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Pure Energy
by Zeus
Citation:   Zeus. "Pure Energy: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp51184)". May 18, 2008.

1.7 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
I am a college student who has extensive experience with psilocybin, having tripped over 30 times and done vast research on many of its remarkable qualities. I have had trips that fall into every category Tim Leary laid forth in The Psychedelic experience and have come to love using them for all different forms of exploration.

The setting was as follows: three of my good friends came to me and asked if they could try some mushrooms sometime, knowing that I have done them many times before and could help guide them through. I told them the many faces of the drug and gave a long run down on how to prepare, what to bring, etc. After a few days of preparation, we set aside an entire day to eat them.

I picked up an ounce of, hands down, the most incredible mushrooms I have ever eaten (I have probably tried about 10 different strains). He has told me these were from Oregon and, man were they potent. I have used this strain before in teas and eating them raw, finding that chomping them up with some chocolate and OJ truly is the only way to experience mushrooms.

(0:00) - We go to my room and have a bit of a kick off ceremony where I ask everyone if they have any last minute questions or apprehensions. I didn't want anyone to have to worry about anything before we blasted through. No one seemed to have any concerns and we commenced the sacred ritual of eating the mushrooms, chomping on a big hunk of chocolate then tossing in one mushroom at a time. Everyone at 1.7g, dried after eating a light breakfast 2 hours prior.

We set out to explore the back areas of the massive fields we have at my beautiful school, wandering along paths and streams until we got to a very suitable brook area that was covered by some trees. I took out a boombox that I brought so that we could all listen to music but talk to each other at the same time. I reassured everyone that any nausea they were feeling would pass and that relaxing and exhaling slowly would work wonders. We sat around underneath the beautiful pine trees and waited to feel the first waves of energy, a feeling of warmth I have learned to be comfortable with.

(+:30 min) We are all chilling out and I ask one of my friends how he is feeling. He replied with a half hearted grunt so I told him to come with me to look at the water running over the rocks. It was only about 20 yards away so I felt comfortable leaving the other two laying down with the music. My friend and I sat down and began to gaze at the water cascading over the rocks, liquifying almost everything that was in the path of the stream. I continued to tell my friend to just breath in and out and to let the mushrooms do what they need to do, not to fight it. At this point it was clear that something was beginning to happen because all of us starting giggling and walking around aimlessly, marveling at the wonders of trees, water, and sunlight. I could tell this was going to be a good trip because everyone had really good energy about being in nature and felt a good synergy with the surroundings.

(+:50) I told the group that I thought a nature walk would in order, especially so that we could get a little closer to the open fields before the peak really hit. Everyone agreed and through on their headphones and followed behind. Even as an experienced user, I felt the mushrooms taking a strong hold of my mind, especially once I went into the zone that only headphones and music can put me in. The trail was long and winding, providing terrific scenery and beautiful trees. We would stop every few minutes and gawk at the flowing water and then continue on. As we approached the end of the trail I made everyone stop and take a minute, explaining the significance of what was about to happen.

My research on mushrooms (through texts and experience) have made me realize the power of my surroundings on the way my thought processes work. For example, when I trip in the woods it can be more intense because all the trees around me seem to block the clarity of firing thoughts from one side of the brain to another, as though the trees represent obstacles in my mind. The same is true for being indoors - I tend to trip harder inside because I am much more conscious of the walls and feeling enclosed. Conversely, open fields provide a vast endlessness of freedom. The feelings of expansion I get in an open field is the most incredible way to trip on mushrooms, rivaled only by the beach. Anyway, back to the trip.

(+1:00) I told all my friends that when we break the tree line and walk into the field, they will be overcome by one of the most incredible forces known to man and will probably feel better than they have ever felt. Now prepared, we walked through the last of the pine trees and onto the open field. Immediately, I felt the power of the open air and experienced a rush that I can describe only as awesome. We walked farther and farther onto the field where we all stopped and jammed for a little while, cranking our headphones loud and dancing in the middle of the open land like any true mushroom seeker knows how. It was a perfectly blue sky with the sun shining bright and we all felt the wonder of nature pulsing through us. I put on U2's epic rock ballad Pride (In the Name of Love) and closed my eyes, waiting for the fusion of music and energy to hit me. And oh did it hit me.

I stood up and felt a presence in my body that I never thought possible. The only way I can describe it would be to say that my body felt like it was full of electricity and at any moment I could shoot lightning out of my hands. Words like 'awesome' and 'power' were redefined. This energy continued to pulse through me with a force that is beyond this world, for I truly thought that I was no longer a part of this planet, rather I was giving a taste of what it would feel like to be a god. It was, without a doubt, the highest high I have ever had on a mushroom trip and still cannot believe the power that I felt, the absolute feeling of pure energy within my body. Everyone else came and explained that they have never felt anything like this and that their music was rich, full of life. One described it as having liquid music poured into your ears. The intensity of the experience was rivaled only by the beauty that surrounded us.

We continued on with the exploration, moving from field back to woods and then all around the water areas. We would alternate talking and listening to the headphones as we enjoyed terrific visuals and beautiful thought patterns, stopping once in a while to check out the mind boggling patterns of strato-cirrus clouds laid on a backdrop of a deep blue sky.

Probably the only downer about this trip was the personality clashes I could see happening. One of the group members has a very strong ego and had a very hard time letting go. It seemed that she never wanted to just sit back and enjoy the company of others, rather she was just hoping to laugh, see things, and constantly be doing something else. It caused a large rift in the group that I did my best to amend (which we finally did) but it solidified the fact that tripping partners should be chosen wisely. I typically trip with 3 other guys who are all experienced and have incredible ways to heighten trips. Our personalities blend well and utilize the intellect we are so blessed to have, talking about issues as complex as economic theory or as elementary as the origin of the word 'cool.'

This was definitely one of the most fun trips I have ever had, though I would not classify it as one of the best. The come down was dominated by the girl with the strong personality who kept on trying to watch tv instead of listening to music and talking the rest of us. Perhaps she felt a little bit of that ego loss and got scared, seeing things about herself she is not ready to deal with. I am not one to judge and I just hope that she learns to give herself the chance she deserves. These mushrooms definitely showed me a side to tripping I never knew existed and, though incredible, I may reserve for the trips that I want to straight euphoria instead of the popular introspection.

'Psychedelics at the only way to truly study yourself.'


Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51184
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 18, 2008Views: 6,927
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Mushrooms (39), Guiding (184) : General (1), Nature / Outdoors (23), Guides / Sitters (39), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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