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They Weren't There
Citation:   Black Bird. "They Weren't There: An Experience with Datura (exp54919)". Mar 4, 2009.

325 oral Datura (seeds)
I had heard about this drg while I was in school one day and I decided to tell my sister because I knew where I could get a lot of this so called 'trumpet' my sis and I went and took one large seed pod and split it down the middle. the seeds were very ripe and brown in color . I took the seeds and washed them down with water. I felt nothing at first then after approximatly 30-40 mins I began to feel very flushed and drunk.

I was beginning to talk about how much I loved eveything and how great everything was then the halucinations started. my sister left to the kitchen but I could still see her in my perifial vision so I kept talking to her about life and how awesome it was. I continued for about 15 minutes before I looked in her direction to find that she left. she came back into the room and was confused because I was talking to no one.

I then asked her for some of the popcorn that she made and a glass of water. the popcorn was the most amazing experience Ive had with food ever. It was so delcious I filled my body with a warm glowing feeling and the taste was so intense it made me tear in the eyes. and the water was so pure cold and refreshing I felt like I was floating about two feet off of my chair.then when I told her how good everything was she asked for some and I looked down to see there was no food or water to be found I had hallucinated really bad.

I then proceeded to go to my friends house and I couldnt figure it out but my legs kept giving out and I couldnt talk coherently. I remember getting to my friends house and telling him I was reallly high so he brought out a lot of hard drugs so I left and went downtown. I started looking at birds and seeing them in my perifial vision every where. colors were very intense and I felt very drunk.I wen back home and tried to talk to my brother but all that came out was garbled nothing and he laughed at me .

I started to mumble and rave so I went into my room and looked in the mirror and saw my best friend sitting on the bed . I was very calm and excited to see her so I talked to her for about an hour before I turned around to ask her opinion and she wasnt there. I remember feeling the weirdest silence come over me and I started to think that I didnt want to be high any more.

The hallucinations lasted another 4 hours or so and when I woke up I couldnt read small print or see properly for about three daYS. THIS STUFF REALLY MESSES UP YOUR EYES FOR A COUPLE DAYS AFTERWARD. all in all its a very mind blowing calming experience that I reallly enjoyed. in fact I did it six days straigh at increasingly lower doses until two kids in my school died from it and 5 more were hospitalised. I researched it and found it was vey toxic so I never did it again. I do not recommend this one for the weak minded. its a great spiritual trip. cheers

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 54919
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 4, 2009Views: 19,028
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Datura (15) : Glowing Experiences (4), Various (28)

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