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What Am I?
Mushrooms & Ketamine
by Loony
Citation:   Loony. "What Am I?: An Experience with Mushrooms & Ketamine (exp54702)". Feb 26, 2018.

  oral Mushrooms (dried)


After 6 years listening to extreme metal me and my friends discovered the world of goa/ psy trance. And of course the drugs that goes with the scene.

So we decided to go to the Fullmoon festival in Germany.

The first day I made a good deal and bought a lot of LSD, but I didnít feel the need to trip, so I gave some to my friends and sold the rest.

I took some MDMA but for some reason my body rejected it, same story with XTC a day later. But the festival was so good, that it didnít matter, and I gave up on drugs.

Until the last night, a friend offered me mushrooms because he didnít want to trip alone. I took some of his shrooms because I felt good enough to trip. It must have been 1/3 of the portion, but I donít know what kind of shrooms it was.

I lost the guy out of sight, and I started to enjoy the festival more and more. Everything was so beautiful, and I loved everything I saw. 1200 Mics was playing and I was as one with the music. Only I understood it.. I started laughing and laughing and I couldnít stop it. I know I thought ďdamn, I must look like some kind of maniacĒ But it didnít matter, and I wanted this feeling to last forever.

It was a pretty weird feeling, it didnít feel like I took shrooms at all. I could still dance and talk to people, usually I sit in a corner enjoying my own world where no one can reach me. It felt like MDMA, but I started to see visuals (which I had never seen before on shrooms) the faces of the people started to change and everybody was laughing.. And all I could do was laugh with them.

Later I ran into a guy which I had met on the festival before. I knew he had DMT and I asked if he still had that, Ďcuz I wanted to please my friends with it. He said he didnít have it, he only had some ketamine. He asked me if I wanted that. And at that point I made a mistake by thinking ketamine was amphetamine. It all sounded the same for me, and I couldnít think straight, everything was good, nothing was bad. I could use some amphetamines because I wanted the feeling to last forever. So we walked to his car, and when we walked back he asked me how my stomach was feeling. I know I thought, what a strange question, why would my stomach feel strange after some speed.

I said I would see the guy on the dance floor, and I walked to a tent/ shop of some super cool people. I gave them back a blanket that I bored from them and I asked them to come dancing. I wanted to walk away and then I crashed down.
I started to realise what was running in my blood and I started to lose my body, I couldnít feel if I was sitting or lying. I couldnít even imagine that I ever had a body. Some special force picked me up and made me float to another world.

I canít describe what those worlds looking like, it was magical. Sometimes I felt like God, I could see the whole world, the festival, my friends at home, and I could control everything. I was one with the world. And everything was so clear. Everything made sense. I couldnít believe that there are people out there bullshitting about what shoes to wear, or in what religion one should believe. I didnít even have a body, and even that didnít matter.
I couldnít believe that there are people out there bullshitting about what shoes to wear, or in what religion one should believe. I didnít even have a body, and even that didnít matter.

There were also moments that I got scared and realised that it was all a dream. There were moments that I didnít know if I was still alive. I heard myself saying ďwho am I?Ē and even more important ďwhat am I? Ē

I tried to get up, or at least move but I felt like a robot without power
I tried to get up, or at least move but I felt like a robot without power
, I know some guy covered me with a blanket, but I didnít feel it. I wanted to thank him, but I couldnít say it. I was also thankful to these people around me that I hardly knew, I was thankful that they just let me alone and that they didnít ask annoying questions. I caught myself touching my head to see if it was still there, I also caught myself throwing up. But nothing was the matter, it still all felt very good. Then I came to a point that I saw myself sitting in front of the tent, and I realised that I had a body, that I was human, that I could go back if I wanted.

After a while I woke up, the amazing people around me didnít ask me a thing. They just let me do my story, but I couldnít talk, I had the same feeling as before: all I could do was laughing and laughing.

The next morning I woke up alone in the tent/ shop, and I left a note to thank these guys.When I walked away I realised what had happened to me that night. I think even if I would have planned the ketamine it would have scared the shit out of me. I didnít know ketamine could give me a near death experience, it turned my world up side down and inside out and its all in my head. I didnít know ketamine could be so brutal. The mushrooms saved me that night, they just made me enjoy the whole trip, otherwise it would have been the worst trip of my life.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54702
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 26, 2018Views: 1,413
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Mushrooms (39), Ketamine (31) : General (1), Combinations (3), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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