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Trip to the Highlife Fair
Mushrooms, Salvia divinorium & Cannabis
by Radon
Citation:   Radon. "Trip to the Highlife Fair: An Experience with Mushrooms, Salvia divinorium & Cannabis (exp54262)". Feb 5, 2007.

23 g oral Mushrooms (fresh)
  1 cig. smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
  1 cig. smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
  1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)
  1 bowl smoked Salvia divinorum (extract - 5x)


Trip 1 - Mushrooms & Salvia

lvl 4

I had just returned from the highlife fair in Amsterdam with a couple of close friends. We had a great time as cannabis is quite normal in our lives. I had been there the previous year as well to learn about cannabis and magic mushrooms. This year salvia caught my eye as I've heard some pretty 'heavy shit' about it. So I adressed one of the standholders about it, and after a couple of seconds I was reaching into my pocket for the money. I bought a 5x extract because I hadn't done it before and also on advice of the standholder. We also bought 60 grams of Amazonian, which according to the people on the fair was the most intense of all there shrooms. I was hyped.

We wandered on the fair for a litle while longer to check out the rest of the stands and to smoke a couple of joints and 'testing' the vaporizers on the fair. Anyway we soon decided to head back to our homecountry: Belgium. On the way back we stopped in a coffeeshop in the centre of A'dam and replenished our cannabis/hash stashes. This was outrageously expensive at prices like 7 and 8 euro/gram being the cheapest sorts. But we ended up buying at the same prices in other shops across Amsterdam so we finally just decided to buy something and get the hell out of here.

As we were leaving amsterdam and prepearing to go onto the highways we notice a police control and with the best of luck we weren't checked. Practically shitting our pants with joy after we passed the 8 or so police officers just by a couple of feet. From there on it was smooth sailing all the way back to one of my friends house where me and him got off. After wishing the best of luck to both my friends, I proceeded to walk to another friends place only a couple of streets further.

Upon arrival there I was getting anctious to start tripping and as soon as my friend, lets call him H, opened the door a huge smile grew upon our faces. We shook hands and continued up the stairs to his 2 room appartement. We know each other well and 2 more good friends (J,R) were waiting upstairs. After about 20 minutes of talking about what I had been through today I told them I had a surprise for them. I started emptying my bag. First the shrooms, they knew I was going to buy some of them, then a scale I had bought. Then I reached into the bag again and took out 2 grams of Salvia 5x extract.

In the meanwhile I weighed out 3 portions of the shrooms. 1x15 grams (half a portion) and 2x 22.5 grams (3/4 of a portion). The 3/4 portions were for me and H, and the half for J. R didn't participate in the trip altough we eventually end up giving him one of the hats of one of the shrooms. He was gonig to be the sitter on this trip. We have done shrooms a couple of times but never with anybody sober to look up after us. We then proceeded to roll a couple of joints for after the eating of the shrooms and got some water to. We ate the shrooms and lit our joints after washing the slimy feeling down we got from eating the shrooms. We settled in to H's appartement to watch a movie: Spongebob the movie. I hadn't eaten all day so I knew the shrooms were going to hit me fast and hard.

After the joints and a little talking we turned on the movie. It started off very normal, but soon enough we were starting to feel it. After about 20 minutes of the movie we paused it to talk about the salvia and some other stuff and we ended up rolling a joint of it. This however turned out to be a difficult challenge. The shrooms were starting to take effect, and quickly. The salvia joint took for ever to roll. But finally we light it and smoked it. I actually don't really remember if it had any effect on me besides strengthening the shrooms. We then proceeded to watch the movie.

From here on it's very hard to describe alot but I will try my best. We laughed our asses off, the movie had a sort of strange twisted humour only to be understood by people that took drugs it seemed. Things that would never of been that funny if I hadn't understood them on drugs. We couldn't watch more than a couple of minutes at a time because we found ourselves laughing so hard we couldn't follow anything of the movie so we paused the movie constantly, leaving the image frozen to the strangest bits in the movie it seemed. Some of us including me literally crying of euphoria. also sweating alot it felt like my body was covered in a sort of liquid. Rolling sigaretes was hell and the results even worse sometimes. This didn't stop us from trying again and again, each time taking longer than the last.

I don't know why but I was sitting on h's bed fine and all of a sudden I had the greatest urge to go to the toilet. The feeling came out of nothing and within seconds it was so intense I didn't know if I could hold it in. I said I'm going to the bathroom on my most normal way of saying it and as soon as I was out of the room I started running down the stairs towards the bathroom. When finally getting there I felt a great feeling of relief altough I still hadn't done my bussiness just entering the bathroom was something like whooaw I made it. Opened the door of the toilet pushed up the seat and just let go. I noticed the ray of urine was moving very slowly towards the bowl, and just before it was gonna hit the water I had my first visuals that day.

The toilet bowl seemed to stretch itself towards me, a sort of tunnel like toilet which came a lot higher than a normal toilet and in the water I saw a sort of world, don't realy know how to descibe it in any other way. Finally the ray reached the bottom of the tunnel and started destroying everything in its path. I don't know for how long I was in there but felt like it took forever to relieve myself. As soon as I stopped urinating the visuals stopped and everything returned to 'normal'. I went upstairs again to tell my friends what I had just seen. When I reached the door I opened it and was ready to tell them about it, but somehow I just said 'What ever you do don't go in to the toilet!'.

My friends and then I bursted out in laughter. I than told them what had happened. To which one of my friends, H, replied 'I'm going to the toilet'. We all bursted out into laughter again and H went to the bathroom. Meanwhile me and J decided it's time to watch the movie again and roll another joint. So we turned it on again and started. Not 5 seconds later we decided it was impossible to watch the movie and roll a joint at the same time so we paused it again and continued rolling, which took forever. Finally we lit our joints and resumed the film, H had already returned in the meanwhile with no interesting news from the bathroom. We continued laughing ourselves criple.

We paused the movie again just a little later because someone's phone was ringing, it was his dealer who we had phoned earlier for some more cannabis. He told us to meet him at a school just a street or 2 furhter in 15 minutes. We rolled and smoked another cigarette and proceeded out, it was a completly different world out there then the safe appartement of H. But we all wanted to smoke some more joints so we went to the school, we didn't see him at first but soon enough we found him. We talked with him for a while and explained what we had done. He seemed interested in knowing more but we said our goodbyes as we wanted to go back to H's place. When back we rolled us a fat one and proceeded to smoke and watch a litle more of the movie.

Suddenly everything in the room started moving strangely and shapeshifting a little, and I mean every litle thing. There was a bookcase in the corner of the room that caught my eye with a picture of horses on it. Then all of a sudden the wall behind it turned transparent and moved in what I would call a 4th dimension. It was as if the bookcase was standing on a treadmill towards the wall and suddenly it dissapeared behind the wall entering that 4th dimension too. I was so astonished by this it was only till later I saw the horses were galloping in the picture towards a sun or clear ball of energy. All the rest of the items on the shelves dissapeared in this 4th dimension exept for the picture with the horses.

I really tried I really did to explain it to my friends but they seemed like they could never even start to comprehend what I just saw. I felt like I was the one who had done the most shrooms again and as if my friends weren't tripping as hard as I was, when I turned towards H again who was just lying on the bed propably tripping his ass of too. Immediatley I started feeling a lot better and continued with the astonishing visuals these amazonian's were providing me with. There is just too much to explain that I saw, as H's place isn't a very organised place there is stuff everywhere. Almost everything was doing something, but the thing I remember the most clearly is his poster of diffrent kinds of smoking papers, which hung on the wall behind the tv we were watching. All kinds of shapes and forms, a camel eating his own humps, things rearanging, dissapearing, mutating, and so on.

This continued for a long while. And then, as sudden as it had appeared it dissapeared again. This was definately the most powerfull visual trip of all the trips I've done. We started to cool down a bit and then we decided it was time for another salvia joint. After the usual stress of the challenge of rolling it we started smoking it.

What happened next was so strange I felt really strange inside and all of a sudden I started seeing litle men all around me as if the whole world was made up out of them. More and more started appearing. I don't really know why but I looked af the floor between my legs and it started turning into a sort of skin with veins sticking out of it. It was really strange looking at it and I wanted to feel it, but as soon as I closed in on the floor with my hand the veins turned into the litle men again and they were connected somehow to form a larger whole. Like they would have been part of a network of millions of men.

My hand stopped and between the men were holes of something, I can't describe what but if I would have to I guess I'd say they were portals of some sort. I wanted to know what they felt like so I continued the trip my hand was making towards the ground. As soon as I touched the ground I felt something strange trough my entire body and the men dissapeared and the veins were there again. I removed my hand wandering where the litle men had gone to but they were nowhere to be seen. This was very strange as just a moment ago the whole room consisted out of these little men.

Soon the veins dissapeared too. I was left back in to reality, sober I tought. This didn't feel good, seeing I came from a very strong trip to clear sober in a couple of seconds. After a couple of minutes I tried to explain this to my friends, but it was no use. Aoon then noticed I was everything except sober, which did fill me with a good feeling again.

We then decided to see the rest of the movie because we couldn't even remember how many times we had paused it. We eventually managed to reach the end of the movie. It was about time, we did over 4 hours to see a simple movie.

From this point onwards we started sobering out, and we watched bits of kobolos a very strange movie, but decided it was too fucked up. So we replaced with the classic fear and loathing in las vegas. We watched this with a couple of joints and cigarettes and then our ways split. J,R and myself went to the busstop and they proceeded to go home. On that bus I was on I met another friend lets call him J2. I ended up doing a sort of summary of my day and getting of with him in a village before mine to go to the local youthhouse. We met alot of other friends and soon enough I convinced a mate to drop me off home as there were no more busses. I then went straight to bed after eating a couple of things, I was starving as I hadn't eaten all day. This pretty much concludes my report of saturday.

The second time I smoked salvia, it was in my room in a pipe, I got some 5x and put in 0,15gram.


Before I knew it I was already tripping pretty hard, I was watching the last of the salvia as it burnt when I got my first open-eyed visuals. I was holding my pipe still, not moving an inch. I tried to move and I could but on the place my arm was first I still was and it was connected somehow to where my arm was now, same for the waterpipe I was holding. I proceeded to move my arms again and same thing only now I saw everything 3x already then I saw how little men were apearing everywhere and that everything was connected by these litle men. It was if the world was glossed over with a film covered in them.

My hands also existed out of these men and they where holding other men that where the pipe I had used. I couldn't move at first and suddenly I started hearing the music I put on again and I decide to try and turn it down a litle cause it was getting really loud. I managed to brake the connection of the men between my hand and the waterpipe. From there on I started noticing the watery like substance spreading on my body soon totally covering me. I proceeded to turn it down and I saw the men in my hand and the men on the volume button of my stereo connect. When I started turning the button I felt weird and when I stopped I transferred into the stereo. It was in a sort of hurricane twisting my life essences out of me and in to the stereo.

I looked at myself sitting on the chair. I got pretty scared as I could not move and all the litle men seemed fine staying in this 'position'. The substance I felt now started to glow slightly and I felt strange again, then I felt as if I would transfer again, only this time it wasn't back to me (who was still in front of me holding the volume button) no it was to the nightstand where the stereo stood on. As I started to do so I resisted with all my force because I believed the further I would go from my body the harder it would be to get back to it. No connection of men between the nightstand and my body.

I started getting into the hurricane again, but somehow I managed to freeze it. Now I was stuck in a hurricane between my stereo and the nightstand. I felt like nothing, as if I was between worlds. Everthything seemed solid and slowly I slipped back passed the stereo in to my self. I immediately let go of the stereo and without doing anything my hand quided itself back to the pipe, and I held my pipe again with both hands. The men where still visible but somehow I felt as if they were prepearing to leave, as if I had offended them by not letting them do there work and resisting the transfers. They then slowly started to dissapear.

Quite schoked with what I experienced I then laid in my bed for a while, thinking of what I had just experienced and the feeling of terror I had between the transfers. A little later I wrote this down after smoking a joint to calm my nerves a little.

This was definately the strongest feeling/trip I've ever had. I now am beginning to understand the true power of salvia and it is POWERFULL indeed. This trip was my first 'only on salvia' and I can tell you it is not to be underestimated !!

The 3d time I did it was the day after the second trip.
lvl 2

This time I did it I didn't trip on the salvia, I only suddenly remembered alot from the previous trip. I felt the salvia pulling me in to its reality but it wasn't strong enough, and nothing more happened. I remembered how I got out of time. I saw and felt as if I was a picture in a giant series of pictures that represented my life my every step and every thought and move. Then a new picture was prepearing to settle in over mine (the next in the series) and I was becoming obsolete. I was resisting this with all the power I had. It worked and I pushed back the next picture. But now what was I to do it seemed like I had no purpose, like I should of just let the next picture take over but I didn't want to.

This was trying to repeat itself after but I got scared and it just stopped. The next picture never came, and I left the 'time simulation' without seeiing or feeling the nex picture take hold of me and everything slowly returned to normal. I smoked a sigaret and wrote this down as I was scared of forgetting all of this again. I then decided that salvia is too strong for me and I would give it a rest, swearing to myself I wouldn't do it again in the near future. I still had half a gram left of it, but had no urge to use any of it, possibly ever again.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54262
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 5, 2007Views: 20,860
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