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Into the Lamp
Mushrooms - Panaeolus cyanescens & Cannabis
Citation:   The Flying Dutchman. "Into the Lamp: An Experience with Mushrooms - Panaeolus cyanescens & Cannabis (exp52184)". Jul 21, 2008.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  7.0 g oral Mushrooms - Panaeolus cyanescens (fresh)
The night of Friday 7th of April.
Participants: 3
Dosage: 20 grams of fresh Hawaiian mushrooms shared by 3 people
I ate about 17 of them, ''Hippie'' about 15 and ''Psycho'' about 9 mushrooms.
Time of Ingestion: 00:30
Time we we stopped tripping: 05:30 (still high on the very long
afterbuzz the next day 15:15)

I'm a 20 year old guy. I live in the Netherlands where Smartdrugs and weed is legally sold in Smartshops and coffeeshops. Seems like I was born in the right country. I daily take anti-psychotic medication (Rivotril) to suppress a minor case of A.D.D. To get to sleep better I take Melatonin every night before going to bed.

I decided to do mushrooms with 2 friends of mine. Let's call them Hippie and Psycho ;) I had them sleep over so we could trip all night. So we went downtown to the SmartShop (I love this country ^^ ) and bought us some Hawaiian Mushrooms (Copelandia) since we've heard some good stories about those. Me and Hippie went into the smartshop and bought 2 boxes of fresh mushrooms. 10 grams each. We then proceeded to the coffeeshop and got us a fat bag of weed and some hash. We went back to my place and invited 3 other friends of ours. We sat in my room which is pretty big: the entire 3rd floor. I dropped an extra large matress on the ground for Psycho to sleep on. We played some real weird, relaxing music on my Playstation2 (Amon Tobin and Ladytron; Great stuff for a mushroom trip), we smoked alot of joints and got pretty high. Then around 12 o' clock the others left and it was only me, Psycho and Hippie.

At 00:30 we decided it was time to start eating the shroomies. So we opened both of our boxes dumped all of the tiny strong mushrooms into one of the 2 boxes and started eating mushroom by mushroom. Me and Hippie who payed for the shrooms ate most of them. About 15 each. Psycho ate about 9 of them. Basically while eating them they started to kick in straight away. Within half an hour we were all feeling pretty weird already. And within an hour we were completely tripping. It was awesome. We went into an incredible laughing kick because the feeling was just sooo weird. Enjoyable madness.

I would see moving patterns on the wall everywhere, all the time. When I looked into Hippies eyes and then turned my head I tended to still see his eyes linger around in my plane of sight. Same for the Television and every other lightsource. I remember going to the toilet a couple of times that night, trying not to wake up my mom. In the bathroom while I was taking a leak I would see the Toiletpot sort of liquidize and melt. I saw alot of moving patterns on the walltiles. My mirror image was also verrry very interesting. I must have spent an hour in there :P

I was back in my room with the others, all as spaced out as me, and suddenly found myself thinking very deeply about myself and my life and drugz and why I do it. It was a very very profound experience. When I was rolling a Joint later on it would take ages cause my hands never quite work that well when I'm on shrooms :P But I rolled it, eventually, and then suddenly found myself smoking it. Sort of not being able to remember lighting it. And then I felt so removed from my body as if I was hoovering slightly above and behind my body or something. I remember suddenly finding out that I was smoking a cigarette. There's so no way of explaining how wonderfully weird that is. The best description of the feeling is the kind of same weird feeling of when you're dreaming.

Psycho and I plugged in a flashing Stroboscope light and shone it on my carpet which has all sorts of patterns on it. The patterns of the Carpet seemed to have incredible depth and appeared to be moving all the time. The feeling just got more and more intense from that moment on. The music started sounding weirder and weirder. As if the sound was moving back and forth from my ears. Same for every other sound like when Psycho or Hippie would say something. Non stop I just kept seeing rapidly moving patterns on the walls and me and Psycho enjoyed some really wicked closed eye visuals, like waking dreams.

We also had 2 very trippy lamps. They're white orbs and when turned on they would color blue, red, purple, green, yellow, orange etc. Really good stuff to have with you while mushroom tripping. We both stared deep ''into'' the lamps and we could see the same patterns we would see on the walls but then ''inside the lamp'' and with incredible depth. At least that's what I saw. As if the lamp was a window into another world. That was really wicked.

At a point we were all tripping so hard and fine. Hippie and me agreed that this feeling was much much better than ecstasy cuz it gives you so much more insight, opens up your mind. Hippie was pretty silent all the time, really in his own world. But Psycho and I got some clarity and we wanted to go to the 24/7 opened gas station and get some snacks. Hippie was way too spaced out and wanted to space out on the couch. Hippie gave us some money for snacks and said he'd stay in my room. Me and Psycho went outside to take a walk to the gas station which was about 400 meters from my house. That was like sooo bizarre. The Clouded Sky, The Cycle path, The Trees, the Water. It was all so weird. Like there was more Depth in between those than normally would be seen. Especially the branches of trees above our heads.

We tried to stay a little focussed as we were about to cross the road. We got in the gas station shop and spent like forever picking out tasty snacks. People must have noticed how far far away me and psycho were from this planet. ^^ After having payed we walked back home again and we we're so totally spaced out. The sidewalk and the cycleway both seemed to turn into one pink-red-ish plane as we walked down it. Don't ask me how much time had passed between us leaving and returning home with snacks. It was like and endless continuŁm of time. There was no such thing as time. Something I've experienced before when I ate Equadorian mushrooms.

It felt so good being safely back home and we woke up Hippie and ate some of the snacks and smoked another 3 joints of real good weed. We we're really high as hell. And we we're getting a bit soberer. We weren't completely tripping anymore but we were still so incredibly sky high on those shrooms. By that time it was 05:30. We had been completely tripping for almost 6 hours straight. And the afterbuzz was just the best feeling ever. Then something so awesome happened. My cat Barney came into my room to chill with us. That cat was like such a Miracle of life. Me and Psycho spent such a long time just spacing out looking at my cat, being completely stunned by what a wonderful beautiful creature it was. His presence was really so distinctively sensible. It was incredible.

Then we went to sleep, all satisfied about the really mindblowing bizarre trip. I remember being way too active in my mind to fall asleep. The weird music was still on very softly and it was really adding up to the already bizarre nature of the trip. I remember having gone to the toilet a couple of times and then trying to sleep again. Must have done this some 4 times. But the time line of these events still seem all scrambled up.

The mushrooms had such a strong character. And a real special sense of humor too. They really made reality all seem like a fucking joke. it was like you could really feel their presence and them starting to hit you harder and harder. Until you'd just burst out laughing in this utterly enjoyable madness ^^ It was just exstacy. Me, 2 of my friends, in my room, Magic Mushrooms and my mom sleeping 1 floor below. This was defenitely my best trip ever.

We woke up next day my mom was gone. We were all still very spaced out. I rolled a joint and smoked it with Hippie and Psycho. We went downstairs and had some soup with bread from the oven. Then a cup of tea and another joint to keep the mushroom-high as long as possible. It worked, cause after having eaten my 2 friends left. And all 3 of us are still very high. In fact as I write this I'm still very spaced out.

And now it is 15:15 Wow Hawaiian mushrooms are wild :D

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 52184
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 21, 2008Views: 6,116
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Mushrooms - Panaeolus cyanescens (185) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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