The Taste of Soil and Blood
Mushrooms, Cannabis & Alcohol
Citation:   Benj. eL. Starchild. "The Taste of Soil and Blood: An Experience with Mushrooms, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp50768)". May 19, 2008.

  repeated oral Mushrooms (plant material)
    repeated   Cannabis (plant material)
    repeated   Alcohol (liquid)
I knew I had returned back to our Loving Earth mother as soon as the tastes of soil and blood were noticed celebrating my return on my salivaless tongue. Why and where I had just traveled to were my initial thought patterns, quickly moving into apprehension to borderline fear. However these questions and sensations were fleeting and ever so quickly evolved into feelings of Joy and an overwhelming urge to jump and move into my recently enhanced understandings of this life with all of you.

And there, under a starlit sky and amidst the gentle orange glow of our bonfire, I danced and made quite a joyful noise in front of an audience of some very good friends who had just witnessed one of their own seemingly die before their own blackened eyes, to then rise once more off of the ground and erupt into the laughy dance. The expressions on the faces seating in our recently broken circle ranged from dropped jaws to deep belly laughter to blank glistening tears along with looks of concern and relief and anywhere in between. I myself was experiencing all of the above and soon found myself seated and in debt of some sort of story/wordsofexplanation or any other sign of well being. I was bleeding from my chin and concealed with black dirt along my humbled face decorated with leaves collected in my hair due to my abrubt departure from my chair. I can remember reassuring everyone I was most definately alive and struggled to verbally retrieve from my memory bank the experiences of my journey into the outer reaches of our Uni-verse. There and back indeed. Forgive my longwindedness throughout my words here, I only wish to communicate the experience the best I can in perhaps aiding some of you in finding meaning in your own lively experiences.

Putting ourselves back into the breeze ridden nite, let us create further! This particular day had been spent in high spirits as we had been nibbling those golden sticks and hats all afternoon on and off, not all that much mind you, just as we had for the last few days I believe (as one tends to feast when one finds their pockets-a-plenty). All in all, we were blessed in ways much a more meaningful than merely the glorius fungus and such, no no; when we find ourselves in the company of true family kinship among friends it's just like flying as you know. Everything clicks, and life works itself out much like a flower greeting the days sunlight captured on time elapsed film, it's truly magic. So many interrelated topics to be discussed, so back to this trip.

Here's my experience itself. That nite finally came upon us and soon we had a decent fire to ride on into the stranger places of the nite. Music floating on the soft breeze, good brew, exchanging art glass to pass; this was shaping into a fine early autumn southern Wisconsin nite. So soon enough, sitting there in a chair, a friend who recognized our sensory uplift in our eyes, must have felt ever so generous and offered her masseuse services to anyone interested. Needless to say, several hands flew skyward in anticipation of appreciation. Soon enough, her hands were felt on the back of my neck, and immediately I was in deep. Not only was I fixed on her ever so smooth hand rhythms that only eased the flow of energies through my body, I was swimming in the soft glow of the coals, which were seemingly giving life to our fire. I was in sheer ecstasy!

Soon, pure trancelike states were had, call it what you will. The sense of self was gone, I had become the moment; the warmth, the energy swimming, all in this great field we had created between us all. This progressed into a feeling that I began to notice as lightheadedness growing up from my bare toes. I wasn't afraid really, just receptive to this new sensation that kept growing, all the while I'm still in this warm bliss connected to it all. This sensations continued to grow to a point that I new something was on the brink, what I did not know, nor did I care, I was curious. I felt as though a tube of toothpaste was being rolled from the bottom up in order to cover your bristles once more.

Soon, I was ready to erupt and man let me tell you, Holy shit man! It was as though my own volcano just blissed, sending my spirit into an ever acceleration up into the nite sky. Soon, no longer was I traveling in any directional sense, nor was I existing as an isolated piece or manifestation of reality, I had merely surrendered to the flow and found myself flowing in this unstoppable life force which by now was moving at the speed of light. From my initial place in that chair near the fire, I was now experiencing the evolutionary plan of this worldly existence into the 'higher' dimensional manifestations of life. From my initial plane, life had taken the growth pattern of a flower; through the vegetation stage, stem, leaves, etc, and soon into a flowering stage that not only could I visualize as my higher self I believe, I was there evolving with the rest of existence. I could see certain events playing out that I could identify as modern worldly events, things that might pop up in the news paper or what have you. Not perfectly specific, but then it didn't need to be, the feeling of this all blossoming into a state of perfect cosmic harmony, it felt so complete and beautiful, I wish I could send you all this feeling, it was so reassuring of anything I have ever known to be troublesome or of this nature. It was as though any and every hardship that has every been experienced in this 3rd dimensional physical existence was reestablishing with the one harmony of life in one fluent progression.

This progression eventually ended or left me or what have you, and I was further yet in the reaches of the universe. I had no way of knowing, but I knew I was 'out there' so to speak. I was color. I remember being amongst colors seemingly for the purpose of communication. I had no aspect of time as this was happening, and though I was seemingly traveling at a very intense rate of speed or sorts, it was neither a short or long journey as far as the time variable is concerned.

And as quickly as I erupted, I found myself a pile of bits of blown up mountain of my own there on the cool soil, and might I say those organics tasted so refreshing to me. Once I had settled in my seat and all, a good friend of mine, after I explained my story, said that I had just had an out of body. I was told I was out for a couple minutes or so and down here it was quite fearful. Hearing this from him kind of completed this cyclical journey of meaning for me. At the time it didn't all have meaning yet, but I know this experience of great meaning of some sort to not only my self but for any who could find meaning in it. I had experienced the flower of life! At least as it pertains to this existence as we know it at this time, at least I think.

The rest of the nite was spent for me mostly in solitary contemplation. The mushroom still had effect but I was so involved in interpreting meaning I couldn't focus on the usual business of fungus if there is such a thing. I now felt as though I possessed or had received a very real revelation of significance. That being, in a seashell, all is well now and forever, which I find very comforting in knowing as we all are here living and fully as we know how. Pardon my preachiness if you feel that way; this is merely the nature of experience for me.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 50768
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 19, 2008Views: 4,458
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Mushrooms (39) : Mystical Experiences (9), Glowing Experiences (4), Large Group (10+) (19)

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