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A Magical Journey
by Milton
Citation:   Milton. "A Magical Journey: An Experience with Mushrooms (exp5728)". Jan 21, 2002.

2.0 g oral Mushrooms (dried)


I had acquired a quarter of very blue-looking shrooms and decided that me and my friends, who are roomates, were going to trip. We tripped the night after I was done with classes and just starting spring break. I was kind of unsure on how to take the shrooms, I didn't just want to eat them plain, because there was some shake in the bag.

We divided the bag up exactly four ways, although I took the larger pieces of caps. We each made peanut butter and shroom sandwiches, with lots of cold lipton iced tea. Immediately after finishing the sandwiches, I rolled a joint of some very high quality commercial pot.

About an hour later, my stomach was feeling a little sick, but the joint seemed to help curb it. I felt tremendously stoned. I think I was the first to start tripping, as I had purposefully not eaten all day. For the first time in an hour, I stood up and went to refill my Iced tea. Being a pretty big guy (5'10, 220 lbs,) I was amazed at how light and uncumbursome my body felt.

The shrooms really started to kick in, and we were all lying on the floor of the apartment. We decided to put a blacklight in the kitchen, which has black and white checkedred floor. The combination was really interesting, I remembered. All of us are musicians, and the violin player put on a CD of solo violin music that never sounded so beautiful. My sister played violin and it was sad to hear the beautiful music. Later we listened to Shostakovich 5 and it was absolutely redeeming. The chords seemed so full of energy and I really remeber just melting to the harmonies. I was lying on the couch at this point, and it really felt good to hold the cushions tight against me. I started to think of my old girlfriend, and it made me sad to think that she wasn't a part of my life anymore.

Then the visuals kicked in. I was content closing my eyes and watching the movies that my mind (and the shrooms) were displaying for me. Opening my eyes revealed a world more unrealistic than the world my closed eyes showed me. I saw very round images of red blue and green hued objects. I felt very, very comfortable with everything. Then I opened my eyes and noticed that everything was pretty weird. My cigarettes were burning very quickly and prefectly, and smkoing seemed great and very serene. I vividly remeber moving my fingers rapidly and not believing that they were leaving trails. A lit cigarette in a dark room became a chasing ball when I circled it around. I felt like in the backround, I could hear pouring rain, although it was a clear night out completely. I started to freak out that a substance could do this to me. My vision turned Matrix-style 3-D, and things were very mathematically correct for awhile.

My friends all kind of went to their rooms and lay in bed and I walked home. I was unnaturally hot and sweaty, it must have been 30 degrees outside. I had only a fleece pullover on, and it seemed ridiculously hot. I would have given my kingdom for a ride home, which was only a block away. Cars scared me and I was a bit paranoid of passing out on the way home. I felt like curling up and just laying in the street. What an expreience! I stayed up for four hours, hoping to get back to reality. The littlest sounds freaked me out and the odd visuals continued to disturb me. I was afraid to open my eyes, for I thought I was be so scared. Going to the bathroom alone was a frightening journey. I'm not sure if I will do shrooms again, but when I do, I will do it on a much warmer day, and also have people who arent shrooming around to watch us.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 5728
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 21, 2002Views: 59,043
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Mushrooms (39) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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