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The Realization of Being
by SpiritualTrip
Citation:   SpiritualTrip. "The Realization of Being: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp55695)". Erowid.org. Jan 12, 2020. erowid.org/exp/55695

  oral Mushrooms (ground / crushed)


Now, I had taken some shrooms before, but never tripped like this. I saw pretty hazed colors but that was all, so I hadn't eaten enough. This time I definitely had. So, to say the least, I went into this experience eager and excited.

Well I was as a festival. Not a big festival, hardly that. It was a fledgling festival that sadly only had a turn out of about 20 or so people. It was in the desert a few hours outside of San Diego, past LA. The shrooms had been powederized in a coffee grinder and these were pretty strong. I mixed it in a bottle with orange juice and drank it all. The equivalent of the powder I mixed in was a bit more than an eigth. It was pretty late at night, around 11:45 or so and of course there are no lights and I require a flash light. Walked down to the stage area and sat down.

I started to feel hazy and got that heavy back of the head feeling along with the fuzzy tingley that I experienced the first time I ever tried shrooms. I asked my friend- who had decided not to trip at the last minute- for some water.. Went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror as it was starting to really hit me. I laughed and realized I had seen this room somewhere before (This is not uncommon as I often have De Ja Vous because I dream things before they happen sometimes). I didn't think so much on it and put some water on my face and walked back out. Realized that it felt much better to walk around than to sit there, and the band was having some technical difficulties getting set up. So off I went walking around and singing to myself and I realized how beautiful the sky was. You know, when you go out far away from a city and you can really SEE the stars and the milky way streachin up above you. It was gorgeous and I realized I must be tripping and started to laugh at myself as I walked around under the scant lights of the venue.

I realized also that water is the key of life. I knew that before but never had I felt that I needed water so intently as I did at that moment. I was almost out. I went back into the venue and told my friend I was going to go get some more fresh water from the campsite- which was a few minutes away and a nice walk considering I never wanted to stop walking around because it was so wonderful. I took the flashlight and walked back. It was a journey. Other people were tripping out on things I didn't ask about but my friend had talked to other campers and this particular group was shrooming too. This time no one was paying attention. I kept to my mission and got water then walked back into the venue and at this time the headliner came on. Al Howard and The K23's. they are truely magnificent. They really are amazing. Jazz funk spoken word crazyness. At this time I was peaking and it was crazy. Smoke was pouring off the stage and the strobe lights were in deep rich reds, oranges, yellows, purples, you name it it was PSYCHEDELIC to even the sober.

Hippies were dancing and chanting and everyone was having a good time. I was up in front next to my friend and I was dancing and watching Al, who was shaking a silver capsule shaker that fit perfectly in his hand. He was looking at me. He really was, we were watching each other and at this time I realized I had seen this before. The smoke and colors and the way he was dancing, rocking back and forth, shifting his weight from foot to foot, I had dreamed it all before it had ever happened. And this realization made me smile so big and he smiled back at me and I danced and had the greatest sense of spiritual well-being. I had no sense of time. I didn't have a clue what time it was or how long this had been happening but the De Ja Vous was in full swing. I swear I had dreamed my whole shrooming peak and seen it before. It was nuts. My mind was going crazy. I kept thinking about life and how much better the world would be if everyone knew this incredible feeling of joy in life and contentment instead of getting caught up in the societal obligations. I looked around me at all the people being true to themselves and just dancing, just being. I couldn't help but be amazed and feel privileged to be in the experience. After a while I had to go get more water and went to go do that. Along the way the shrooming campers were trying to find their way back without a flashlight and were having a tough time as it was pitch black. Along I came with a flashlight and they were peaking so they were saying 'Oh the light our guide has come. Where are we going guardian.' And I had dreamed this all as well. I said 'I'm on a mission for water but I will lead you back.' So I did and they thanked me happily. I got my water and came back the same way and they saw me and said ' Guardian, where are we going now?' I said I was going back to the party and they said 'Ok.' and turned around back to their campsite. I said goodbye and they kept asking my name and laughing because I wouldn't tell them, I felt I had no reason as they wouldn't know me in the morning and I preferred the guardian anyway.

I went back into the venue and sat by my friend who had retreated from the front line. I explained that I loved this. That I always felt like this when I was content with life. When I go to concerts and see other people just enjoying themselves I feel at peace because this was how life is supposed to be. He told me I was trippin and I said 'well may be, but I really do feel like this when I don't trip and I think it's great that people get to realize know what it is to just BE by shrooming.' Soon after we went back to camp and got into the tent and just had a deep conversation. I couldn't sleep so I got up and walked around and talked to people, eventually coming to a stop at the camp one farther then we were and hung out with them, and they were good people. There were two nice young hippie on acid and the guy next to me was shrooming too. We had a drum circle which was AMAZING as any truely kinetic drum circle is and then the hippies played guitar and sang while the other drummed along. It was really great. I asked if anyone had any pot- my head was feeling very strange and I knew I would never sleep in the comedown of shrooms- and then we smoked about 5 bowls of really strong pot- I hadn't smoked for about 2 weeks- and then, I'm going to say it was around 4:30 am, I went back into the tent to sleep. I got up at sunrise around 6:30 and felt great and watched the sky change colors.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 55695
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 12, 2020Views: 404
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Mushrooms (39) : Glowing Experiences (4), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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