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Surprisingly Potent
Poppies - Opium
Citation:   Somniphile. "Surprisingly Potent: An Experience with Poppies - Opium (exp51619)". Oct 23, 2007.

1 lb oral Poppies - Opium (tea)
My first drug experience, first even to alcohol or pot, was an opiate. Opiates amaze me, and make me feel somewhat whole. I could go into the whole 'maybe some people are lacking their endeogenous pain-killers' arguement, and it would make sense for me because I seem to be very sensitive to pain and have seemingly not a problem in the world when on an opiate. I won't though. I just need to jot down this experience so my fellow lovers of these chemicals with no ways to get ahold of them, or who need to get them in less conspicuous ways, can see something that really works. This experience I just had cost me no more than 5 dollars. Actually, about 4.78.

I'm in my early 20's, 6'1', 250 lbs. I suppose I am in pretty good health, not the best physical shape, but I have no problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar, etc. I have experience with some opiates. My first drug experience aside from caffiene was 2 Percocet of a strength I cannot remember. Since then (like 6 years ago) I have been hanging onto that feeling I had of complete happiness. I have since tried, in order of frequency, Tramadol, Propoxyphene, Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone (once since the perc), Kratom and on a lesser note, but sorta a synthetic analogish opiate, DXM. All but the Tramadol and Kratom were with Tylenol. I have done cold water extractions of Codeine tablets and Vicodin to good effects. Kratom is lovely. Propoxyphene is the worst I've tried, but it was still reminiscent of that first great time and easy to get (had a knee injury). Tramadol has been the most frequently available in 50 mg tablets and probably been the best other than the first percocets.

Now, let's first get across that I don't have friends who do drugs. It sucks, and it limits my possibility of getting anything good. I can get some pot, but that's about all. I have tried most of the legal buzzes I could find. This is maybe one of the last I need to find.


I was reading experience reports and was again reading those on poppy seed tea. The last time I tried, I made a big mess in my car and didn't get any higher than I was on my Propoxyphene script at the time. It didn't seem necessary to try any harder. At that time, the most I tried was about 2 ounces of seeds. Thinking back, I seem to remember feeling a little stone coming on, but nothing past the come up.

Skip to the near present. I read more and realized people were using amounts somewhere above 8 ounces, or up to 3.5 lbs (56 ounces!). No wonder I hadn't felt anything. I had been getting in the unhealthy habit of taking pills from somewhere I shouldn't have been over the past few weeks, one or two here or there. It's wrong and I needed to stop. The problem was, I was really enjoying a nice opiate on my days off, maybe once a week or once every two weeks. I was taking Kava extract (84% kavalactone gels) and drinking the powder, but it wasn't doing it for me. It gave me a great feeling but nothing touching euphoric. Kratom is nice but expensive as hell. I decide to try poppy seed tea again. I live in a new area from the last time I tried, so I go to the local natural foods store. Everything there is organic, so it's good to know it won't have pesticides or anything.

I picked up two 1 pound bags of poppy seeds. It cost me a little under 5 dollars. I went and got cheesecloth and a rubbermaid jug with a measurement thing on it so I could have exact amounts for a report if it went well, and so I'd know how much I was taking. I got home and let it sit. After I got off work I whipped up my concoction. My tap water gets REALLY hot, like on other taps I could touch the water on the hottest, but not in my apartment. It's not boiling, but it steams a lot. I figure this is just warm enough.

20 ounces of this very hot water go into my quart sized bottle. People in reports always use lemon juice here. I figure from previous experience doing an 'Agent Lemon extraction' for DXM, that anything aided by Lemon Juice is going to be using the citric acid. Agent lemon always worked and tasted better with Country Time Lemonade mix, so in went enough country time to make a slightly stronger, but still palatable lemonade. I opened up a bag of the seeds (1 lb) and slowly poured them out of the corner into the water in my jug. I slowly stirred them in as I poured with a butter knife. They were all in and I somehow guessed just right. The pound of seeds fit perfectly in the 20 ounces of water with enough room inside to shake them. I closed it up and shook this mix every 5 minutes or so over an hour.

I filtered out the seeds then realized that I had a huge amount of them. They were swollen to giant levels and I dumped them outside. This is where the numbers come in handy. I had about 12 ounces of terrible smelling and tasting liquid leftover. It might have been terrible because it reminded me of Morning Glory seeds I threw up, but it could have been terrible all by itself. I decide it's later at night than I intended so I say 'well I don't want to waste it sleeping through it' and I put the jug outside in my car. I put it under the seats, because I always hear about alkaloids being destroyed by light from almost any substance I've read about.

Next day I need to go to work. On the drive in, I take a sip just to test it. I drink 2 ounces of the liquid (measurement bottle is NICE). I go into work and notice a slight buzz. It has me in a good mood and a little numb in the face. Wow, that wasn't expected from that small an amount. I got a call at work and my girlfriend needed me to take her to the hospital because her back was killing her. I left around 2 hours after I went in. Now, this stuff tasted bad. Not just bad, but worse than cough syrup bad. I don't know how, but I drank it all on the way home. I sat for 4 hours in the hospital and had a gradually increasing wonderful high from the remaining 9-10 ounces of liquid. It was very pronounced and I was very surprised.

I had an idea for the next batch. I decided since the first was tapering off, I'd do the next now. I took my woman home. I got 20 ounces of the hot water again, this time no Country Time. I stirred in the other lb bag of seeds. I stirred for 5 minutes only, to avoid the seeds swelling. I strained and was left with a nice tannish brown liquid, smelled bad again, but much more drinkable without the sugar. This time I got 16 ounces back. Much better. I drank all of it at once and it was bitter but drinkable. I wondered if it would be less or more strong because of the decreased soak time.

This was amazing. After an hour (an hour seems to be the kick-in time) I was floating. My god, this was wonderful! And this was actually 2.29 worth, for 1 lb, and it was amazing! I couldn't believe it! I saved the seeds this time, and I rewashed them with about 2 1/2 cups of cold water and am going to drink the 8 ounces of liquid now. It is about the same color. I refined my technique this last time, using the cheese cloth to filter the bulk of the liquid, then I dumped all of the seeds into a sock (it held them all nicely, perfect size). With the sock I was able to squeeze the water out. I imagine with the next lb I buy, I will do this right off the bat and get a much higher percent of my water back. I still feel quite floaty. All the major opiate symptoms are present. Euphoria, facial numbness, a nice pressure on the back of my head, somewhat sleepy, itching that feels sorta good, it's awesome.

I'm so excited to have figured out this works, I just hope the natural foods store can fullfill my seed demands. I know they have at least 3 more lb's on the shelf and a jar of it they'll weigh for me. I find this a lot better than Tramadol, and I had found Tramadol better than the other's I tried (cept the original oxycodone, but I dunno if I have that on some pedestal cause it was my first experience or not).

Post Notes: I want to mention I have no real tolerance, and the opiate countering effect Tramadol is rumored to have didn't detract from my experiences, even when taken the last time I tried the seed tea WITH 100 mg's of it. Also, it has been about 3 weeks since I wrote the above. Since I went to the store and bought their remaining seeds. Sadly, they have yet to restock them, and this week upon calling, I got the same 'A week from tuesday' answer as I did the week previous. I must say, this can be addicting. I can't think about much else since. Maybe it's a good thing this is my only source. Now my focus has gone more to getting some Tramadol, but as I mentioned I stopped doing anything less than honorable to obtain. Luckily they aren't controlled yet. I'm strongly considering ordering some Poppy pods.. The beginning of an unhealthy habit or a beautiful relationship? I guess that's my decision to make.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 51619
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 23, 2007Views: 65,750
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