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It Was a Beautiful Moment
Mushrooms (Golden Caps)
Citation:   Shroomish. "It Was a Beautiful Moment: An Experience with Mushrooms (Golden Caps) (exp51712)". Jun 24, 2008.

4.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
Second Time
4 - 5 grams of Golden Cap Psilocybin Mushrooms
December 22 of 2005
1:00 am
Friends house surrounded by five of my friends (who were not trippin)

Why I ate them alone is a mystery, I just did it. Today I realize it was a naive move, but I don't regret it at all. I ate them and I ate oranges to wash out the taste. I talked my friends about how I didn't want an immense amount of attention, and they completely understood what I wanted. It was a beautiful moment.

I started getting the feathery feeling. Like my whole body was in a pool of soft down feathers, and they were crawling on my skin, very very pleasing and then this shape, this very mysterious shape appeared on my friends blue wall. Imagine the aquarious/jesus/fish symbol with the 'tail' on each side, with an 'S' down the middle Then these white, ghostly faces started raining down the wall, they weren't mean or scary or anything, just faces. This was just preparing my mind for the trip I was about to have. It was a beautiful moment.

I backed away from the wall to change positions and scenery. I looked at this poster of a girl in front of a waterfall and the water behind her was moving. My friend 'O' came up to me and muttered in my ear in a very 'old man' like voice and went 'lllllllook at those mmmmelon jugggs.' It was like I had just been told the most hilarious thing ever fathomed by a fellow human. My laughing fit was out of control, it was complete delusional hilarium. As soon as I started regaining control, my friend 'D' turned on the T.V. and this monkey was steering a truck with his teeth, and screaming and jumping and all this crazy shit. It was hysterical. The thought that someone out there actually had to film that seriously just made me laugh so hard, and I was partly laughing at how I must look to these guys. It was a beautiful moment.

The room started elongating and the ceiling was a theater of rainbow color swirls. People's faces started swirling into themselves and 'B' turned green. I kept on thinking about what they thought was going on in my mind, and how much of a wack-job I must look like. It was amusing to think about that. Then the room lost all verticle and horizontal properties, so I closed my eyes. And I saw these rotating Hindu Swastikas on the back of my eyelids, growing bigger, and bigger with a technicolor, ROY G BIV backdrop. It was a beautiful moment.

For some reason I had poptarts in my hand and I looked away, and the instance I broke vision with the pop-tarts, in my mind it was a cheeseburger. I had no recollection of pop-tarts, I thought I was holding a cheeseburger casually. When I looked back and saw that the cheeseburger had turned into poptarts, I threw them and it was like a fountain just spewing from my hands. We turned on my friends 'Beach' setting on his alarm clock (you know, the option to wake up to beach sounds instead of the actual alarm) and I just shut my eyes and swayed with the waves. I still get wrapped up in those things whenever I hear one, I never ever want to shut them off. It was a beautiful moment.

I went into the laundry room and 'B's underwear folded up on the dryer turned into a black cat. It was strange and I wanted to be with my friends so I went and sat down to watch T.V. Girls gone wild was on it was soooo stupid. I was making fun of the people on T.V. so badly. To this day I am mesmorized by the stupidity in those damn things. I was stuck in some kind of electronic cycle. It was like the same series of events happened 20 times. What confused me was that it was an infomerical, so they just repeat every 10 minutes. I was saying the same thing over and over and over again without even realizing it at the time to my friend 'C', and I knew it too, I just kept saying them though. I knew that I could now relate to those 'crazy' people who just sit and do the same thing over and over and over again. I was quasi-worried that it wouldn't stop, but it didn't bother me. For some reason I was content to be stuck in the trip. I looked around the room at my friends(all of which were sleeping except 'C' and realized that people are just basically 'pseudo-sophisticated' animals. That no matter how rich, powerful, poor, weak, beautiful, ugly, cool, or lame someone is, they will always be the same species as me. It was a beautiful moment.

My auditory hallucinations were fun but distracting. I couldn't differentiate the voice of my friend 'C' and the ones on T.V. It all came together to make gibberish at times, then poems at times, then alliterations. Every Single Sentence Someone Said was an alliteration, then at some moments it was stuttering and repeating fragments of words 3 times before the word is over. This was probably the most intense thing of the night. The sounds of his words didn't match up at all with the shape that his mouth was making. We decided to go outside and smoke a cigarette. It was a beautiful moment.

We made it outside, slowly however. The tiles on the kitchen were soo huge. The backporch was the size of a parking lot. I got in the lawn and I looked up at the sky, the stars, the moon. They all were trying to pull me up. I felt like I was floating. The stars were getting bigger and brighter. It seemed like minutes before I came back to earth. 'C' said it was only 5 seconds. We went to the park to wait for the sun to come up, and for the shrooms to wear off. We went to the top of a hill and watched all the people going to work in their cars, and we just laughed at the differences between us and them. We kept seeing cops everywhere, and we laughed at them too, because Jesus Christ, they would never understand this. I guess you had to be there. It was a beautiful moment.

It was such a good night, such a good night.


This trip showed me that no matter what, people will always just be people, and that I am not above or below any life form on Earth (including Earth herself). To this day, I really don't get mad at people, because, they are just an animal that can talk and where clothes, nothing more. I can forgive people so much easier now, I can sort my problems with a person out with them face to face, in a calm, respectful manner.

I encourage all people who have been blessed and lucky enough to experience this great ectasy, to try to look for a deeper meaning than just hallucinations. Remember, 'The colors and visuals are just the decor of the trip' (Tom Wolfe - Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test).

Laying on a patch of grass
filled with peace and love.
The Fruits of Ancient Wisdom
Are Falling From Above

It was once unclear
like the waters of a pond
but now this sacred medicine
has helped me see beyond

I once viewed life as small,
as if through a hole
but now this sacred medicine
as healed my aching soul

The dose was strong enough
to manifest my mind.
I suggest to do same
and see what you can find

Sit back and enjoy
the explosion of the game
because after this night
the world will never be the same

My senses will be gushing
Time will start to bend
but if I have a tattered soul;
only medicine can mend.

I am very much awake
during this conscience dream.
I am floating through Deep-Space
I am floating down the stream.

Questions overflowed me
I needed reasons why?
Now I realized all along
that the answers in the Sky

The enigma showed itself
upon the great blue wall.
It then dissentigrated
as the spirits fall

It's a common misconception
that it's simply an illusion.
It's a common misconception
that it's simply just delusion.

We are all one,
one with living things.
I've experienced the thoughts
of former monks and kings.

I have now become enlightened
and I seem to be at one
with the rain, sky, and comets
With the sacred Moon and Sun

I now forever carry
the mystic form of light
I now forever carry,
the wisdom of that night

The true nature of the world
will forever, always be,
But will only be revealed
to those who wish to see

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 51712
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 24, 2008Views: 14,431
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Mushrooms (39) : Glowing Experiences (4), Mystical Experiences (9), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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