodged my mom's bullets and I locked myself into my room with Lisa. We sat down and I took my shoes off but she couldn't. Once again I felt like the conductor of the trip and helped her out. This was possibly the longest process of the entire night.

6:30- This was around the peak of the trip. I put on Alice in Wonderland and the screen had a rippling effect that I had experienced on my first trip but this was far more intense. I could not focus on anything for long and this movie was no exception. We put on many more movies throughout the night but none caught me. The first thing that happened to me as I lost focus of the movie was that I stood up and touched my keys. They were cold and felt damp. Suddenly my entire body felt like liquid. If I took a sip of water it felt as if I was running down my own throat. When I touched Lisa she was warm and made the liquid parts of me feel like syrup. My senses were all mixed up but felt enhanced.

She asked me to lay on top of her. It was an odd request but I obliged. We kissed and I felt myself fall into her mouth and then into her entirely. It was erotic yet entirely did not feel sexual to me. It just felt as if we had merged. From then on in we finished each others sentences and felt what the other was feeling. She was beautiful to me beyond belief and she kept grabbing my face to inspect it and she said that it was absolutely captivating to her. We were both beautiful beings to each other but when I looked at myself in the mirror I looked hideous and as though my face were coming off in layers.

As we lay next to each other later on in our pajamas my mind and body felt like an ancient pyramid like puzzle with my body parts and thoughts coming in at odd and unexpected angles. I could reach out in front of Lisa and feel as though I was coming in from behind to touch her back. It was all too much for me so I went back into the bathroom for a moment. I missed her after moments and came back to her. I lay in the corner and she knew I was in the room but not quite where. The funniest moment of the night came when she said 'Where are you?' and the only way I could respond was 'Over here somewhere.' That was how I felt, I was somewhere but not quite sure of where. I was hardly aware of what was happening and yet was awake to the entire world. I had never had so many feelings and emotions.

8:00- At this point the peak was almost over but my senses were highly mixed up. I smelled what I saw, I felt what I heard, I tasted random tastes and all of it was incredible to me. That was the moment I realized I was having an incredible and perhaps one of the best moments in recent times.

The come down afterwards sucked and I tried by any means to hold on to the feeling of absolution and completion that was the trip. It was amazing and has inspired me to do many more hallucinogens. I will also go back and do shrooms, possibly alone to find the true personal spiritual awakining I need as apposed to a shared one. The fact that Lisa came with me was great but may have detracted from my personal experience. Shrooms should be experienced by the world if everyone could enjoy them as much as I did. I have come to love and appreciate them. I could have described so much more but that would truly take an eternity. This is not a drug to hear about or read about, it is an experience to be had that will change the world for you.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50258
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Mar 30, 2007Views: 12,861
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Mushrooms (39) : Mystical Experiences (9), Nature / Outdoors (23), Relationships (44), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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