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Crazyest Night of My Life
Citation:   Fuzzy Dice. "Crazyest Night of My Life: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp55516)". Erowid.org. Oct 2, 2019. erowid.org/exp/55516

2.6 g oral Mushrooms (dried)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
This is the story of one of the craziest if not the craziest night of my fuckin life.

It all started really good, it was me and three other people, Iím not going to say there names so il call them Akmed, Lucifer and mcmerfy.That night we all decided to take sum fungus and have a good time but what started out incredibly good just in a mater of seconds went terribly wrong. Me and Akmed took about 2.6 grams and Mcmurfy took 1/2 and 8th and Lucifer took a whole 8th and I almost completely lost track of time so thatís not that important in this story.We dosed at midnight.

We first decided to play sum old school n64 Mario cart until the effects came on so we played that for about a half hour until every 1 was feeling really 'differentĒ. After that we decided to go out on my screened in porch to chill. So we were just chillin and starting to trip pretty good when the first really random thing happened right out of the middle of nowhere, I was talking to Akmed about something random when all of the sudden I saw a black shape form right next to Akmed. I reached out to touch it and found it to be my German Shepard dog Otto which is really unusual because he is suppose to be chained up in my yard but instead he sum how unclipped himself and decided to chill with us which was all good anyway cause he's the nicest dog youíd ever meet.

Not long after that we decided to go out in my yard to wonder around (and I was also carrying my bong with me the whole time in its case). I also felt a very strong love for my bong and treated it like a baby and a pillow the whole time. And at this point every 1 has the 'giggles' and is laughing about everything and anything. So were in my yard and were just having fun throwing a neon green inner tube at each other like a Frisbee that we just randomly found in my yard then we all just sort of ended up on the ground looking at the sky.

Note that tonight was a perfect night, perfect temperature perfect breeze that seemed to come as soon as I wanted it to and an almost full moon and a mostly clear sky. Then Lucifer says something like 'now I know what its like to think like a crazy person and to be insane. Man this is fuckin CrAAAzy.'Then he wonders off by himself and comes back with a perfectly rolled blunt so we toke that up except for Akmed who canít smoke because of reasons. Then Lucifer starts acting really weird and gets up and starts wondering and running around my front yard. After I think a few minutes I decide Iím going to see how he's doing cause the rest of us are just chillin on the ground and he is just rambling about weird and freaky shit and acting like a complete crazy person in my yard. This is when things start to go down hill.

As I approach him I hear him mumbling things like 'god danmit stop stop it danmit just fucking stop it god I fuckin hate it I hate it no' then I come up to him and as calm as he can say it he says 'whatís up manĒ, and note that as Iím looking at him that I can see the darkness flowing from him as if I can see him having a hard time and I could literally see his bad trip. I just ask calmly how he's feeling and whatís up and he replies that he feels the craziest heís ever been then walks a few steps, stops, sits down, stands up,sits down then rolls on the ground then gets back up so I just put my hand on his back and tell him to calm down and just sit down. Then I canít remember what exactly happened next but we decided to go back to Akmed and Mcmurphy (who are going out by the way) who are still just chillin. Then Lucifer says he has to walk around more now so me Lucifer and Akmed just go for a lil jog while Mcmerfy chills in my yard.

We didnít go far when Akmed starts having a really hard time breathing (he is smoking a cigarette) when he says that every time he breaths its nothing but smoke then he collapses. At this point I donít even know what happened to Lucifer and Iím just with Akmed on the ground trying to figure out whatís wrong when he says 'FUCK I'm HAVING A FUCKING BAD TRIP FUCK'.This whole time Mcmurfy is just watching like what the fuck and Iím just trying to comfort Akmed by telling him that heís gona be alright and thatís its gona be just fine. Then he starts begging me to take him to the hospital and wake up my parents and shit and Iím just like 'Iím sorry man but I just cant do that, its all in your head man, u gota get a hold of your self, I took the same amount you did and your bigger than me and you just gota convince your mind that you have control over this shit like me and you just gota have your mind over it man!' And the whole time Iím there with him its like I stepped into his mind and was witnessing what he was seeing and going through, almost as if I stepped into his trip. And he is about to cry and is begging me to get my parents. So then I just break it to him straight and tell him that Iím not going to do that and that its all in his mind and that he is just having a bad trip.Then I tell him that he just has to get it into his mind that he isn't gona let a mushroom fuck with him and he has to literaly put his mind over matter. And me and him both know what caused this to happen, one cigarette and because of this he quit smoking.This whole time my dog is scared shitless and is really worryed, I could tell just by looking at him. And then I remembered my last trip when I did an 8th and remembered how just my house cat put me in a really good mood and decided that maybe an animal's presence could cheer him up, but it was no good.
And note that I am tripping balls right now.So then I go look for Lucifer in my house while they wait outside. So I go up to my room and find him just pacing around telling me that heís just gona try to go to sleep so he lays on my floor and tries to pass out, I donít think he ever does. Then Akmed and Mcmurfy come in and Akmed just lies down on my bed and Mcmurfy sits on my couch. At this time itís only like, 2 something in the AM and we took our stuff at 12 and there are no lights on and no music. And during this whole trip Iím trying my hardest not to let my trip go totally down hill which it almost did like the others. So now its just me and Mcmurphy chillin on my couch in the dark with no music which is starting to drive me crazy cause I cant go without music for long so I put in sum Pink Floyd but because of Akmed and Lucifer I had to keep it on really low cause they were just trying to go to sleep. So now Iím just like what the fuck I got rules now agents me in my own fuckin room so WHAT THE FUCK!!

Then I decide I gota go wonder around my house because Iím wide awake like Mcmurphy who is surprisingly in control of herself for this being her first trip and just witnessing two total break downs from partialy expierenced shroomers. But as I try to leave to go smoke a bong of headys Akmed says that heís sorry and he doesnít want me to go because he feels good that Iím there with him so I decide that I have to be there for him and stay. Then Lucifer says that he has to puke it up so he goes in my bathroom. A few minutes later Akmed says that he senses that Lucifer needs help so I go and check it out. I walk in and see Lucifer in his boxers next to my toilet full of half digested fungus. He looks at me and says he is burning up and he needs to get in the shower and I just look at him and say no way cause my parents room is right down the hall and its really fuckin weird to take a shower at 3 AM at my house. But he is begging me and telling me that he knows itís not too cool of him but he has to have water on him. So I give in and turn the water on for him and he gets in and lays down. I chill with him for about ten minutes then tell him I gota get sum air and il check back on him in five minutes. I go back to my room and try my hardest to cheer up Akmed and then check back on Lucifer then go back to my room and tell Akmed that it would be for the best if he went to go talk to Lucifer cause they are best friends and after a litle persuading he agrees to get up and talk to him. Then I get a towel for Lucifer and we get him out of my shower and back to my room to pass out.

After some time passes I decide that I gota make the best out of the rest of my trip and talk Akmed into just going with me out side to chill with me while I smoke a bong load by my pool. This was a very good idea cause when I finished my bong I was trippin balls again and was just spacin out on the sky and Akmeds trip came back and was happy again.It was so beautiful, the sky seemed to turn into a crazy futeristic tunnel that as I staired it took me through it.Then wejust chilled in my room the rest of the night till dawn. Akmed also wrote down what he said would be a hit song someday on a piece of paper then we all passed out.

After that night I decided that I donít ever want to trip with more than 2 other people and that I wonít trip with Lucifer ever again unless he takes half an 8th and even then I still donít know if Iíll ever trip with him again. This night/morning proved to be a very good learning experience for every one. For one Akmed quit smoking and said that now he feels that because of his partially bad trip he has more control over it for next time as I realized also and I also learned that being in one spot for a long time is not good and tripping with more than 2 people is not a good idea and Lucifer learned his limitations.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55516
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 2, 2019Views: 641
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Mushrooms (39) : General (1), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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