No Reality
Citation:   Jesse. "No Reality: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp54413)". Nov 6, 2007.

5.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
Well, I have done many psychedelics in my life, mostly LSD and DMT. I have had my ego dissolved in the throws of enormous DMT trips, which I must say are just as intense but somehow much more enjoyable than the trip I will describe below. This is a bit of background since it may seem as though I am a newbie when it comes to this sort of thing, I am not.

So I happen upon a great big 9 gram bag of tiny little mushrooms. This bag has a ton of 2-4 in long stems and maybe 15 little caps about the size of a penny, even as small as a button on a shirt. I ate 1 gram to try them out and was surprised that I actually had a nice little buzz with some cool visuals that lasted about 45 minutes. The drive home from my friend's house (the one who I obtained the fungi from) was very difficult as the lights were so intense and colorized that it was hard to see the lines on the road. I actually wasn't sure I was gonna make it!

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]

A few days later, me and my friend Josh decided to go all out and have a good night tripping on some good shrooms. Well, he lost his scale so we eyeballed the rest of the bag, which put us at around 4 grams each, give or take. We ate them with a bag of chili fritos which totally killed the taste and I recommend this all the way. It took about 15 minutes to eat all of the shrooms since they were very small and the 4 grams was 14-18 stems and around 7 caps. We actually took pictures of our two piles and my pile had 16 stems and 7 caps, some still attached together unopened. Now looking back, it was an ungodly amount of shrooms, but it was only 4 grams!

Anyway, about 45 minutes from the first bite of mushroom, me and Josh are kicking back with a soda on the couch and begin to feel a bit different. Within 5 minutes of this, we are full blown tripping. I felt great but at the same time, I began to be scared thinking that we had a full night ahead of us and we were already fucked to pieces, if you will. About an hour after the first bite, I did not feel the need to talk anymore and simply layed down. I thought I had made a huge mistake and that my mind was lost. I remember thinking I was going to take a break from the trip and chill for a minute, sober. I was almost there but then I remembered that I took a drug and that I had to ride it out. I remember thinking that my mind had become a prison that I could not escape. This ended up being a profound but obvious life lesson that I could appreciate and revere after all the craziness.

Ok, this is when things get real heavy. I start to feel real sick and just generally completely fried out of my mind, like I had been rocketed to another dimension. I had almost no communication with Josh by now, just an occasional glance over to the other couch where he was lying down. We met eyes a few times, shook our heads, and laughed a little bit as if to say to each other 'I am just as fucked up, this is a little too much.' I get up and he does to, we were both horribly sweating so we were thirsty as hell, way thirsty, more on that later. He turns the light off and I am really really starting to feel the pressure in my stomach. This is now around an hour after the first bite. Let me tell you, when I discovered that it had only been an hour I nearly lost it. It felt like I had been tripping for weeks at this point. My grip on time had completely slipped away and I swear that the clock even went backwards at some point.

I am now on the floor by the kitchen trash can and my stomach is telling me 'I am going to release my contents.' While this is building up to a full out explosion of vomit, I have no idea what life, death, or anything else for that matter really is. My thoughts had taken over into some weird, auto-looping track of despair and confusion. This is when I start throwing up.

My stomach is violently purging the poison in its possession and at this point I am so very glad that this is occurring. Gripping the trash can and throwing up brought me back to reality, well somewhat. It reminded me that I was just a person in a house. The act of throwing grounded me in a way, until I stopped.

While I was throwing up, my good friend came home to do his hair or something, I don't really remember. He saw me throwing up and his girlfriend walked in and saw me as well. She saw me throwing up and Josh still on the couch, just generally frying his soul to shreds. She laughed and was like 'You guys ate these an hour ago? Hahaha, you have a looong night ahead of you.' She would not have laughed if she knew what was in store for all of us.

So I stop throwing up and am now just writhing around on the ground struggling to keep from losing it completely. It is still dark in the house but when I actually look up, all I see is a jumbled mess of angular filaments of color, almost like there was massive amounts of thread moving around in the air in sharp, tight turns, enough to make the room look thick with it. Someone turned the lights on at this point and it was like a blow to the face. I have never been so bombarded by visuals in my life, nor do I ever want to be again. Nothing was stationary, every thing was alive and moving like it was made of syrup. Faces were unrecognizable and horrible. I have never had things appear out of nowhere before but this trip made strange shapes and spirits to materialize, oblivious of me being there. I could not speak, I could not gather enough thinking space to allow this. I was racing towards insanity at a blinding pace and I realized then just how fragile our lives are and that the mind can do whatever it wants to us whenever it feels like it.

It is now about an hour and twenty minutes after first bite. I still do not understand how fast this drug took hold of our lives and shook us around like rag dolls. My friend and his girl leave now, leaving Josh and me to our private hells. I can no longer tell if my eyes are open or closed, incredible landscapes forming around me every time I close (or open?) or open (or close?) my eyes. This goes on for another 10 minutes and then I start to feel great. I start to feel absolutely fantastic! I call to Josh who I can't see because I am behind the couch in the kitchen. It seems that we have both snapped out of our funks at the same time! Great! Now we can enjoy this trip and not be insane for the rest of our lives like we were thinking 30 seconds before.

We turn the light on, put the music on, and start hopping around like idiots. We embrace and realize how great of friends we are and that we just generally love at that point. So we go to the living room and I am speaking with great eloquence that I sometimes display but this had a mix of poetry and metaphor. It was great, I wish I would have written down the neat things I was saying. I'm sure they would be a great laugh.

Well we are talking and I don't notice that Josh is talking less and less until his responses to me are a thumbs up and a weird grin. I also notice his pupils are getting larger. He then points to me with that grin but I begin to see something behind his eyes that may be terror. He then says, 'Words, oh yeah. Words!' I guess he forgot how to use words.

I am now noticing that Josh is slipping into a trip that I have only experienced with DMT. It involves time moving not just slowly, but not at all. A feeling of eternity takes hold and you just want it to end, but you've been waiting years now and it still hasn't ended. Josh begins to act very strange, scary in fact. He says he is thirsty (I told you we'd revisit thirst) so he goes to the kitchen and fills up a 64 ounce 7-11 cup with water. He stares intently over the cup and downs the whole thing in one drink. He fills it back up and starts to do the same thing before I stop him and tell him he's drinking waaay too much water too fast.

He starts to become physical now, Josh is a natural fighter and very strong mind you, and is so disconnected that he will not let me call anyone, go outside, or do anything but lie on the couch. I am terrified at this point since I am still tripping and now I am thinking that Josh is going to kill me. I mean it, I was thinking I wasn't going to make it through the night. I managed to call my friend who was home earlier, Shawn by the way, and Josh tells him he needs to come home immediately. The wait was agonizing. I thought Josh was going to kill me so of course it was agonizing.

Ok, time to wrap this huge story up. Shawn comes home with his girl and thinks Josh is just tripping since he still has that stupid grin on his face. I can see the terror in his eyes but no one else can. At some point Josh challenged all of us to a fight and then reached for a katana that he has on his entertainment center, meaning to kill us. That's when I jumped the couch and sprinted outside to safety. Cowardous yes but I was still high remember, and paranoid as hell. Well, Josh ended up outside rambling random words. I remember one little rant went like this, 'Lights...yellow...gears...reverse.' Well he was trying to attack us so we took off and the paramedics eventually came and picked him up. He really doesn't remember a whole lot but what he does he described as being in a movie and he was just playing a part.

Needless to say, I am never trying mushrooms again. Remember that all of this took place in like 2, 2.5 hours. I don't know if these were just super shrooms or what.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54413
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 6, 2007Views: 7,649
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