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Purgatory, the Forest and a Talking Tuxedo
Mushrooms (Mexican & Hawaiian)
Citation:   Chatchie. "Purgatory, the Forest and a Talking Tuxedo: An Experience with Mushrooms (Mexican & Hawaiian) (exp50964)". Jul 15, 2008.

21 g oral Mushrooms (fresh)
  4 caps oral Mushrooms (dried)
So, it was Carnevale weekend where I live and my friends and I all wanted to do something 'special,' so we began what was to be the most interesting night of my life. I do believe that a trip can be bad, but I had never thought that a negative experience could blossom into the single greatest life lesson imaginable. We had grown some mexicans with a grow kit and they were perfectly 'ripe' on the night that we ate them. We weighed each one out and put them in piles, so we wouldn't loose track of how much we were taking (which is ironic and foreboding because this is exactly what happened).

I had decided to have a strong trip on this particular evening and I had set aside the King (our 14 gram pappa mushroom) and a 3 gram mushroom. I figured that 17 grams wouldn't be too intense and that I would be 'in control' the entire time. Wrapping 'pappa bear' in a slice of pizza, I began the weirdest night of my life. After downing the first one I couldn't remember if I had put the smaller one in the slice as well; however, I turned around and saw my other mushroom (which in fact it wasn't) and ate it as well. The mushroom I had mistakenly eaten weighed 4 grams. So there you are '21 grams.' Oh! And since I didn't think I was in any 'real trouble' at this point, I popped about 4 caps of dried Hawaiians which we had been saving. So, you do the math, cause here comes the story.

I figured they kicked in early because they were fresh, this was a little 'misinterpretation' of what was actually happening to my head when, in reality, mother nature was experiencing the dramatic irony of this accidental overdose. At first, things were just funny, everything we did was funny. We were painting each other's faces for Carnevale and I realized that I couldn't paint. Every time I would paint a line, it would warp and spread across the person's face like an amoeba. I was using a blue face paint on my girlfriend and all of the sudden, I felt like I was outside in the snow. My girlfriend said that she was so hot that she wanted the window to be open. We had to close the window, I put my sweatshirt and sat against the radiator still shivering and freezing my ass off. I looked up at my friend that was doing the shrooms with us and he said, with the most concerned expression and fearful voice, 'I dunno guys, I'm really trippin out.' That's when things got a little weird.

My girlfriend hopped up like a bunny and bounced through the living room of the apartment and into the bathroom. My friend and I sat in silence, both realizing that we had both eaten too much. We heard a laugh from the bathroom and my girlfriend said the bodet (the other toilet - don't know how to spell it) had erupted a bunch of clothes onto the floor. I went in to use the bathroom and investigate this clothing action and I started getting advice from a sassy tuxedo guy in the bodet (again, sorry). When I got up and looked in the mirror, that's when I knew I was in trouble. There were hives all over my face and I though that I was having an allergic reaction. I left the room only to realize that I was levitating above everything and everyone. The apartment had an oriental room divider with a scene of trees and mountains. This set the theme for the trip.

My girlfriend was a fairy, my friend was a funny Native American boy named Squawking Bird and I turned into the grungy woodsman, with boils and impurities all over my face. We were surrounded by trees and I remained extremely cold. The fairy approached me, in reality to kiss my hand, and began to eat my arm while growling, my entire arm disappeared into her mouth. Scarred, I asked for a cigarette but, as I brought it up to take a drag, the ash fell and the rest of the cigarette and my fingers followed, melting into the ashtray.

I couldn't smoke and I began to get anxious. I couldn't understand what people were saying because, every time they got to the middle of a sentence, they would start a new one. I had forgotten how to speak. I couldn't tell if my eyes were opened or closed, if I was laying down or standing up. I wanted to get closer to the ground, but every time I did, I remained levitating. Satan appeared in a Jim Morrison poster on the wall. All of these experiences hitting me extremely quickly and all at once, I started feeling sick to my stomach.

Taking the fairy's advice I went into the bathroom and knelt down at the toilet. I looked down at my arms and hands, which were holding me up, and they had turned into my legs, I tried to find my REAL feet but I couldn't. I stood up, but I never got any higher off of the ground. The sink was as low to the ground as the toilet and I went over to it and looked inside. My view immediately melted into the sink spiraled counter-clockwise and flushed down the sink. I washed down the pipe and saw all its rust and corrosion, just in time to get sucked out of it. I was left staring at the bathroom mirror. I had morphed into a rugged woodsman, I looked like Jack from the movie 'Legend' with boils all over my face. But, besides the boils, the hives had become worse and had spread.

I started hissing, biting and scratching at the reflection in the mirror, diving into the erupted pile of clothes and sounding a lot like the girl from the Exorsist. I left the bathroom, having realized that my hives had gotten worse, and returned to the family room where the fairy starring at me; it appeared as if she was extremely concerned but trying to stay calm and make me feel better. I still couldn't understand anything anyone was saying and I could barely ask the fairy if I had hives on my face while still making sense.

My other friend showed up at the apartment and became the forest stoner. He had a bandana on his head and two tree branches growing out like horns. I said that I didn't feel like I should go to Carnevale, so my girlfriend decided that we should go home. Things became scary as I walked out into a world where cars were monsters trying to crush me. The curb melted from under my feet, leaving me walking in the street. My girlfriend held me close to her and had to pretty much hold me up because my legs became rubber. we live almost a mile up the hill and she said it was horrible trying to get me home. Ever since I left the bathroom, her face had been facing me. Even when she was facing foreward, her face was plastered on the side of her head, starring at me, reminding me of how sick I was. When we got home, I realized I was dead. I could understand words better now, but everything my girlfrind said was repeating. I thought that I was in Purgatory and that God did not have the time to make dialogue for those who were going to hell, so he made every sentence begin to repeat itself half-way through.

When I hid my face in the pillows on the bed, I had a vision of my mom finding out that I had died from a shroom overdose. She was sobbing and screaming hysterically. My girlfriend was trying to calm me and looked up online how to pull someone out of a bad trip. She came over to me and turned on the light, revealing the rose I had given her for valentine's day, it was hanging directly over me on the wall. She reminded me of when I had given it to her. Five minutes later, like flicking off a light switch, the trip was over. There were literally no effects left, everything was normal.

The trip was scary at the time but, after thinking about it, I realized that I learned a lot about myself. I realized that I need to stop jumping the gun and racing through life. I DID have a lot of fun. It made me feel at peace to know that nothing is really as it seems. Everything is in our minds and can be controlled to some point. Overall I think it was a great experience.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50964
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 15, 2008Views: 22,088
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Mushrooms (39) : Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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