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Then the Lights Went Out
Mushrooms & Cannabis
by Dirty Dice Dan
Citation:   Dirty Dice Dan. "Then the Lights Went Out: An Experience with Mushrooms & Cannabis (exp50514)". May 25, 2019.

T+ 0:00
2.5 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
  T+ 0:30 1 hit smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 2:45 1 hit smoked Cannabis (plant material)


Well, I suppose I’ll start off with my previous drug experiences before I begin to describe the event that happened. At this point I was quite experienced with Marijuana, smoking almost every day over the previous summer. Also, mind you, it was A+ reefer, white rhino, AK47, hindu kush, good good weed. Anyways, in addition to that I tripped once prior on mushrooms, more or less the same dose, and had a pleasant time…not really any visuals, just some mind confusion, and a general feeling of awesomeness. Considering my very pleasant first time, I really really wanted to try it again, and hoped that I was affected more the second time around. The opportunity finally arose, and this is what happened:

Finally, done with my first semester of college, final exams are done, and I was coming home. Was totally pumped to see my friends, and just hang out. I had heard a little talk of mushrooms floating around from our usual hookup (of both A+ weed, and A+ mushrooms) and so when I finally got home from the long drive, I called up my friends and went over to one of their houses. So there we were, 6 of us altogether, just hanging out and the came out the mushrooms.

I was very extatic, not only was I finally home from college, but now I was looking at ¼ of mushrooms, and knowing that we had a very suitable place to trip out for the night without fear of being hastled. So, we began to split them up into three even piles (3 of us were to be tripping off that ¼, and one more person was going to down 1/8 for himself). At this point, I think, I’ll make some aliases for people. So it was myself, and B, and C tripping off the ¼, and J with his 1/8. Also, around us were R and M, hanging out smoking a blunt. I wanted to ease into it so I didn’t want to be blasted before everything started hitting me. This was around 9 o’clock maybe, I don’t really remember when this all started, but we’ll say 9, and work off of that.

We ate the mushrooms, and chilled out watching an awesome old music video of Devo (yes, of Whip It fame) with Neil Young playing a totally awesome song, Hey Hey My My, but it was an extended obviously LSD induced freak out of the song where on of the DEVO members was dressed as a baby and was in a crib rocking out on a tiny keyboard. The video had even trails, and other trippy effects, so it was a great video to watch anticipating what was to come. So we were sitting there, and I remarked to B that my palms were sweating, and he said his were as well (maybe since mushrooms are slightly poisoning me, and I am trying to sweat out the poison? I dunno, but anyways).

+00:30 - Broke out the bong, and I took one hit I believe before it was beat, but I didn’t really care, things were starting to get weird anyways. Mild sound distortion, and general sense of well being (might have been from the bong hit though).

+1:00 - Still sitting in the room watching old cartoons now (betty boop, etc) and listening to some records. I was wearing a long sleeved shirt with stripes going down the sleeves, and I would strech my arm out straight and image the lines being lanes going down a hilly road and I started to race down my arm as I concentrated hard enough.

+1:15 - Listening to some song that I really cant recall the name or band, but it had some lyrics along the lines of “no way out” and M began to start singing that in our face, which didn’t really freak me out, but got me feeling a little uncomfortable. This is also the time where B began to get up and walk about the room.

+1:25 - M got mad at B for wandering around his room for some reason, and this flipped B out a little bit. He got pissed and told M, or anybody for that matter, to never tell him what to do. So he decided to go outside cause he was sick of sitting around (as evidenced by his wandering). At this point I was feeling the usual mushrooms effects, and was pretty content with sitting, but outside seemed a good idea, so I went with him, as did M.

+1:30 - So, we are outside, it is really freaking cold, and cold on mushrooms for me is no fun, I just couldn’t understand my shivering and decide whether it was normal or good for me to be doing it. It didn’t really freak me out, but it was weird none-the-less. It took me forever to figure out how to zipper my jacket, and we were just wandering down the street in the snow. I remember the snow well, I would look down, it was perfectly new snow, so no marks in it. I would keep thinking it was grass cause it was dark out (everything black and white) so every time I stepped on it and sunk in a few inches, it gave me a good laugh inside.

+1:40 - Damn it was cold. We got to M’s dad’s house (we were at his mom’s) and he wanted us to go into the backyard, which was dark and ominous. So for a bit, me and my tripping buddy B decided to just slide around in the snow pretending we were skating on ice, also a very odd feeling while tripping. Eventually, M was getting kinda mad, he got us into the backyard, then wanted to get us into a tree house, but that was wayyy too weird and creepy (I kept looking up into the treehouse and pictured zombies and other dead or undeads up there lurking) B felt the same feeling, so we left, and M was even more mad. We walked around a little more, the last thing of importance that happened was strange. We walked under a tree (we were on the sidewalk) and the branches went over our heads. B and I stopped and looked up at it for whatever reason, like we were stuck. And he asked “how did we get under it?” a very odd question of course, and I couldn’t answer for a minute, but then I did “we walked under it” and he asked “how do we get out?” Well, I just started walking, weirded out, and we got out, haha.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

+1:50 - By this point, M had left cause he was mad, and we decided (stupidly) to take a drive around the block in B’s car. His windows were iced over, his pedal was as well, but we made it around. Things seemed to come in frames as we drove, thank god he drove slow or we could have easily slid off the road.

+1:55 - Back in the house, this is when stuff gets to get weirder. M had apparently freaked out, and went into his basement and didn’t want to talk to anyone. He wasn’t tripping remember, but on some meds that definitely messed with him, and he hadn’t slept well in a while. Also, I feel if one is around tripping people, the energy from them seems to rub off, and everyone feels just that more weird. Anyways, eventually, J went and talked to him and M had cooled off, he told us to grab a boom box, some CDs and come in the basement.

+2:15 - This was the first time I was in his basement, and it is a pretty trippy one…well, maybe not, but I was tripping, so it was trippy to me. The ceilings were real low, so you could touch both the ceiling and floor at the same time, which was an odd thing to do. I would run around and picture myself as being upside down walking on my hands. Also, I would try to change the gravity of the basement and would begin falling into the wall as if I could start walking up it. Another thing of interest was some tinsel I found (the kind that comes in strands that you wrap around your Christmas tree) I would hold it, and I could see it, but it was so light it felt weightless, so I didn’t really believe it was there. Very odd experience.

+2:45 - Now, this is really when stuff starts to go downhill. We all clamor into a tiny (and I mean tiny…maybe 3’ x 6’ room, with low ceiling, and 6 people inside it) We begin to smoke some bongs, which I think might be part of the reason I went over the edge, but anyways, I take on hit, pretty monstrous as usual when I am tripping, and then slouch down in a little corner and start thinking. Not really about anything in particular, but just thinking. At this point, R left, and a new face came into place, we’ll call him C. Anyways, so we still have 6 people in this closet, and I am just sitting and thinking. At one point I was asked a question, who knows what, but when I answered my words were sound normal EXCEPT for like 1 word out of the sentence I said would sound REALLY low (as in pitch, not volume) and I could feel it in my throat…like really taste it. This happened a few times, and I decided to stop talking, as it felt very strange. Then, what I think happened was someone flicked a lighter, and I heard the noise (even though it was in front of me and to my right) come from behind me. Which would be alright, but I was sitting my back against a wall! So I then thought about, what the hell is in this wall?! It could really be anything. The inside of the wall because a void that anything could reside in to me, and I got VERY uncomfortable that something would try to grab me form in the wall and pull me in.

+2:45 - And then it happened, somebody decided a good idea would be to turn out the lights. In this little closet. With 6 people. Well, it turned PITCH BLACK, no light what-so-ever, and people started yelling like crazy. My mind just snapped, I couldn’t think, I just knew I wanted to, no HAD TO, get out of the closet, I felt like something was gonna grab me. So I jumped up and out of the closet, started walking for a second, got dizzy, and collapsed, luckily having a pillar to support me a bit.

+2:50 - So, I’m on the ground. NOTHING makes sense. Why am I on the ground? What’s going on? Why are all these people looking at me like I’m crazy? Am I crazy? C asks me if I am alright. And that’s the worst feeling I have ever felt in my life. I didn’t know if I was alright. I couldn’t remember what it felt like to be alright, and I didn’t know in what way I wasn’t alright, in fact I wasn’t. Apparently, at this point (obviously I couldn’t see it) my face turned white, and my lips blue. It seemed like a while I sat there contemplating how I felt, and then trying to figure out how to put that into words. I never really did, I just sort of uttered “I think so” or “I don’t know” C offered me some good ol’ H20, and I think that helped ground me a little, the act of doing something normal. This all lasted about 5 min tops, but it felt like so much longer.

+3:00 - Still feeling really out of sorts, don’t know how to feel happy, or good still, don’t really know how to feel anything. Just sort of feel empty. But the trip is almost over, that freak out seemed like the last hurrah of it, because I slowly began to come down as we watched The Big Lebowski.

This trip was great, haha, even though it had a period of confusion and discomfort, I am still really glad I got to go through it. It was kinda fun, and is great to look back on now. I have tripped a few more times, and never had anything like that. I have felt uncomfortable, but was never so confused I couldn’t even know if I felt good or not. I think that what happened was an anxiety attack. Maybe because of some acute claustrophobia + really smoking tiny freaking room + total blackness.

Wow, that was long, I must’ve been bored. But I hope it was a fun read. I’m not trying to say anything mind blowing through this report, except maybe that tripping can be fun even with a freak out. I'm glad I hadsomeone there to talk me out of it (C, and I am very grateful he was there).

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 50514
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 25, 2019Views: 525
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Mushrooms (39), Cannabis (1) : General (1), Combinations (3), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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