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First and Last Time
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "First and Last Time: An Experience with Datura (exp54872)". May 13, 2007.

T+ 0:00
2 seeds oral Datura
  T+ 0:30 100 seeds oral Datura

I am 15 years old, if you were to ask anyone to describe my relationship with drugs, they would tell you I am one who is down for anything, any drug you place in front of me I will take it with no regards for what could happen to me, which isn't something to be proud of at all.

It was a typical Saturday afternoon with my friends, me and my friend had some coricidins, we all drove down to the park, where everyone goes to smoke, drink, do pills or whatever. It's just the hangout spot for kids trying to get messed up.

That day we saw some kids that were friends with my friends, and they told us about this plant, they called it Hell's Bells. I have heard of it before, but I wasn't to sure on what it was or the affects of it. They told us they had taken it earlier that day, and the one kid was still very out of it, he was running around the field chasing a dog who obviously wasn't even really there.

They told us at first you feel doped out on pills, then you feel drunk and are unable to walk, then you start hallucinating. Me eager to experience the drug that sounded so wonderful to me, we asked them where we could get it. So me and two of my guy friends walked up the road and picked a few of the pods. Round green prickly pods, right out of someone's front yard. At first we thought the boy had told us take only 2 seeds, So all 5 of us took 2 seeds each, and waited about a half hour.

Well, a half hour later we all realized nothing had happened. We were all just as we were prior to taking the yellow seeds, so one of the boys called up the other kid and said, look we each ate two seeds and nothing has happened, the kid told us we were supposed to eat one or 2 pods, so we went back and got more, the boys were skeptical about it, so me and my friend ( a girl ) ate a pod each, there had to be at least over 100 seeds inside. I was scared after doing this so I decided to get drop off at home before the plant has kicked in, just incase the trip I was about to experience, wasn't what I wanted.

I was so happy I had decided to get dropped off when I did, about a half hour to an hour later, I started feeling a little out of place, still sober, but not quite with it. I had walked around my house stumbling into walls laughinG thinking this is fun, then I founD my way into the bathroom, and that is where the worst experience of my life began. I didn't feel right at all so I decided to try and sleep. I would lay down for like 3 seconds and get up real fast, then lay down again and get up, tossing and turning, not knowing what to do. I went back to the bathroom and crawled around on all fours in a circle, for this was the only thing calming down. I looked at my arms they were beat red. I finally got up and walked down the hall, next thing I know I fell out front of my grandmothers bed room door and her door swung open. My aunt and grandmother came rushing out of there rooms asking me what I was on, but I had no idea and couldn't even think straight, my aunt told me to lay down but all I could do was crawl in that one big circle as I was doing before.

I don't remember what happened next, but my grandmother told me my aunt came in my room looking for me, but I had made my way into the bathroom, my pants were down to my ankles, and there was blood everywhere. They had drove me to the hospital for they didn't know if I had already overdosed, or if I went to sleep would I wake up. They said as I was on the lawn, while they were trying to get me into the car, I would just stand there and look at the lights on the car and kept saying, aww look at the pretty lights.

They had taken me to the hospital, which I have no recollection of, and they said that I kept walking behind the nurses station insisting that I had dropped something, that I wouldn't get into the wheelchair, that I kept trying to grab things that weren't there, that I was grabbing onto the doctor's leg. I swore I was asleep the whole time, but they told me I was awake. They said I was cursing at everyone, telling the nurses that I would F them up. The doctor came into my room yelling at me saying I'm not the only patient they have, and I would yell at him saying 'Did I ask for you people to come to my rescue?'. I remember I couldn't comprehend I was in a hospital I kept asking my mom 'why did mom-mom re-arrange her bedroom?', but my mom kept trying to explain that I was in fact in the emergency room.

I thought there were bugs all over my bed, that the railing of the bed were snakes, I thought all my friends were in the room, but it was only me and my mom, I thought the wall behind me was all coo-coo clocks, or clocks you would see in like a Dr. Seuss movie or something. I kept trying to rip out my ivs, or jump out of bed that they had to keep calling security, I remember freaking out on security asking him 'Why are you in my bed room, get out.' And I remember him saying, 'M if you get back in bed I'll leave ok?', and I said 'Sure, whatever.' I got back in bed, but sure enough he didn't leave. Then I remember there was one nurse, I absolutely hated, every time she came near me, I'd start screaming. I remember kept thinking I was smoking a cigarette, and everytime I opened my eyes it would just vanish. Then they came in with a cup of charcoal, and tried making me drink it, and there was one nurse there who I liked, but only one, every other nurse or doctor who came near me I'd start freaking out, the nurse I liked promised me if I drank the charcoal she would go smoke a cigarette with me, but I didn't drink it, and they had to stick the tube down my nose twice.

Six doctors and nurses holding me down, as I'm screaming and pushing and turning in my bed, the pain was unbearable. I had finally calmed down after they did that, then I kept having to pee, because everything you drink just goes right through you, my mom told me I got so bad that I wouldn't even wipe myself, I would just throw the toilet paper, and I kept trying to flush the toilet, but it was them toilets that can't flush, that just sit at the side of the bed. My heart rate was 150, and from there I got sent to Children's Hospital in West Philly.

The hallucinations lasted for 2 days, and I couldn't even read the menu, to order the food they wanted me too. I swore the hospital was playing music that you would hear on the radio. Like Young Joc, or Dr. Dre and stuff like that. Then through the middle of the night my heart rate went down to 40. I would get really dizzy, and dehydrated, I was in the hospital for 3 days, And I'm always the type of person who does a drug, and says 'Oh, I''ll never do that again.' Then go back and do it the next day, But datura (hell's bells) is a drug I assure you, I will never come in contact with again, and I hope no one ever gets the urge to try it, because I'm one of the lucky ones, who has no permanent damage from this Thank God.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 54872
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: May 13, 2007Views: 18,058
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Datura (15) : Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), Hospital (36)

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