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Peaceful Tripping Through the Night
by jdub5434
Citation:   jdub5434. "Peaceful Tripping Through the Night: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp51542)". Erowid.org. Apr 3, 2020. erowid.org/exp/51542

2 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


For the past four years I've used a variety of drugs including pot, mushrooms, cocaine, uppers, downers, nitrous, etc. But no drug experience; whether recreational, spirtual, or for a blatent purpose, has compared to the my last trip on boom sticks.

My two friends, R and S, camped out in the state park twenty minutes down the road, set up tents, scouted the area, and planed out the night ahead of us. The two of them took off to get food and supplies while I stayed at the camp site and built a fire. While alone with the fire I calmed myself, collected my thoughts and awaited my friends return.

R and S returned to the campsite around 7 and we at the mushrooms around 7:15. I ate somewhere around 2 g of shrooms whole while my friends decided to grind theirs and put them on a peanut butter sandwiches. After eating we all got the usual stomach ache feeling so S decided to sit in the tent and relax while R and I stayed by the fire and awaited the trip.

By 8:30 none of us had started tripping and I had sworn to myself if they didn't come on soon I would the kids ass whole sold me them. So we decided to wait it out and started talking about different religions and spirituality because it seemed like a fitting conversation for what would overtake us in the next few hours. I spoke about my beliefs in taoism, budhism, catholosism, etc. And the connectedness of all religions. Throughout the conversation it seemed like all these ideas I'd had had been built up but never expressed to anyone but a select few.

The conversation drifted into a great mood and pretty soon the shrooms had kicked strong. We stood up around the fire, and looked at eachother and all knew we were getting to the point of no return.

Pretty soon all of us were laughing hysterically and saying stuff what would have made harry and lloyd look like geniuses. From there we trecked to around the campsite and made our way into the local cave (bakers cave) with nothing but a flashlight and a few packs of cigarettes. My buddy R was tripping for the first time and completely digging it. He was definetly the comic relief for the night. Every other thing out of his mouth was enought to send one of us into a complete laughter spell. My other friend S was into a complex thought trip and hardly spoke. I tried not to hold anything against him because I'd been there and sometimes I need to cut myself off.

Once we left the cave we hiked down to a beach about a half mile down some wooded trails. By now it was around 9:30 ('holy s*#! It's only an hour into the trip!') we met a few sober friends there and this is where the trip got interesting. It seemed like everything that was going on was de ja vu. Every word and action of the people around me was like it had already happened. It reminded me of einsteins theory of time and how it's not a line but a tube and sometimes our minds are capable of traveling ahead and behind us. I had little to say to anyone because of my eureka of theory to actual life. Out of the whole trip this was something that caught my eye: I've read tons of physics and spiritual books and understood the concepts but it's not until you live the theories that they make complete sense.

My friends took off back to the campsite while I stayed on the beach because I wasn't feeling well. As soon as I sat down and they were out of sight I got a real sick and threw up a few times. I think it was God's way of telling me to sit down and shut the f*** up because I'm going to tell you something. And tell me something he did. I looked up at the water, only sitting ten feet away from the calm swell and the fog that made it extreamly non visibile and just watched as nature and infinite opened up to me. I saw the mirrored image of my eyes and the splie where my minds eye lies. It seemed as if I was traveling through a tunnel of purple/gold color and there were faces looking at me with different expressions. The path would go foward, then backward, then travel to the left and look up, etc. It was almost as if my spirit was traveling to another plane and what I saw was purley of my minds eye. I closed my eyes and saw once again the mirrored image of the physical plane. I collected my mind (it' been about an hour) and stood up. It was at this time I felt a very connectedness to everything around me.

I began hiking back to the campsite (by myself) and realized that in my state there was nothing I couldn't do. I wasn't afraid of anything. I had no thoughts flowing in my mind, my body was at ease after vomiting, and I knew that any obstacle that faced me would be defeated. Also while I was walking a felt a very out of body experience. It was almost dream like, and my body was unimportant. My spirit moved ahead of my body, as to protect me and show me what laid before me.

I made it back to the campsite and sat down proud of trip and feeling a sense of accomplishment. For the past year I hadn't done any drugs and swore that the only reason why I'd use would be for self-knowledge and purpose. I felt like I stuck true to myself. The two friends and S took off and it was just R and me. We stayed up talking about our families and life. It's funny because you'd think in the middle of the woods in 30 degree weather I'd be afraid and cold. But on the contrary I was filled with joy and content. R went to bed an hour or so later and I stayed by the fire and just relaxed. I thought to myself how successful this trip was an how much of a better understanding of myself I had gained. I went to bed around 2 or 3 with a strong sense of peace and gain. It had been not only a great trip, but an incredible learning experience.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51542
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 3, 2020Views: 383
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Mushrooms (39) : Glowing Experiences (4), Nature / Outdoors (23), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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